Monday, January 14, 2013

“Rage blazed in Sam’s heart to a sudden fury”

In The Return of the King Sam Gamgee is trying to discover where the orcs have imprisoned Mr. Frodo:
“Sam heard a bolt drawn back.  Then he heard the hideous voice speaking again.
‘You lie quiet, or you’ll pay for it!  You’ve not got long to live in peace, I guess; but if you don’t want the fun to begin right now, keep your trap shut, see?  There’s a reminder for you!’  There was a sound like the crack of a whip.
At that rage blazed in Sam’s heart to a sudden fury.  He sprang up, ran, and went up the ladder like a cat.  His head came out in the middle of the floor of a large round chamber.  A red lamp hung from its roof; the westward window-slit was high and dark.  Something was lying on the floor by the wall under the window, but over it a black orc-shape was straddled.  It raised a whip a second time, but the blow never fell.
With a cry Sam leapt across the floor, Sting in hand.  The orc wheeled round, but before it could make a move Sam slashed its whip-hand from its arm.  Howling with pain and fear but desperate the orc charged head-down at him.  Sam’s next blow went wide, and thrown off his balance he fell backwards, clutching at the orc as it stumbled over him.  Before he could scramble up he heard a cry and a thud.  The orc in its wild haste had tripped on the ladder-head and fallen through the open trap-door.  Sam gave no more thought to it.  He ran to the figure huddled on the floor.  It was Frodo.”

In this modern era of road rage and anger-management classes, we men – when confronted by true vileness such as Penn State coach Sandusky – too often fail to react in righteous revenge like Samwise the Brave.

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