Saturday, November 5, 2022

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5

by A. Joseph Lynch


FRANCISCAN UNIVERSITY SCANDAL: An ex-priest at Franciscan University of Steubenville is now in jail after using his ministry to rape a student. Despite the university's claims to have had no knowledge of the crimes, a leaked draft copy of a lawsuit alleges that the college's current chaplain, Fr. Shawn Roberson, disregarded the victim when informed of the situation and gave aid to the now jailed former priest. More from The Pillar.

FRANCIS AND BIDEN FOR PEACE: President Macron of France has called on Pope Francis to intercede with Biden for peace in Ukraine. The hope is that Francis might be able to sway the "Catholic" Biden into pursuing peace in Ukraine. We're certain, however, that the chances of this are the same as the chances of changing Biden's mind on abortion. Don't hold your breath.

UKRAINE AS A RELIGIOUS WAR: The war in Ukraine is a war between the Atheist West, with its culture of death, and Christian Russia, with the world's religious nations. Patriarch Kirill understands this, which is why he calls Vladimir Putin "a fighter against the anti-Christ." Indeed, Putin himself is increasingly portraying the Atheist West as Satanic. US Rep Jamie Raskin (D-MD) also understands this, which is why he said: “Russia is an orthodox Christian country with traditional social values and for that reason, it must be destroyed, no matter what the cost to us.” And as the atheist West tries to draw in Taiwan as it has Ukraine, it's no surprise that Taiwan held a gay pride parade in support of Ukraine.


A RED TYPHOON? In a bad sign for Democrats, Democrat campaign funds are now pouring money into races won by Biden by 20+ points while Biden is campaigning in deep blue states like California and Maryland. There is a chance that the red wave might turn into a red tsunami - nay, a red typhoon. According to The Federalist, Tuesday's results might in part be the fruits of Republican efforts to protect the integrity of US elections

THE PELOSI MYSTERY: Nancy Pelosi's husband was attacked in their San Francisco home, yet questions remain on what exactly took place. The police refuse to release both the 9-1-1 phone call as well as the body camera footage from the police on the scene. NBC ran a story that contradicted the narrative - only to pull the story and scrub it from the internet almost immediately. Despite the fact that the alleged assailant was a pro-BLM and pro-LGBT illegal immigrant, Joe Biden has used the attack in his attacks on the Republican Party in general and President Trump's MAGA movement in particular. We believe the truth will eventually emerge, but the story is certainly not the "October surprise" that will save Democrats on Tuesday. 

THE PARTY OF WAR: There can be no doubts; the Democrats are officially America's war party. Just days ago the "progressive" and "anti-war" wing of the Democrat party in the House issued a letter calling for peace talks in Ukraine. The letter did not reject sending more money and arms to the country, nor did it demand an immediate end to the fighting. The letter was nothing more than a token gesture to the peace activists within the party no putting some pressure on "squad" members like AOC. Yet in a stunning move, the "anti-war" House Democrats retracted the letter! Let no one again call the Democrats the party for peace. 

GOING NUCLEAR: The PR war against Russia has been nothing but projection - and the latest example of this can be found in the discussion of nuclear weapons. Despite all the evidence in the contrary, it's become a common statement from Biden that Russia is planning some sort of nuclear attack in Ukraine. A recent article slammed ex-Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, for stating the obvious: that any threat on Russian territory - including the new regions that voted to join Russia - would allow Russia to use its nuclear arms in self-defense. Meanwhile the United States is shipping more nukes to Europe while changing its nuclear doctrine to enable the use of nuclear weapons against non-nuclear threats. So who really plans to go nuclear here? Again, projection at its finest. 


THE COMING GERMAN COLLAPSE: There's an old saying that the purpose of NATO is to keep Russia out, keep America in, and keep Germany down. The disastrous war is certainly bringing down Germany. The German economy - Europe's last manufacturer - depends on cheap energy from Russia and cheap good from China. Any chance of energy reconciliation with Russia was lost in the US-backed terror attack on the Nord Stream pipelines, while Sholz's trip to Beijing was a dud. Indeed, the US is pressuring all its allies to begin treating China as they've treated Russia. And speaking of America's control of its vassal states, Michael Hudson compares modern Germany with that of its medieval counterpart and its relation to the papacy. An interesting article worth checking out.

FALL OF BOLSONARO? It appears Christian nationalists Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's president, has lost to the liberal Lula da Silva in last weekend's presidential run off race. Yet Bolsonaro is yet to concede and many of his supporters demand a military intervention to keep Bolsonaro in office. Dr. Steve Turley does a great job explaining the situation in Brazil and why there are legitimate questions about da Silva's candidacy.

NETANYAHU RETURNS: In something of a surprise to us at AoA, Benjamin Netanyahu has won his return as leader of Israel. The victory comes as Russia is quickly reshaping the geopolitical scene in the Mideast. Israel's self-identified enemies - Syria and Iran - are clearly aligned with Russia, while the major nations of Turkey and Saudi Arabia appear to be drifting into Russia's orbit. It will be interesting to see how Netanyahu walks the line between supporting US foreign policy on the one hand while dealing with the shifting geopolitical grounds in the Mideast on the other.

ITALY MUZZLES PEACE: We were skeptical at the electoral win of conservative Giorgia Meloni in Italy. We now have even more reason for this skepticism. Meloni comes to power with the aid of former Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi, who not only has the political expertise to help the fledgling leader but also has good connections with Russia. Sadly Meloni is muzzling her coalition partner after the leak of his private comments regarding making peace in Ukraine. Meloni appears to be in lock-step with the war - a sign that she cannot save Italy from economic doom at the hands of insane Russian sanctions. Time will tell, but as of now we have little confidence in Italy's new leader. 


PANDEMIC AMNESTY: Perhaps realizing that a reckoning is incoming, The Atlantic is leading the way in calling for amnesty over the pandemic hysteria of 2020-2022. Comedian Jimmy Dore has a word or two about this proposed amnesty (language warning).

1 IN A MILLION? HOW ABOUT 100 MILLION: A new study suggests that the odds that the coronavirus pandemic had occurred on its own from nature stand at less that 1 in 100 million. What's more likely? It came from a lab leak.

TRANS TV DISGRACE: The Atheist West and its culture of death were on full display on Britain's Channel 4 as a transgendered man with breast implants sang "[I] wish that I could crawl back in the womb. And start again, against God's plans, with different glands and smaller hands" before stripping naked on live TV and began using his genitals to play on a piano. This is why Russia is fighting in Ukraine.

SCHOOL SHOOTING FORGOTTEN: A recent school shooting in St. Louis has disappeared from the headlines. Despite the use of an "AR 15-style weapon" (which means he didn't use an AR-15, but that term is used because it's the media's scare weapon at the moment), the media seemingly dropped the shooting story for some strange reason. It might either have something to do with the alleged shooter's race (he wasn't white) or the fact that his family had turned the weapon into police days earlier in order to prevent something like this from happening. How exactly was the gun returned? The media on this remains silent.

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