Saturday, August 27, 2022

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, AUGUST 27

by A. Joseph Lynch


HOLLYWOOD CONVERSION: Hollywood A-lister, Shia LeBeouf, has converted to Catholicism under interesting circumstances - through portraying St Padre Pio in an upcoming film. We strongly suggest our readers watch his full interview with Bishop Robert Barron on the topic, noting how his experience of fraternity with traditional brothers in preparation for the film played a huge role in his conversion. If the Church prioritized helping men be men as brothers we could evangelize the world - and that's precisely how Jesus did it.

A JUDAS PRIEST IN RED? From a story of inspiration we turn to one of horror. A recent expose from Church Militant reveals the sordid tale of how a California priest admittedly groomed a virgin female (possibly in preparation of a Satanic Mass) and how the newly elevated Cardinal McElroy restored him to ministry knowing what he had admitted. The documentary is a must watch, though viewer discretion is advised.  

UKRAINIAN ANGER AT FRANCIS: The Ukrainians are livid with Pope Francis over his renunciation of the car bombing of Darya Dugina, the daughter of Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin. The bombing was conducted by a Ukrainian SBU intelligence officer and is yet the clearest act of Ukrainian terrorism to date. Francis is growing tired of the pressure that the Zelenksy regime is placing upon him regarding their Russian demonization efforts. For his part, Francis wants to visit Moscow, Donbass, and Kiev on a mission of peace and reconciliation. For Ukraine, however, Francis viewed only as a tool to help them make more war, not peace.

ROSARY HIT PIECE: The Atlantic posted a massive hit piece on the Rosary the men who pray it just in time for the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary. More from Taylor Marshall

ELIJAH FIRED? Did God "fire" Elijah because he killed pagan priests? Dr. Taylor Marshall rejects the proposition of Bishop Barron and explains what the Bible really said about Elijah and the slaughter of the pagan priests.


TRUMP RAID SEARCH WARRANT: A heavily redacted version of the search warrant used in the FBI raid of Trump's home has been released. So much has been redacted, however, that little has in fact been revealed. According to lawyer Alan Dershowitz, there's nothing from the redacted warrant from which the AG can indict Trump, while another lawyer, Robert Barnes, argues that settled case law made any raid baseless in the first place. Other lawyers from previous administrations agree with Barnes. What's more, despite his statements he had nothing to do with the raid, documents reveal the White House indeed played a massive role. Recall that Trump was impeached for evening referring to Biden's corruption in a call Ukraine's president - we now have a president actually abusing his power to persecute his chief political rival.

2020 ELECTION CONSPIRACIES: We had more stories out this week that point towards 2020 election conspiracies - even the vocal atheist Sam Harris admitted the truth about 2020 (accidentally of course). Meanwhile Jeff Zuckerberg admitted that the FBI was involved in covering for Joe Biden's scandals by pressuring social media giants to censor the truth. The recent guilty verdicts over the diary of Biden's daughter all but proves the authenticity of the diary itself along with the daughter's claims of inappropriate childhood showers she took with the president and her suspicions of being molested. The media coverup of the Hunter Biden laptop and the diary of Ashley Biden at the behest of deep state actors is damning evidence of election interference - and according to TIPP, 8 in 10 American's agree.

TWITTER WHISTLEBLOWER: Elon Musk's war with Twitter took a turn this week as a Twitter whistleblower seemed to agree with Musk's accusations. The looming court case should be filled with fireworks. 


UKRAINE CORRUPTION: The Gray Zone recently produced an excellent expose on Ukraine's blatant corruption and mishandling of its war with Russia. Well worth the read.

SHELLING A POWER PLANT: Ukraine wants us to believe that Russia is shelling a nuclear power plant under its own control (which it captured in March 2022). The truth is that Ukraine is doing the shelling in hopes of placing enough international pressure on Russia to see the plant's return to Ukrainian control. There are even pro-Ukrainian articles defending Ukraine's attacks as legal under international law. But rather than regain control of the nuclear power plant, Russia has cut off Ukraine from the plant's energy - energy that amounted to a full 20% of Ukraine's power.

MELTDOWN AVERTED: Even Reuters is admitting that the sanctions on Russia have failed. The Russian economy is looking at a mere 4% contraction of its economy this year as the ruble is the world's best performing currency. Russia energy exports remain strong and local businesses have stepped up to replace departing corporations from the atheist West. And none of this is to mention the fact that JP Morgan and Bank of America are returning to the Russian bond trade. The atheist West is losing.

"END OF ABUNDANCE": As Russia fairs far better than expected, Europe continues to crumble. European leaders have issued some of the darkest statements yet. According to Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, "the next 5 to 10 winters will be difficult" "...we must be transparent: the coming months will be difficult, the coming winters will be difficult" (note he said "winters" in the plural). Meanwhile French President Macron said: "What we are currently living through is a kind of major tipping point or a great upheaval … we are living the end of what could have seemed an era of abundance … the end of the abundance of products of technologies that seemed always available … the end of the abundance of land and materials including water."


PRO-LIFE RUSSIA AND CHINA: Both Russia and China are now doing what they can to curb abortion and promote larger families. In Russia, a $16,000 award and title are going to women who have at least ten children. Meanwhile China is discouraging abortions to increase its population.

WEEPING BEFORE CONFUCIUS: It's long been said that China is atheist when in fact it is heavily promoting a return to traditional Confucianism. One young woman was recently seen weeping before a statue of Confucius over her failure in a school exam. Those who think the story is really about pressuring the young in education, the fact remains that this girl is an example of China's return to its ancient piety.

CALIFORNIA ABORTION LIMITS: Placing limits on abortion is actually a winning issue. Even 79% of likely California voters agree that some limitations should be placed on the demonic practice. Only 13% believed it should be legal up to the point of birth. And this is yet another reason why the fall of Roe will play a small role in the upcoming midterms.

"BE A REAL HO": Do you think child protective services have your kid's best interest in mind? Think again. One such employee was recently caught trying to coax a child into child prostitution

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