Saturday, October 8, 2022

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8

by A. Joseph Lynch


UKRAINE'S TERROR, RUSSIA'S SILENCE: Despite the incorporation of four new regions into the Russian Federation, Ukraine continues to attack civilian infrastructure in both its former territories and within the pre-war borders of Russia. Civilians in Donetsk city come under constant artillery fire as the US accuses Ukraine of the terror attack on Daria Dugina. Meanwhile reports say Russian sympathizers in Ukraine are hunted down like pigs (which we suspect is exactly what happened in Bucha). Zelensky has called for immediate nuclear strikes on Russia - and now the Kerch bridge has been hit by what appears to be a Ukrainian suicide truck bombing. Meanwhile the Kremlin continues to operate in radio silence. There were no ultimatums after the new territories joined Russia, and no declaration of war much less a counter-terrorism declaration. It may be that Russia is waiting for its forces to be in position with a cold-hardened ground under it before it launches any significant attack. But as Ukraine racks up more PR victories - to be clear none of their "victories" have any strategic value - more and more money and weapons will flow into Ukraine while Russia appears impotent. It's high time Russia says or does something to get ahead of Ukraine in this PR and morale fight. 

WHO DESTROYED THE PIPELINES? Rumors swirl that the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines was conducted by the US with Polish assets. Weapons inspection expert Scott Ritter explained that he could find the US guilty in a hypothetical courtroom given the fact that 1) Joe Biden said last February that he'd end the pipelines if war broke out, 2) the US has the means of conducting the attack (indeed at least one US military aircraft was over the site at the time, and the US had been practicing underwater demolition in the area in the days leading up to the attack), and 3) Secretary of State Blinken's statement that the pipeline destruction offered US energy companies a "tremendous opportunity" to fill in for the lost gas gives the US had a clear financial motive. We could add to this with a geopolitical motive: destroying the pipelines denies Russia of any leverage it had on Germany to force a peace in Ukraine for increased gas supplies.  

WAR ON ELON MUSK: While Elon Musk appears to be moving forward with his purchase of Twitter (making liberals panic at the thought of losing censorship control), he has come under fierce attack for a pushing peace in Ukraine. Expletives were thrown at him by warmongers in the Kiev regime, who are anything but the adults in the room. And in a huge coincidence (or is it?), Ukraine decided to complain this week about Musk's Starlink satellite internet system failing for Ukraine on the front lines - which led politicians like the Trump-hating Adam Kinzinger to effectively accuse Musk of being a Putin-loving traitor in need of investigation. The message? It doesn't matter if you're the richest man in the world, if you demand peace in Ukraine you are a traitor and deserve punishment. 

WHO'S MAKING NUCLEAR THREATS: Biden and his team insist that Putin is making nuclear threats against Ukraine and the atheist West - yet in all the articles discussing this we see exactly zero quotes from Putin to support the claims. As we said above, the only person calling for immediate nuclear strikes is Zelensky. All Biden's talk of nuclear Armageddon has prompted Frances' Macron to label it "political fiction." The real question is: where is the universal condemnation of Zelensky's actual call for nuclear Armageddon?

UKRAINE PLANS AN ORGY: In yet the most recent sign that Ukraine is a pagan-Nazi nation, the country turns not to God and to church in its supposed time of need, but rather plans to hold an orgy in Kiev with some 15,000 signed up to attend. The atheist West has become the empire of the sexual revolution, and sadly many Ukrainian pagans want to join its ranks. 

WHERE ARE THE ENVIRONMENTALISTS? First they complained about the ozone, then it was global warming, and now with it are the dangers of methane. One environmentalist website claims that methane "has more than 80 times the warming power of carbon dioxide over the first 20 years after it reaches the atmosphere" and that more than "25% of today’s global warming is driven by methane from human actions." Yet when it is revealed that the terror attack on Russia's natural gas pipelines to Germany might be the biggest methane leak ever seen on satellites, the environmentalists are mum. Zero news coverage devoted to this ecological catastrophe. Why? Because quietly we all know who conducted this terrorist attack, so the propagandists in the media refuse to discuss the attack or its consequences in any detail. Even the environmentalists set aside their agenda in order to help uphold the liberal hegemonic power of the atheist West - if they ever really cared about the environment to begin with.

"KILL TURKSTREAM": While we all know who destroyed the Nord Stream pipelines (watch as a UN advisor admits the truth on Bloomberg TV), arch neocon Michael Rubin published an article on The National Interest calling for the US destruction of Turkey's "Turkstream" gas pipelines. These lines bring natural gas into southern Europe as Nordstream brought gas to the north. Under the title Biden Should Kill TurkStream to Promote Transatlantic Energy Security, Rubin effectively admitted the US had destroyed Russia's pipelines, saying that "Biden should give trans-Turkish energy corridors the same treatment he ultimately gave Nord Stream 2" (emphasis mine). Europe should brace itself for more terrorism - and even less energy - if Biden does what Rubin asks. 

HUNTER TO BE CHARGED? The Washington Post announced that the feds have enough on Hunter Biden to make an arrest on tax crimes and a false statement regarding a gun purchase. Spoiler alert: he won't be arrested - or at least not until after the midterms. In the recent words of papa Joe Biden: "No one f---s with a Biden."

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