Saturday, July 2, 2022

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, JULY 2


by A. Joseph Lynch

FRANCIS TEACHES ON LITURGY: Pope Francis just released his own reflection on the liturgy in his apostolic letter entitled Desiderio Desideravi. While we have more to say on the document in the weeks ahead, Taylor Marshall's review - if overly critical - is worth checking out for an initial overview of the document. We will say his analogy of the liturgy to dance is quite excellent.

VATICAN TONE-DEAF ON ROE: Thought the Vatican should have shooting off fireworks after the defeat of Roe v. Wade, the response from the Vatican has been tone deaf at best. Recently the Vatican's editorial director responded to the fall of Roe by saying that pro-life Catholics should be as equally concerned with "guns, poverty and rising maternity mortality rates." Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi immediately flew to Rome, met with the pope - and "many, many, many leaders of the church" - while making sure she publicly received Communion (given that her own archbishop has banned her from doing so in San Francisco). It's been a remarkable turn of events in the US and its a sad shame the Vatican isn't celebrating.

CHOMSKY ON UKRAINE: Even the pacifist Noam Chomsky agrees with Henry Kissinger as he admits that Russia was provoked into war: "Of course, [the war in Ukraine] was provoked. Otherwise, they wouldn't refer to it all the time as an unprovoked invasion. By now, censorship in the United States has reached such a level beyond anything in my lifetime. Such a level that you are not permitted to read the Russian position." You can read his full comments here.

WAR OVER KALININGRAD? If you ask the president of Belarus, Lithuania's partial blockade of Russia's Kaliningrad was a declaration of war. Though tensions over Kaliningrad appear to be relaxing, Russia knows that at least one NATO member state posed a direct threat to Russian territory while neither the EU nor the US or the UK condemned the act. At some point Russia will act to defend itself from Lithuanian aggression - and when it does it will once more be declared the aggressor - even though its actions in Lithuania, like Ukraine, were clearly provoked.

PARTNERS IN THE BLUE PACIFIC: The US is rolling out its Pacific version of NATO - the "Partners in the Blue Pacific" - which will challenge China while upholding the "rules-based" global order. It must be noted that this "rule-based order" is America's replacement of international law - where international law is binding on all nations (including America), the "rules-based order" allows America to set the "rules" while not having to play by them. In terms of containing China, America needs Russia - but sadly it's imperialistic policies means that Russia will always be treated as an adversary. And without Russia, neither NATO nor the "Partners in the Blue Pacific" will be successful.

DEFENDING THE LIBERAL WORLD ORDER: It's not just the "rules-based order" that needs defending - it's the "liberal" world order, too. According to a Biden official, US citizens must bear the burden of high gas prices and inflation for as long as it takes in order to defend the "liberal world order" from its adversaries. In a choice between "America First" and the "Liberal World Order" we'll take "America First" every single time.

DEMOCRATS RESPOND TO ROE'S DEMISE: Republicans have been playing by the rules of the game for decades, knowing full well that the fall of Roe could only come through new appointments to the Supreme Court - and to do that they had to win elections! Now that Roe is gone, we see headlines such as this: The Constitution Was Literally Written By Slaveowners. Why Is America Obsessed With Upholding It? Another headline reads in part: Democrats are frustrated with Biden's refusal to question the legitimacy of the Supreme Court... So now that Democrats have lost, they openly demand to destroy the US Constitution (because it's apparently racist) and "question of the legitimacy" of the nation's highest court? Now as a quick reminder, when Republicans took the disgraceful act of "questioning the legitimacy" of the 2020 election, they were booted from social media and locked away without trial. We somehow doubt the Democrats will ever face such a fate.

NAMES AND ADDRESSES LEAKED: Incensed over the Supreme Court's second amendment decision, the attorney general of California "accidentally" leaked the names and addresses of every Californian who holds a concealed carry gun permit. It's a total travesty and yet another sign that it's time for people to flee California - perhaps quite literally fleeing for their lives.

KILLING ROE IN 2010: June 2022 may be when Roe finally died, but the path to its destruction at the state level - which is where the Supreme Court returned the power over abortion - began with the great red wave that swept the state houses in 2010.

SCOTUS AND THE EPA: The Supreme Court dealt quite the blow against environmentalists and the EPA. Read more from Zerohedge.

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