Saturday, May 7, 2022

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, MAY 7

by A. Joseph Lynch


FRANCIS ON NATO EXPANSION: Pope Francis has been off-base on Ukraine for weeks - but perhaps he's beginning to see the light. In comments this week, Francis admitted that the expansion of NATO could have driven Russia to war. This kind of realization, however, is not allowed in the atheist West - which is why The Daily Beast is branding Francis a conspiracy theorist.   

ATTACKING CATHOLIC CHURCHES: Catholic parishes across the country are on high alert after social media posts revealed plans to storm Catholic Masses over Mother's Day weekend. Why? In "protest" of the leaked SCOTUS ruling against Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood. More from Taylor Marshall.

PORTERS AND VERGERS: A culture of life is a culture of protection - and what the Church needs most is to restore the porter as both a permanent lay ministry and a required step towards higher ordination. One role among the porters was the "verger" - a porter who carried a stick to protect liturgical processions. Though ceremonial, the stick could be used for real protective acts and should certainly be a object of reflection for any man who might one day be called to wield the bishop's crosier. In late medieval times, members of the Swiss Guard acted as vergers for the pope, but sadly the Catholic Church has lost both porters and vergers in modern times. Here's more history on the verger (or virger) worth checking out.


DEPLETING WEAPONS: The military-industrial complex is about to see serious green. No, not green energy - greenbacks! Support for Ukraine is leading to serious depletions in weapons reserves in Europe and the US. It's reported that the US has given away half of its Stinger missiles and that replacing these missiles will prove difficult. That means more Congressional dollars going to the MIC for more and more weapons.

LEGISLATING WAR: Russia-hating, Trump-hating RINO Adam Kinzinger - the Republican congressman who was caught spreading a photo-shopped image of the "Ghost of Kiev" (see below) - has put forward legislation that would give Biden the green light to start World War III. It's good he'll be leaving Congress at the end of the year. Let's just hope we can make it until January without getting ourselves into war.

CLINTON DEFENDS THE INDEFENSIBLE: Bill Clinton is trying to defend his stance on NATO expansion back in the 90s. He might be entitled to say whatever he wants, but the fact is that he and the late Madeline Albright sowed the seeds of war by breaking our word to Russia and expanding NATO. What someone should ask him is why he rejected Putin's request to bring Russia into NATO. Certainly that would have prevented war. Expanding NATO was wrong in the 90s - and it's wrong today. It's time to shut NATO's door


VETOED NATO EXPANSION? The president of Croatia is threatening to veto the expansion of NATO to include Finland and Sweden. No, not because he's awoken from the insanity of the EU's war on Russia. Rather the fears in Croatia are over a potential breakout of hostilities in nearby Bosnia. Indeed, this is but one example of the fissures that have spread throughout the EU. And with a recession (or depression) ahead, the EU might not survive much longer.

THE "GHOST OF KIEV" LIE: We never hear in the news what is being reported by the Russians, yet the media will run anything Ukraine says as though it's Gospel truth - yet ultimately 90% of what Ukraine says is later revealed to be a lie. Take for example the "Ghost of Kiev" - the mythical Ukrainian fighter pilot who shot down dozens of Russian aircraft. Conservative outlets like Newsmax reported only days ago that the "Ghost of Kiev" was shot down. Yet Ukraine has now come out and admitted the truth - the "Ghost of Kiev" was - like everything else they say - a lie used for propagandistic purposes. The real question is when we will stop listening to Kiev and start listening to Moscow?

A SECOND FRONT COMING? Ukraine is eyeing an invasion of Moldova with the purpose of gaining control of Europe's largest ammo depot. More from South Front.

UKRAINE OFF THE RESERVATION: Awash in money and military weapons pouring into their country, Ukrainian officials become over confident to say the least. Not only are the openly feuding with German leadership over support for the war, but they are now saying that there will only be peace with Russia when Russia surrenders and is dismembered into "three or more parts." Clearly Ukraine is in for a very rude awakening in the days and weeks ahead.


BIG TECH, BUSINESS RUNNING SCARED: As companies like Disney, CNN, and Netflix have "gone woke, and went broke", other companies are backing away from embracing woke polices. ExxonMobil, for example, has walked back its stance on flying gay "pride" flags and the BLM flag. Dr. Steve Turley notes how companies are publicly distancing themselves from controversies over the upcoming SCOTUS Roe ruling. And - very sadly - Dr. Taylor Marshall pointed out the crickets sound coming from the USCCB over what should be a ruling that would make even elderly bishops do handstands.

NANTUCKET'S NUDE BEACHES: Nantucket has announced it will allow women to go topless on its beaches. Why? Because men can go topless. The total loss of gender distinctions among the radical Left is mind-boggling.

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