Saturday, August 13, 2022

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, AUGUST 13

by A. Joseph Lynch


CARDINAL SINS IN MUMBAI: Church Militant has done it again. This time they've revealed damning evidence against the cardinal archbishop of Mumbai, India. Their follow up video revealed even more. It would appear we might soon see the fall of one Indian bishop along with the Indian cardinal who tried to help cover for him.

DOLAN 2.0: Phoenix is home to the nation's fifth largest city - making its episcopal leadership all the more important. For years it has been led by the brotherhood-building Bishop Olmstead. Sadly his successor - another Dolan - seems to be nothing like the great Olmstead. Church Militant reports on the troubled history of Bishop Dolan - and his support for homosexuality, the anti-brotherhood. 

FRANCIS-KIRILL UPDATE: It appears that a meeting between Francis and Kirill, the Patriarch of Moscow, is back on. This week Pope Francis met with Bishop Anthony, who in June succeeded Bishop Hilarion as second only to Kirill himself. The two met to discuss the upcoming meeting between the Pope and Patriarch and we are very eager to see these two brother bishops meet in the weeks ahead.

OCIA, NOT RCIA: In a story from late last year that we at AoA sadly missed, the Church in the US has updated the name of the old RCIA to more closely match the official Latin. "Rite" has now been replaced with "Order" - we're sure many people will be confused, yet we're happy to see the American Church's fidelity to the its mother tongue.  


TRUMP UNDER SEIGE: Trump's Florida home was raided by the FBI in a clearly partisan witch hunt against the presumed GOP nominee in the 2024 presidential race. The raid was entirely unjustified as the documents seized had been previously declassified by the president. What's more, the raid violated policy surrounding the procurement of documentation. There were many other legal steps in the process - filing an injunction, sending subpoenas - that would come long before any kind of FBI raid. In the end, we believe this helps Trump as even Democrats must be aware that this raid was clearly partisan in nature, hoping to find a way to keep Trump out of the White House in 2024. More reporting on this from ZeroHedge.

JOB NUMBERS COOKED? The US has entered a recessions yet the job numbers report this week appeared in stark contradiction to the state of the economy. ZeroHedge explains why the numbers released this week just don't add up.

MAGA WINS IN PRIMARIES: Donald Trump and the MAGA movement were big winners this week as primary voters took to the polls to nominate numerous Trump-backed candidates. Arizona witnessed the victories of Blake Masters, who will likely defeat Mark Kelly to be the state's next Senator, while anchorwoman Kari Lake came back to beat an establishment candidate and should go on to be the next state governor. Both are strong Trump supporters that will play a pivotal role in 2024. Three Trump-hating "RINOS" who chose to impeach the president also faced voters. One lost, one won, and one is still too close to call

KANSAS PRO-LIFE DISASTER: Tuesday was a tough day for the pro-life cause in Kansas. The state Republican party put forward a poorly written constitutional amendment that would have granted the state legislature the power to control state law on abortion. The amendment sadly went down in flames - losing by around 18 percentage points. Although some RINOs in Washington want to run away from the pro-life cause, we should remember that a similar amendment in Louisiana passed just two years ago, winning by an overwhelming 62% to 38%! The fight continues. 

DESANTIS WAR ON WOKE: We ardently look forward to a Trump-DeSantis ticket in 2024, especially considering DeSantis will be put in charge of draining the swamp in domestic politics - a job he appears born for. Just this week he fired a Soros-backed state attorney for being unwilling to uphold anti-woke laws duly passed by the legislature and signed by DeSantis. Florida has a warrior for a governor and we hope to see this warrior as the future vice president in 2025.

SENATE NATO DISASTER: We have long held that the US Senate - which is supposed to be the more deliberate of the two houses of Congress - is as radical as it can get when it comes to US foreign policy. This week 95 senators voted to expand NATO to Finland and Sweden, while only one senator - Josh Hawley - voted against it. And even Hawley rejected the move not because he wants peace among the nations, but because he wants World War III with China rather than Russia. Rand Paul voted present. We fear that even after 2024 there will be few breaks on the pro-war US Senate.


PELOSI DESTROYES THE PEACE: Nancy Pelosi went to Taiwan last week, sparking fears of a war with China. The week before that Blinken attempted to push Kosovo into war with Serbia. Why is the Biden regime pushing for war, war, war? One could argue the Ukraine war was meant to be a distraction from the humiliatingly defeat in Afghanistan. A war in Kosovo might distract Russia from Ukraine - and if that failed we could have a war with China to distract us from the looming humiliation in Ukraine. The Guardian of all outlets warns us that we are flirting with disaster. And we also suggest this report from Larry Johnson, a former intelligence officer.

UKRAINE ACCUSED OF WAR CRIMES: Amnesty International is officially accusing Ukraine of using civilian buildings - with civilians still inside - as firing positions against Russian and Donbas forces during the war. This comes after last month's UN investigation that found that Ukraine failed to evacuate civilians from a nursing home it used as a defensive position in Donbas. The sad reality is that Ukraine has used human shields throughout the war - a clear war crime. Sadly it's just one of many. In related news, CBS pointed out that just 30% of resources headed to Ukraine made it to the right place - the rest was off to the black market or hidden bank accounts. Within a day - and without a doubt under pressure from government officials - CBS withdrew its findings. What's more, Amnesty International actually apologized for any "distress and anger" its findings might have brought Ukraine and its supports. You can't make this stuff up.

UKRAINE'S NEWEST WAR CRIMES: It appears Ukraine, with the assistance of US targeting, murdered its own Azov Battalion POWs in Donetsk in order to prevent them from a trial that would be embarrassing to the Ukraine. Killing them will also act as a warning to other Ukrainian soldiers contemplating surrender. It's yet another heinous war crime committed by the Zelensky regime - and likely with the full assistance of the Americans. Elsewhere in Donbas, Ukraine has dropped thousands of illegal petal mines on the city of Donetsk, leading to the targeted deaths of civilians. The move helped slow down a Russian advance on the edge of the city, yet a tactical delay is no excuse to commit war crimes. And none of this is to mention the near constant Ukrainian shelling of Europe's largest nuclear power plant.


ALTAR OF CHILD SACRIFICE: The abortion cause is in reality a death cult. Case in point: a woman has created an instructional video on the creation of an altar upon which one would place the aborted remains of her baby after conducting at at-home abortion. She claims abortion celebrates women's fertility and the altar makes the abortion sacred. What she doesn't understand - or too possessed to realize - that killing a baby is the opposite of fertility and the use of an altar for child sacrifice is not sacred but rather its opposite - an act of desecration. 

MORE TRANS MAYHEM: A biological male was issued an assault citation after manhandling another cheerleader - allegedly choking a 17-year-old female teammate - because she didn't support his transgender lifestyle. Meanwhile in Germany, citizens are allowed to legally swap genders once each year. Elsewhere in Europe, the UK's only "gender clinic" for minors has been shut down over safety issues (though we could have told you the place wasn't fit for children much, much sooner!) And last but not least, the man alleged to be Bret Kavanaugh's suspected assassin turns out to be... a transgender "woman" - you can't make this stud up. 

NY HUCKSTER PASTOR: Attacks on clergy corruption are largely lobbed at well-off white men, but in New York a black, Protestant pastor is coming under fire as he and his wife were robbed during a church service, with the thieves walking off with more than $1 million worth of jewelry! Given the vast sums of disposable income this "pastor" has at his disposal, we weren't surprised to hear he's being sued by a congregant for stealing! 

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