Saturday, April 30, 2022

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, APRIL 30

by A. Joseph Lynch


CLERICALIZED PAGANS: Pope Francis has a way with words, and his recent description for worldly priests - clericalized pagans - is spot on. 


MADELINE ALBRIGHT (1937-2022): Madeline Albright, who helped destroy the office of the US Secretary of State, has died. Despite this glowing article, we must not forget that Albright helped push America down the path the led to war in Ukraine by bringing about the betrayal of Russia and the expansion of NATO. Her legacy will forever cast a sad shadow upon the office she held and upon the ultimate failure of US foreign policy.

MUSK BUYS TWITTER: Twitter has accepted the offer of billionaire and free speech advocate, Elon Musk, to buy out Twitter. We expect him to bring some sanity - and perhaps Donald Trump - to the troubled platform, especially as he calls out the extreme Left for taking over Twitter and out American institutions. 

US NEARING RECESSION: While the Russian economy grew in the first quarter of 2022, the US economy has officially contracted. And as Biden sends part of the US strategic oil reserves to Europe, we expect higher gas prices to hit, inflation to rise, and a recession on the horizon.

A PENCE FOR GOVERNOR: Cain Pence, the son of the late, great Dr. David Pence, is running for Minnesota Governor. After suffering two strokes following his coronavirus vaccination, Cain has been rehabilitating and now plans to run as an independent. We suggest you watch his video, visit his website, and support his run.


MACRON DEFEATS LE PEN: French President Macron soundly defeated the "far right" candidate, Marine Le Pen in last weekend's presidential elections. While we have no love for Macron, we've never been fans of Le Pen here at AoA. Despite the "far right" adjective, Le Pen appears to be a pro-abortion, anti-religious, gay marriage-supporting atheist whose only "conservatives" attribute is a hatred for Muslims. France is facing crisis after crisis and Le Pen's focus is on banning veils. We hope France has a better conservative candidate for 2027.

SAUDI AMBASSADOR INSULT: A recent article argues that the new US ambassador to Saudi Arabia is likely to insult MBS as US-Saudi tensions hit a new low. Some believe the US might even go to war with the Saudis - not over its promotion of Wahhabi terror but over - you guessed it - oil. The US has found itself in a real pickle over Ukraine, and it appears a war of some sort is exactly what the American are looking for.

FOOD CRISIS COMING: ZeroHedge is reporting a looming crop crisis in America as cold and rain/snow are keeping much of the northern midwest from planting crops. Combine this with the coming crop shortfall in Ukraine and Russia's refusal to sell agricultural goods - like fertilizer - to "unfriendly" countries, and you have the makings for a disaster in the fall. 

IS THE UKRAINE WAR SPREADING? We may be living in the shadow of those years between teh two world wars. It appears as though Poland is preparing to enter western Ukraine in an attempt to regain the lands it held from 1919-1939. Meanwhile Ukraine and Romania might join forces to invade Moldova - a territory part of Romania from - you guessed it - 1919-1939. Ukraine for its part wants not Moldova but the massive arms warehouse in Transnistria, an ethnically Russian strip of land that borders Ukraine. See the recent video from Religion, Sex, and Politics for more on a looming Moldova invasion.

RUSSIA'S NEW MISSILE: Russia recently tested its new Sarmat ICBM - a very, very impressive missile system. Here are ten facts you need to know about it.


BIG TECH, MSM SHAKE UP: RINO-supporting Chris Wallace is out of a job as CNN+ collapsed within a month of its launch. Netflix is down billions. Disney is in huge trouble, losing $34 billion in its ill-advised fight with Florida over its promotion of the gay agenda. Meanwhile Twitter has been bought by free speech advocate and billionaire, Elon Musk.

WHOSE CHILDREN? Joe Biden repeated the leftist view of child indoctrination through public schools as he stated a child at school is the child of the community and the teacher - not his parent's child

"MARIJUANA" BANNED: No not the drug, the word. Washington State now says the word "marijuana" is - you guessed it - racist. We live in clownworld.

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