Saturday, June 11, 2022

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, JUNE 11

by A. Joseph Lynch


NEW CARDINALS: Pope Francis is making new appointments to the College of Cardinals. Among them is not Jose Gomez - a man who rightly should wear the red hat - but rather Bishop McElroy of San Diego, perhaps the most liberal bishop in the United States. The new cardinals will temporarily bring the number of cardinal electors to 133 - a full 13 more electors than the 120 outlined in church law. The consistory at which the new cardinals become official will take place in August.

FRANCIS RESIGNING? During the August consistory, the now wheelchair bound Pope Francis is making a visit to a religious site associated with Pope Celestine V - the last pope prior to Benedict XVI to retire. Is is possible that Francis will appoint new cardinals and announce his resignation? Time will tell.

BARRON TO WINONA, MN: Pope Francis has made Bishop Robert Barron the new bishop of the Winona-Rochester diocese in Minnesota. The diocese comprises the entire southern portion of the state along the northern border of Iowa - and with the bishop residing in the east, Barron's drive westward for area Confirmations will be long. Indeed, will Barron have enough time for his (scandal-plagued) Word on Fire operation? In other words, is the move a promotion or a demotion? Taylor Marshal debates the issue.


JANUARY 6 HEARINGS: Things must really look bad for Democrats in November as they've now pulled out the stops and got their hearings on prime time television. Like the Zelensky regime in Ukraine, the committee is nothing more than a television drama that has zero to share with the American people. The attempt at brainwashing will not change the outcome of the fall election.
THE PUTIN PRICE HIKE: The mainstream media is doing its best to prop up Biden's "Putin price hike" narrative. Truth be told, the inflation we're now experiencing has its origins in Biden's spending policy back in early 2021. To this he added sanctions against Russia that only exacerbated the problem - even this pro-Biden article attributes the inflation not to Putin but to our sanctions against Putin: " could get politically more difficult to keep sanctions on Russia when [the sanctions] causes painfully high energy and food costs for consumers." Don't call it the Putin price hike, call it the sanctions price hike - and remember it was Biden who imposed those sanctions, not Putin.

THE UKRAINE BLAME GAME: As a total disaster unfolds in the Donbas and beyond, we are now seeing the beginning of the Ukraine blame game in Washington. A recent article in the New York Times argues that Ukraine hasn't been telling the US about its war plans... therefore the US cannot be held responsible for Ukraine's strategic errors in the war. This is of course malarkey as US generals have all but directed Ukraine's complete military strategy. What's more, while American generals lay down Ukraine's strategy, US politicians successfully pressured Ukraine to quit peace talks with Russia. In the end, Ukraine will likely be destroyed as another political debacle befalls Washington.

ATTEMPTED MURDER OF KAVANAUGH: A pro-abortion liberal has been arrested and charged with the attempted murder of Brett Kavanaugh over the coming ruling on Roe v. Wade. Unsurprisingly the story has not gained much attention in the liberal mainstream media. Sadly the Washington and media establishments tacitly support such illegal pressures on the Supreme Court in hopes of decisions favorable to the radical Left.


DISASTER IN DONBAS: Reports reveal that Ukraine is vastly outgunned in terms of artillery, tanks, aircraft, missile launchers, and ammunition. One Ukrainian commander was even arrested for revealing the army's failing position in the Donbas. Russia is closing in on the critical city of Slaviansk from the north while surrounding Severodonetsk and Lisichansk farther to the east. The Russians in Severodonetsk have driven the Ukrainian defenders into a factory somewhat similar to the Azovstal factory in Mariupol. Reports now indicate that 400 Ukrainians are now surrounded in the factory. What's keeping the Russians from simply attacking or shelling them? As usual, the Ukrainians have taken hostages - as many as 800 ethnic Russian civilians are now being used illegally as human shields. What should Ukraine do? We suggest it follows the advice of the realist Henry Kissinger and accept Russia's peace deal.

EUROPE'S COMING COLLAPSE: The EU has now banned Russian oil shipments from its shores. Not only are EU energy prices about to spike even further, but it's all but certain that Russian oil will simply transfer hands at sea or at another port, then be shipped back to the EU at an exorbitant price. How can the EU survive such suicidal actions?

A COMING GLOBAL DISASTER? We hope the world recognized that a coming global disaster will stem not from the war in Ukraine but from the catastrophic sanctions that the atheist West is needlessly imposing on Russia. Combine the sanctions with the weapons being poured into Ukraine (which will only prolong the war, not win the war) and you have the makings of a global economic disaster. Reports now indicate the world has less than ten weeks of wheat left. The UN now says the crisis is worse than  the one that caused the Arab spring and the flood of immigrants that later washed ashore in Europe. The new crisis will likely lead to even greater numbers of immigrants to the EU as Africa faces a famine. Meanwhile in Canada a major train load of potash - a key fertilizer ingredient - was lost in a derailment

RUSSIA IN THE ARCTIC: While our Mercator projection maps give Russia the appearance of a massive blob in the map's upper right portion, Russia sees itself as not only a northern hemisphere nation, but as a polar nation as well. A recent article offers its readers a good map of Russia's Arctic presence - well worth looking at even though the article itself is a mixed bag.


"IT'S NOT GONNA LICK ITSELF": Parent "allies" of transgenders subjected their own children to a drag event in Dallas, Texas - and some kids were even made to dance with men under a pink neon sign that read "It's not gonna lick itself." Police were eventually brought in to shut down the event. We hope America backs away from the radical agenda of the sexual Left... before pedophilia becomes the next battlefield.

BILL MAHER REJECTS LGBTQUI+: Bill Maher continues to criticize the gay agenda - especially the transgender movement - now noting the supposed expansion of gays in America would mean the entire country will be gay by 2054. We, like Maher, know the rising numbers of gays in America reflects not the real gay population but rather the virtue signaling and social credit one may get by becoming a part of the movement or by supporting it. We disagree with Maher on much, but we're glad to be in alignment with him on this issue.

IS MONKEYPOX A THREAT? As Democrats see a bloodbath coming in November, they're not only throwing a "Hail Mary" through the January 6 hearings, but also by way of the supposed monkeypox "threat" - yet the disease is primarily transferred through homosexual contact. Somehow we doubt this will stop Democrats from demanding America votes from home this November. It's yet another "Hail Mary" pass that is likely doomed to failure.

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