Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Catholic Sociobiology: A NEW PARADIGM

I. Catholic Sociobiology and Natural History
1  Introduction to Catholic Sociobiology: Chardin and de Lubac
2  Catholic Sociobiology: EO Wilson and Henri de Lubac
3  Catholic Culture as adaptation and natural selection
4  Getting the Universe Right
5  Man and Cosmos: A Review of Remi Brague
6  God, Nature, and Violence
7  When God Created Matter
8  Was there an Adam and Eve? 
9  Max Planck on God, Religion, and Science

II. Communio Theology
10  Being as Communion: John Zizoulas
11  Communio theology: Rowland and Popes
12  Marital Love: Three Popes   
13  Trinity Sunday and Masculine Communio

III. Patriarchy, Fraternity, and Communio
14  Patriarchal Fraternity and the Original Mission of Adam
15. Consecrating Masculine Fraternity
16. What is an Apostolic Church?
17  Fraternity as Political Category
18  Russell Hittinger and the Polity in Catholic Social Teaching
19 Fatherhood, Filiation and Fraternity: Scripture on the Beloved Son and Brotherhood
           19a Sacred Order; Sexual Order 

IV. Visual and Liturgical Representation 
of Catholic Sociobiology
20  Icons of Catholic Sociobiology
21  Apostolic Fraternity and Marian Femininity (two audio-talks with visuals)
22  Feasts of Communio: Trinity and Corpus Christi
23  Eucharist in Holy Week: Space/Time/Person

V. Nature of Religion
24  The Sacred as Reality: Mircea Eliade
25  Idea of the Holy: Rudolph Otto
26  Durkheim and Douglas: Religion as the Solidarity of Shared Classifications
27  Mary Douglas: Purity as Danger and How Institutions Think

VI. Liturgy, Culture and Character
28  Liturgical Theology: Chan and Schmemann
29  Liturgical Theology: Fagerberg, Kavanaugh, Schmemann
30  Authority, Character, Culture: Lasch, Adorno, and Rief

VII Perfecting the Person: Virtues, Emotions, Ordered Desires and Love
32  Morality the Catholic View: Servais Pinckaers, O.P.
33  The Logic of Desire: Aquinas on Emotion by Lombardo
34  Spiritual Reality and a Full Palette of Human Emotions
35  Whet, Suppress and Reorder: Aiming virtues at the emotions
36  The Heart by von Hildebrand
37  Status, the State of Grace and the Social Emotions of Honor and Shame
38  From Personal Piety to the Kingship of Christ: The Ordered Loves of the Sacred Heart

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