Saturday, October 22, 2022

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22

by A. Joseph Lynch


LITURGY OF THE HOURS: We at AoA are not always Bishop Barron's biggest cheerleaders, but we heartily recommend our readers consider a subscription to Word on Fire's monthly edition of the Liturgy of the Hours. The small book, delivered each month, includes the morning, evening, and night prayers for each day of the month - and it's well worth the $7 subscription fee.

KREEFT AND PETERSON: We were surprised to see two great minds sitting down for a conversion. The great Peter Kreeft recently had a lengthy conversion with Jordan Peterson. Both have their blind spots - Peterson is still figuring out his religion while Kreeft missed opportunity after opportunity to explain Catholic fraternity - but together they had a conversation that's worth a watch.

SURVEY SAYS: The bishops think far too highly of themselves compared to what their priests think. In a recent poll, 49% of priests said they trusted their bishop and only 24% of priests said they trusted all the bishops overall. Meanwhile 83% of bishops thought of themselves as shepherds. The "missing icon" of our time - fraternity - is still missing it appears within the ranks of the clergy.


UKRAINE AND THE MIDTERMS: It looks like Ukraine is about to launch a self-destructive yet massive assault on Kherson in the coming days. Why? Because Joe Biden needs a victory ahead of the midterms - and Ukraine is likely to lose US funding once America First Republicans take office in January. Check out our newest video from Religion, Sex, and Politics to learn more.

WOKE WAR III: We were quite impressed to recently see a level-headed take on the Ukraine war in Newsweek. The Neocons and Woke liberals have united - and it may lead to nuclear Armageddon. We hope more newsrooms come to their senses and prevent this nightmare from happening.

DEMS PROMOTE ROE: Election polls reveal that most Americans place little focus on abortion when it comes to the ballot box next month. Yet in an attempt to raise that issue higher in the minds of voters, Biden seeks to "upgrade" Roe through federal law in a way that protects abortion far beyond anything the courts had allowed under Roe and its subsequent rulings. Meanwhile Stacey Abrams argues to folks worried about inflation (which just hit a 40 year high) that killing babies is key to reducing inflation. We look forward to her coming loss in Georgia's gubernatorial race. And with Biden's approval stuck at 40%, its looking ever more likely that a red tsunami is incoming.   

BOOBY-TRAPPED SIGNS: What could be worse than having an unwanted Democrat election yard sign placed in your yard? How about a sign lined with razor blades waiting for you when you try to remove it? Perhaps this is a "sign" of desperation given the impending November red tsunami.


UKRAINE BY THE NUMBERS: Scholar Mark Sleboda breaks down the manpower situation in Ukraine. Most do not know that Russia has been fighting outnumbered 3 to 1 - only to see that number slip to 8 to 1 in recent weeks.

TURKEY GAINS STRENGTH: Prior to the war Turkey controlled the flow of Syrian migrants into Europe and held veto power over expanding NATO. But now with the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines, it appears Russia will make Turkey the main hub for natural gas headed to Europe - giving Turkey even more leverage than it had before. Be on the lookout for US-backed coup initiatives in Ankara.

IT'S A JUNGLE OUT THERE: Josep Borrell, the EU's head of foreign policy, is in hot water after calling Europe "a garden" and the rest of the world "a jungle." While he's been accused of racism over his words, it's worth pointing out that the EU really sees itself as a kind of Eden - though its worship is of man rather than God. The atheist West is an organized cult that seeks to "Edenize" the world with its anti-religion. Borrell's words only reveal this more fully. 

SAUDI-RUSSIAN RELATIONS: The Russians and the American-allied Saudis were anything but friendly towards each other during the Cold War - but how things have changed! As Russia deepens its ties with Turkey, Iran, and Iraq, Saudi Arabia is hedging its bets and turning its gaze towards Moscow. Both countries agreed through OPEC+ to cut oil production by 2 million barrels a day - a looming disaster for Democrats ahead of the US midterms. Now the Democrats want to retaliate - just as they've threatened a host of nations for not backing their sanctions war on Russia. They seem more and more like a thrashing giant in its death throes. Multipolarity is winning and America's liberal hegemony is losing.


OMICRON UPGRADED: Contrary to the reports that the US government does not back "gain of function" research on deadly diseases, it was revealed this week that US scientists - funded in part by grants from the NIH and Anthony Fauci's NIAID - had made Omicron five times more infectious with an 80% mortality rate. Will this ever end?

US IDEOLOGICAL COLONIZATION: In just the latest news regarding the ideological colonization run out of DC, reports surfaced of the State Department sending over $20k to Ecuador for "diversity and inclusion" - which also supported drag shows. Our leaders in Washington have so embraced the Sexual Revolution that they seek to spread it far and wide. A large part of the world's negative reaction to US foreign policy is much akin to the great powers who once sought to overthrow Revolutionary France - not everyone wants the revolutionary "values" France and the US have pushed.

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS: Imagine that - the FBI undercounts number of times armed citizens have thwarted active shooting incidents. More from Fox News.   

DEFENDING BLASPHEMY: As part of the US-led sexual revolutionary movement, the EU has ruled that France was wrong to fine a bare-breasted feminist who used an animal liver to perform a staged abortion of Jesus Christ and urinating on the sanctuary floor of a French Catholic church. Apparently the EU thinks this fine was a violation of her rights of expression. Contrast this with Russia's treatment of the blasphemous Pussy Riot band who did something similar in a Russian church, and we see yet again why Ukraine is really a battle between the atheist West and Christian Russia.

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