Saturday, May 21, 2022

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, MAY 21

by A. Joseph Lynch

MAY 21, 2022

FALL OF AZOVSTAL: Over 2,000 Azov Battalion members and Ukraine soldiers have surrendered at the Azovstal factory in Mariupol. All told, Russia has accepted the unconditional surrender of over 4,000 soldiers in Mariupol while killing upwards of 6,000. This is a massive defeat for Ukraine - which now looks to see some 22,000 soldiers surrounded and captured in eastern Donbass. The trials of Azov Battalion members will likely begin in the weeks ahead.

ERDOGAN SAYS NO NATO EXPANSION: Finland and Sweden have abandoned their long-held neutrality, declared they seek conflict with Russia, and now seek entry to NATO. Finland - along with Poland and Bulgaria - is already hurting from an unnecessary economic conflict with Russia by having its natural gas from Russia shut off over a refusal to pay in rubles. Now Turkey threatens to veto their entry into NATO (if its demands aren't met). If this holds, it will not only be a massive defeat of Biden and his NATO allies but also a serious defeat of Sweden and Finland, now openly adversarial to Russia but not a part of NATO's protective umbrella. 

A GLOBAL NATO? As NATO seeks to expand in Europe, calls for a "Global NATO" are in the air. South Front explains why this would be disastrous

SINN FEIN WINS: Though Protestant, the Irish nationalist Catholic Sinn Fein party has for the first time won the election in Northern Ireland. The party seeks reunification with Ireland - likely so that Northern Ireland can break away from the UK and return to the EU. As the Irish nation moves father and farther away from its Christian roots and national identity, only time will tell if the election victory is a win for faith or a win for increasing secular globalism.  

UKRAINE AND THE EU: Although there is a massive push to integrate Ukraine into the EU, Russia now stands fully opposed and even European leaders admit it will take some time. Macron of France, for examples, says Ukraine's entry to the EU will take decades. If we're honest, we know Ukraine's entry to the EU - like NATO - will never happen.

ZELESKY PROMOTES SS FIGHTERS: On Victory Day Ukraine's leader Zelensky posted images of Ukrainian fighters standing against Russian "fascism" - the only problem is that the fighters wore symbols associated with Nazi Germany's SS.

JANET YELLEN'S HYPOCRISY: According to Janet Yellen, forgiving student loan debts would be good for the economy while overturning Roe v. Wade would be bad for the economy. It shows not only how little she knows about the value of human life but also how little she understands economics.

TAIWAN-CHINA DELETION: If stoking war with Russia wasn't enough for US neocons, they're now pressing for conflict with China as a key phrase - "Taiwan is a part of China" - was removed from a state department website. More from South Front.

GEORGE W. BUSH'S PROJECTION: Former president Bush is a neocon as in favor of war with Russia as he is opposed to Donald Trump. In a recent speech he let out a "Freudian slip" as he spoke of one man's evil invasion of Iraq... er... Ukraine. Yet within the context of this statement on Ukraine, Bush spoke of rigged elections and the jailing of political opponents - and here he must have been thinking of America's own questionable 2020 election and the subsequent jailing of January 6 protesters. This is projection - applying to Russia the misdeeds were are committing here in America. 

NO GHOST OF KIEV: We've long said Ukraine is untrustworthy given that so many of their tales are disproven within 24-72 hours of any given press release. We've long rejected the "Ghost of Kiev" myth - but now Ukraine is, too.

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