Saturday, July 16, 2022

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, JULY 16

by A. Joseph Lynch


APPOINTING WOMEM: Pope Francis has appointed three women - two religious, one lay - to the Dicastery for Bishops, the Vatican office that selects the shepherds of the Church. It is a token gesture to women to be sure, but we ask whether or not there is a lay man in this office as well? After all it is not simply a matter of gender but also of the clerical state - and sadly we see the Church drive more and more lay men away.

CHURCH ATTACKS: Since the fall of Roe v. Wade, Catholic churches across the nation have come under attack. Ascension Catholic Church in Overland Park, KS might have been the recent most attack. It is imperative that our Catholic men remain vigilant as more attacks are - sadly - likely.

FRANCIS ON BIDEN: While we generally defend Pope Francis' acts and words, we are very sad to hear how weak the pope has been on Joe Biden - especially in decision to leave abortion to Biden's "conscience" and to his relationship with his pastors. But isn't Francis one of those pastors? Archbishop Naumann of Kansas City had a perfect response to the situation, citing both the Pope's problematic stance while blaming the situation on his poor advisors. 


BUMBLING BIDEN IN THE MIDEAST: Joe Biden was desperate to avoid photos of him shaking hands with Saudi leader MbS - so he cited the pandemic to announce he would shake no one's hand on his Mideast trip. But there was one problem, Biden couldn't resist shaking hands left and right during his stay in Israel. He ended up giving MbS a fist bump - which the Washington Post said was even worse than a handshake. Biden's mission to Saudi Arabia was to beg for more oil - which likely went no where after Biden told MbS he was guilty of journalist Jamal Khashoggi's murder.

STATES VIOLATED ELECTION LAWS: Two major rulings out of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania add fuel to the 2020 election fire as both rulings found that state election officials violated state election laws during the 2020 election. We suggest this article from The Federalist for more information.

RISING INFLATION, FALLING APPROVAL: Inflation in the US has hit 9.1% (though the number based on how inflation was calculated in the 1970s and 80s would stand at a whopping 17%!). Numbers like this will not only lead to a further drop of Biden's approval but also more Democrat rats jumping ship on his failing presidency. The liberal NY Times not only has Biden polling at 33% (Civiqs even has him at 29%), but is now all but calling for an end to his presidency in 2024.

BOLTON'S COUPS: John Bolton, the arch-neocon who never saw a country he didn't want to bomb, has admitted to planning coups in multiple countries (watch the video). the admission is shocking but not unexpected here at AoA. We pray Trump stays very, very far away from him in a second term.


GROWING BRICS: We noted above that Biden is visiting the Saudis looking for more oil - yet this week we learned not only that the Saudis are buying vast quantities of Russian oil, but that they are seeking to join BRICS, an association that that seeks political, economic, and cultural cooperation between the nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (B.R.I.C.S.). These five countries taken together comprise 27% of the world's land surface, 41.5% of the world's population, and 32% of the world's GDP when factoring in purchasing power parity (PPP). The expansion of BRICS to Saudi Arabia is a very bad sign for any American diplomacy with the Saudis. And the Saudis aren't the only ones interested in BRICS as it appears Egypt and Turkey plan to join as well. This is a disaster for the anti-Russian sanctions, and may even lead to Turkey leaving NATO (a far greater disaster for the atheist West to be sure). 

COLLAPSING GOVERNMENTS: The governments of Estonia, Sri Lanka, and Italy are following behind the UK as more regimes collapse in the wake of the sanctions war with Russia. Estonia is under pressure from historically high inflation, Sri Lanka fell largely due to its embrace of the green agenda, and Italy faces economic meltdown over the rising cost of natural gas (Italy is second only to Germany in its dependence on Russian natural gas). More on looming Italian elections from Dr. Steve Turley. As Hungarian leader Viktor Orban put it, Europe has not shot itself in the foot with these foolish sanctions, it's shot itself in the lungs and is no suffocating. 

KALININGRAD BLOCKADE MADE WORSE: The EU has utterly failed to rein in Lithuania in its suicidal fight with Russia over a partial blockade of Russia's Kaliningrad exclave. While the EU is forcing Lithuania to allow Russian supply via rail, it is breaking its treaties and violating international law by not only banning Russian supply by road, but also refusing to increase rail tonnage to compensate for the shipping lost by the road closure to Russian delivery vehicles. What this means is that a Russian war with Lithuania is now all but guaranteed in the years ahead. 


UKRAINE'S HUMAN SHIELDS: We finally have word from the UN that Ukraine effectively used its citizens as human shields during a battle that led to the deaths of over fifty civilians in early March. Ukraine took up positions in and around a nursing home in the Donbas (likely filled with ethnically Russian civilians). The Ukrainians refused to evacuate the residents, leading to the deaths of many during the ensuing battle. The UN's Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) said it is "further concerned by reports of the use of human shields, which involves seeking to use the presence or movement of the civilian population or individual civilians to render certain points or areas immune from military operations..." (emphasis ours).

ANGLICANS CAN'T DEFINE WOMEN: Like others on the far Left, Anglicans can't tell you what a woman is. Anglicanism began embracing transgenderism in 2018 and continues down that path today. We pray people wake up to madness before things begin to fall apart around us.

GUIDESTONES DESTRUCTION: Georgia's "guidestones" - a small Stonehenge-like monument to globalism - has been destroyed. The monument, erected in 1980, included calls to limit populations, create a one-world language, and uphold the environment above man. It's quite interesting to see that statues of American heroes and Catholic saints aren't the only monuments be smashed these days.

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