Saturday, April 23, 2022

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, APRIL 23

by A. Joseph Lynch


POPE FRANCIS ON UKRAINE: Although Pope Francis won't cite Russia by name, he all but threw Russia and Putin under the bus in recent comments. The pope is sadly ill-informed (his kissing a Ukrainian Nazi flag was a particularly sad moment) in regards to the situation in Ukraine over the past eight years and how Russia has done everything it could to prevent war. If Francis wanted to make a difference, he would be blasting Ukraine and its "Western" allies for not following the Minsk Agreement. And if he wanted the war to end, Francis should be calling for Ukraine's surrender.

CLOSING CHURCHES: While Russia hit a rate of opening three new churches each day, earlier this year the UK reported the closure of over 400 churches in a decade. The atheist West "lives" as a parasite on its Christian civilizational roots. The closure of churches is a kind of countdown clock to civilizational suicide. This is why Russia fights. It does not want to be re-conquered by the death cults of the atheist West. While off base on Russia, Francis is at least in tune to the self-destructive acts in Western Europe, placing blame on "identity" and "diversity" as components of its suicidal activity.

DISGRACED BISHOP: Lurid details about the depraved sex life of an Argentine bishop have emerged in his trial. What makes the case all the more shocking is that this bishop is from Pope Francis' backyard in Argentina. And to add scandal upon scandal, a Catholic cardinal in Luxembourg now calls for a change to the Church's moral teaching on sexuality. Like the rest of the atheist West, cardinals such as these seek to plunge the entire Church onto the same suicidal path already set down by those who plan to lead the atheist West to complete ruin.

VIGANO ON UKRAINE: We at AoA have been more than skeptical of Archbishop Vigano over the years, but his statement on Ukraine is rather spot on and worth the read.

HOLDING BACK THE ANTICHRIST: Bold words from Russia's Patriarch Kirill - Russia is holding back the emergence of the anti-Christ. We couldn't agree more. Too bad Pope Francis refuses to meet the Patriarch for some real religious dialogue on a subject right up Francis' alley. 


US QUICK WITH INTEL: The US knows full well that Ukraine cannot win a war with Russia - so it plays a different game: a PR game. Part of the information war being waged is through the selective release of intelligence used to sway the public concerning Russia. An unsurprising to none, it turns out the US will release even sketchy of all-out bad intel if it will help shape public support for Ukraine.

KENNAN REJECTED NATO EXPANSION: George Kennan was the father of our containment strategy during the Cold War. He also vehemently opposed the expansion of NATO - something worth considering anew in light of recent events in Ukraine. And as this viral clip reveals, at one point in time Joe Biden agreed with him (of course this is the same Biden who claimed to be behind the bombing of Serbia in 1999).

MOCKING BIDEN: Biden is such a walking disaster that even the Saudis are mocking him. Watch the parody video. But don't worry, Harris is ready to go should Biden step down. She reminded us she's up to the challenge by telling us about her daily playing of Wordle


END OF THE LIBERAL WORLD ORDER: The war in Ukraine will not only bring down a corrupt nation in eastern Europe, but it will also bring about the collapse of the atheist West. In our hubris we hope to turn Ukraine into Russia's modern Afghanistan, in the end it will be our own undoing. According to Russia's Lavrov, the war in Ukraine is meant to end the US attempt at world domination.

FORMING ALLIANCES: While the atheist West hoped to replace Russian natural gas with gas from Azerbaijan, Russia acted five steps ahead of them by signing an alliance between it and Azerbaijan just before war broke out. Meanwhile China entered into a security arrangement with the Solomon Islands - a move that will keep US bombers far away from China's shores. It's clear that Russia and China are playing to win while we in the atheist West continue to pridefully rest on our laurels of thirty years ago. The atheist West is even going so far as to threaten India. So while Russia and China are building bridges, the atheist West is burning them.

RUSSIS IS WINNING: The sanctions on Russia have all but backfired. Despite illegally seizing upwards of a third to a half billion dollars of Russia's central bank funds, Russia's ruble has stabilized and even returned to its pre-war value. What's more, cutting off Russia from dollars and euros means that Russia is beginning to sell its vast commodities in rubles (or currencies like China's Yuan) - and it is fast becoming a commodity super power that could leave the artificial financial system of the atheist West in collapse (especially as it's encouraging BRIC nations to forge new paths apart from the athiest West). Worse still, Russia may cut off the atheist West from its agricultural products - likely to send food prices soring as key staples go missing from food shelves.

PUTIN'S SPIRITUAL DESTINY: Putin has a spiritual destiny tied to Christianity and he's using his role as Russia's leader to fulfill his nation's role in the realm of faith. 

UKRAINE'S WAR CRIMES: The MSM tells us only about alleged Russian war crimes while offering no independent verification of such alleged crimes. Meanwhile Ukraine appears to be behind the Bucha massacre, and the rocket attacks on civilians in the Donbas. Meanwhile one Ukrainian doctor claims he instructed his workers to castrate injured Russian POWs. And sadly that's one of the nicer things we've seen from Ukrainians concerning the treatment of Russian POWs (and sadly civilians, too). Even the NY Times weighed in on Ukraine's crimes.

UKRAINIAN WMD'S: Russia has revealed the existence of over two dozen Ukrainian bioweapon labs run by the Ukrainian military and funded by the US. Although the US is denying that the sites have any WMDs, the WHO essentially told Ukraine to destroy the evidence. More from RT News. And we can't forget the Hunter Biden connection (and here's another piece on Biden from South Front).

EX-KAZAKH LEADER'S FORTUNE: Nursultan Nazarbayev - the former leader of Kazakhstan who appeared involved in a recent coup attempt - amassed a fortune for himself with his funds hosted in... Great Britain. It is all but clear that the UK played a major role in bankrolling the ex-Kazakh leader and in assisting him as he attempted to re-take power, likely in an effort to create an anti-Russian state on Russia's longest border country. Sadly it appeared the US successfully did something similar in Pakistan by helping remove a populist leader and replacing him with a pro-Western leader.

SOUTH KOREA ELECTS A HARDLINER: South Korea has elected a new president, but sadly this president is a hardliner who seeks confrontation with the North rather than peace. Not a good sign given the situation in Ukraine.

ORBAN WINS! The globalists threw everything they had to defeat Viktor Orban in Hungary. They even unified all the political parties into one in hopes of defeating Orban's party. Yet Orban won in a landslide! Sadly the EU is now placing Hungary on a sanctions escalator. How long will Hungary remain in the EU? Time will tell.

WORLD'S MILITARIES MAPPED: Check out this map that visually displays the world's militaries.


BLACK NATIONALIST TERROR: Race or ethnic-based nationalism is a non-starter in multi-racial and multi-ethnic nations. We're seeing it now in Ukraine as racist neo-Nazis seek to dominate the nation - and sadly we got another terrible taste of it here in the US as a Black Nationalist attacked people in the New York subway system.

SEAN PENN ON MASCULINITY: Like Pope Francis, Sean Penn gets Ukraine dead wrong. He did, however, recently make some surprisingly good comments on the rise of transgenderism: ''There are a lot of, I think, cowardly genes that lead to people surrendering their jeans and putting on a skirt." When masculinity recedes, practices like transgenderism rises. It also explains the supposed news that 7.1% of Americans belong to the LGBTQIA+ movement. It's the suicidal zeitgeist that will only lead to our self-destruction. 

FEMALE F-35 PILOT... CRASHES: To quote the article, "The world's first female pilot, crashed an F-35 fighter on her first try." The US military was once a force to be reckoned with - now it is the place of social engineering and identitarianism. That's why the head of the US military told Congress he read not Sun Tzu but books on white rage.

BIDEN'S PICK LOVES "PUPPY PLAY": Joe Biden continued the descent into clown world as his recent hire for the Department of Energy openly speaks of his sexually perverse love of "puppy play" - dressing in drag while engaging in sex acts with men dressed as dogs. Again, this is why Russia is fighting to protect itself from the kinds of deviancy not only allowed but promoted in the atheist West. The atheist West is circling the drain and Russia does not want to go down with it.

SCOUTING IN DECLINE: The Boy Scouts once occupied a place of great honor and esteem in our country. It taught young men how to become self-sufficient and resourceful while training them to be confident leaders in our nation. In recent years the Boy Scouts decided to drop the "Boy" and allow in the girls. The results were predictable. Just as in churches where boys and girls serve in Mass, the boys have dropped out. the NY Times reports that the former Boy Scouts have lost half their numbers since 2019. Letting in the girls might seem like a winner on paper, but it turns out that boys and girls need separation when it comes to maturation and socialization.  

ARRESTED FOR QUOTING THE BIBLE: A member of parliament has been arrested for quoting the Bible in connection to the LBGTQIA+ movement. No we're not talking about the USSR, we're talking about Finland. Finland is set to seek membership in NATO and fully pledge itself to the death cult we call the atheist West. It's an act that will all but consummate it's commitment to civilizational suicide. If only the nations of the atheist West could wake up to the self-destructive acts they are doing to themselves. 

UKRAINE WAR ABOUT LGBTQIA+? The UK supports Ukraine because it hates Russia. It has a long geopolitical history, yet now it appears the UK hates Russia because of its Christian faith and support for traditional morality. Case in point: the head of MI6 recently framed the war in Ukraine in terms of supporting the LGBTQIA+ movement. Someone should probably remind him that the Ukrainian government is will not allow men who "identify" as women to leave the country and will instead send them to the front lines. 

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