Saturday, November 26, 2022

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 26

by A. Joseph Lynch


BROGLIO ELECTED USCCB PRESIDENT: Archbishop Timothy Broglio will succeed Gomez to be the new head of the USCCB. Broglio, head of the military archdiocese, is staunchly pro-life, called for the protection of military personnel who refused the coronavirus vaccines, and fought for those who opposed Obamacare's contraceptive mandate. We look forward to seeing what he does in his new role.

THE JESUITS: What went wrong?

WHY GO TO CHURCH: Anthropologist Mary Douglas has made several appearances on AoA (see here and here), and we're glad to see Rod Dreher reflect on her work concerning the anthropology of religious worship.


TRUMP '24 RUN: President Trump has announced he will run for president in 2024. His announcement speech was formal, on message, and very presidential. It was exactly what it needed to be. Only days later, however, Biden's Justice Department announced it was appointing a special prosecutor to dig for any dirt he can find on Trump. Funny enough, we remember Trump being impeached when he asked Ukraine to investigate Biden scandals in Ukraine long before Biden announced he planned to run for president - yet Biden announces a massive investigation of Trump immediately after Trump announces his intent to run. We await calls from Democrats for Biden's impeachment the ferocity with which they demanded Trump's.

WWIII AVERTED... FOR NOW: The AP has apologized for its recent reporting that two Russian missiles struck Poland when indeed it was one (or possibly two) air defense missile that hit Poland. Of course, the missile was spun as "Russian-made" since it was an old Soviet S-300 that landed in Poland. Most Ukraine-backing governments are nevertheless blaming Russia, since they blame Russia for starting the war that led to the Ukrainian missile killing two Polish farmers - which Ukraine has yet to apologize for. But thank the Lord that some Polish firefighters took pictures of the missile fragments or else we might just be in WWIII by now as Poland - which had to know from radar data alone that the missiles were not fired by Russia - immediately invoked NATO's article four in preparation for all out war. In the end, a potential false flag attack went no where while European governments continue to support a Ukrainian regime that kills its citizens - and this includes the new "conservative" leader of Italy, who continues to support Ukraine as Ukrainian terrorists linked to the Azov Battalion are captured plotting terror attacks within Italy.

US BASES MAPPED: Did you know that the US operates 867 military bases throughout the world? If you'd like to see where, there's a new online map tool to show you.

BLAMING THE US: Turkey was recently hit by terror attacks in Istanbul which were subsequently blamed on the Kurds and their key partner, the United States. In response Turkey has begun attacking the Kurds in Syria and in northern Iraq. One might wonder if Turkey, Russia, Iran, and Syria's Assad might all begin to apply pressure on the US to withdraw its oil-stealing military units from Syria in the months ahead.

EU'S ECONOMIC EXTINCTION? In siding with the US against Russia, the EU is finding itself hit from all sides. They are now fighting an unwinnable economic war against Russia as "green" policies undermine its economy at home. Meanwhile the US is seen as an "existential" threat to Europe's industries as American subsidies, combined with spiking energy costs, appear to be drawing more and more of Europe's businesses overseas to America. And what's more, what will the EU do if 8 million Ukrainian refugees storm Europe as Russia shuts down Ukraine's eclectic grid and water supply? We suspect its about to get very ugly.


BASED ON A LIE? One prominent psychiatrist argues that the gender industry bases its "science" on a study that was quite unscientific

GOP BETRAYAL IN THE SENATE: A whopping twelve Republican senators betrayed marriage by voting to join the Democrats to enshrine gay marriage under federal law. While senators like Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins were no surprise, one might not have expected a Mormon like Mitt Romney or a senator from a deep red state like Iowa's Joni Ernst would abandon their voters in such a shameful way. To be clear, we at AoA were not surprised that these twelve RINOs would vote the way they did. We encourage our readers in their states to seek better representatives in future senatorial elections. And moreover, no one should be surprised at the 2022 election results - why so many conservative voters stayed home - when this is what can be expected from Republicans in office.

WORLD CUP SHENANIGANS: Islamic Qatar is hosting the World Cup... let the liberal meltdown ensue. Rod Dreher reported that while the Americans planned to abstain from pork while in the country so as not to offend pious Muslims, they planned to wear rainbow flags on the field in protest of Islam's defense of marriage. It's a real headscratcher as American liberals favor Islam against Christianity, yet can't help but attack Islam - and every religion for that matter - in the liberal quest to push their idolatry on the nations.

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