Saturday, June 25, 2022

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, JUNE 25

by A. Joseph Lynch


THE END OF ROE: Roe has fallen - and not just during the month of the Sacred Heart, but on the very Feast of the Sacred Heart itself! While the sexual libertines celebrate gay "love" and "pride month" Catholics the world over rejoice at love's true victory. Indeed, when asked about his appointment of three conservative justices to the Supreme Court, Trump uncharacteristically took little credit for the decision, instead saying, "God made the decision." 

FRANCIS ON UKRAINE: Although Pope Francis has been far too critical of Russia in regards to Ukraine, we're glad to see he has recently stated that Russia was provoked into fighting and that the war cannot be reduced to "good guys" versus "bad guys".

SCOTUS PROTECTS RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: The US Supreme Court has struck down a Maine law that banned any federal funds from making their way to religious schools. The ruling is yet another win for religious liberty.


BREAKING UP RUSSIA: The US government’s Helsinki Commission suggests breaking up Russia in the supposed name of "decolonization". The idea isn't a new one. Zbigniew Brzezinski pushed the idea all the way back in the 1990s. Destroying Russia is the dream of the neocons and neoliberals - doing so would mean Russia would be too weak to stop the US and its allies from pillaging the nation of all its natural resources while denying China a pivotal ally in Eurasia. The last several months have proved, however, that this neocon dream will never become a reality.

BIDEN GOING SOFT ON SAUDIS: With the cost of gasoline on the rise and environmentalists keeping Democrat leadership from opening up US lands to more oil development, Biden is desperately in need of Saudi oil - which is why he's doing a 180 in regards to the MbS assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. But Biden is not the only Democrat hypocrite concerning Khashoggi. Kamala Harris posted this tweet about Trump's handling of the murder: “It’s been 1 year since the horrific, premeditated murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi Arabia. And Trump has yet to hold Saudi officials accountable." I wonder what she's tweeting now?

US-MEXICO STRAINED RELATIONSHIP: Mexico's president is standing up to Biden's cynical support for war in Ukraine, calling it an immoral proxy war that sacrifices the lives of Ukrainians in the hope of hurting Russia. In order to further express his displeasure, he shocked the Biden administration by boycotting Biden's Summit of the Americas. Clearly be it US-Mexico relations or Russian sanctions, Biden's foreign policy is turning out to be an utter disaster.


BLOCADING KALININGRAD: Lithuania is edging towards war with Russia over the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, which borders Lithuania and Poland but isn't physically connected to the rest of Russia proper. Lithuania, in the name of sanctions, is using the sanctions to justify its violation of treaties with Russia, and with it international law, to partially blockade the Russian exclave. Russia has demanded Lithuania lift the partial blockade - which is denying the transport of some 50% of Russian goods to Kaliningrad - or else face consequences.

UKRAINE'S LIES EXPOSED: Abraham Lincoln once said, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” Ukraine is now learning this truth as day-by-day its defeat becomes ever clearer. Now outlets from The American Conservative to The Daily Beast are writing of Ukraine's pending doom. Axios now reports news from Ukrainian officials that the nation is suffering 1,000 casualties per day in Donbas - a number far higher than previously said (and likely still far below the real numbers). When will Ukrainian leaders and their allies in the US, EU, and UK come to their senses and make peace with Russia?

RUSSIA'S INDUSTRIAL WARFARE: Russia is not only winning in Ukraine, but it is also proving to be a superior power to the US and its NATO allies in terms of war-making capabilities. According to the anti-Russian establishment Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) - the world’s oldest and the UK’s leading defense and security think tank - Russia's industry is far better equipped to fight a war than the US or its allies. According to its recent report, the US is decreasing its production of artillery shells and missiles - and were it to fight in parity with the Russians in this regard, the US would run out of shells and missiles in just ten days to three weeks. What's worse for Ukraine, a Ukrainian intel official has stated that it cannot win the war without more weapons systems and armaments from the US and its allies. Given the analysis of the world's oldest defense think tank - that the US simply cannot keep pace with Russia's industrial warfare - Ukraine's days are numbered. 

FRENCH ELECTION UPSET: The conservatives are on the rise in France, jumping from a mere two seats in French legislature a decade ago to nearly one hundred today. While we remain strongly suspect of the National Rally party, we see the rise of any conservatism in France as something to celebrate. More from Dr. Steve Turley.


2ND AMMENDMENT RULING: The Supreme Court has struck down a law that all but took away a citizen's ability to carry a concealed gun outside the home. The ruling is seen as a win for private gun rights, yet the communal-protective-duty aspect of the second amendment has been overlooked once again. As is the case with the "right to life" crowd, the gun rights activists must turn away from seeing the gun as the right of a private individual for mere self-defense and instead understand it as a means of carrying out a man's duty to protect his community. A man has a duty to protect, therefore the he has the right to bear arms. That's how we should think of the second amendment. 

JAPAN REJECTS GAY MARRIAGE: In another surprising victory for life, Japan has rejected gay marriage - and if Justice Thomas has his way, yesterday's abortion ruling might soon pave the same way for the US. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

THE LAW AND WOMEN'S CLOTHING: A French court has overturned a local decision to allow Muslim women the ability to practice their faith by wearing the chaste "burkini" to local swimming venues. What hasn't been challenged - much less overturned - is the same locale's decision to allow topless women swimmers. Meanwhile in the US, a federal court has ruled against a school dress code that mandated girls wear skirts. The tide may be turning against abortion, but the fight for women's dignity continues.

FOXNEWS PRO-TRANS: FoxNews is not a social conservative platform. It's first and foremost a neocon platform - and neocons are more often than not anything but social conservatives. Case in point: FoxNews shocked its views in support of a "trans" teenager and family

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