Saturday, July 30, 2016

Religion and Geopolitics Review: Saturday, July 30

by Dr. David Pence and A. Joseph Lynch


HILLBILLY ELEGY - A TERRIFIC INTERVIEW WITH THE AUTHOR: Understanding poor whites and Trump. This interview has received the most traffic in the history of the 'American Conservative' site.

ON PICKING A WHITE MALE INSTEAD OF FEMALE OR LATINO AS HER RUNNING MATE: Here is a quote from Hillary Clinton that sounds like she judges other ladies and the many black and Latino office holders filling the Democratic Party as not really ready for the top office. Our hypersensitive press will not wince when Hillary uses genetics to explain why she picked a white over those who might have diversified the ticket and made it look more like America and a lot more like the Democratic Party? If only Donald Trump had said it.

From the New York Times: "Ultimately, Mrs. Clinton, who told PBS that she was “afflicted with the responsibility gene,” avoided taking a chance with a less experienced vice-presidential candidate and declined to push the historic nature of her candidacy by adding another woman or a minority to the ticket.” That's the New York Times explaining.

Feminists Rejoice and Reflect.  No one has asked if there is any good reason all our presidents and war generals have been male. From the giddy Fox females to the serious elderly matrons of PBS, all agreed this is long overdue. Other views to follow once the wave has crested.


COSMOPOLITANS VS. PATRIOTS; WORKINGMAN AND NEW ELITE: From Crisis magazineRealignment of the Working class and Donald Trump by Stephen Young. The real alternatives in foreign policy - Is Bushism dead? Donald Trump by his ghostwriter - not a flattering tale. Trump interview on foreign policy - a different look at NATO, NAFTA, and Korea. The new class of risk adverse credentialed; immobility for the poor.


VIETNAM WAR DEAD: 58,000 men, 8 females.

SUDAN - TRIBES REEMERGE: The nations divided by religion and South Sudan now divides by ethnic group.

TURKEY - THE COUP THAT FAILED AND THE ERDOGAN COUP THAT CONTINUES: Erdogan consolidates Islamic but non-ISIS government.

CHINANew nationalism.

GREECE-RUSSIA ORTHODOX ALLIANCE IS STRONGER THAN LEFT RIGHT PARADIGM: This writer thinks Europe should work against the strong alliance of Greece and Russia. The fact is that leftist Greece and nationalist Russia have deep ties and many personal ties now among leaders. The Russians helped the Greeks when they broke from the Ottoman Empire (Independence day is on the feast of the Annunciation Mar 25, 1821). Orthodox Russia helped the orthodox nation of Greece break from the Muslim Ottoman Empire. Greek nationalism pitted against the superstate of the EU once again finds the Russian nation as their ally against Empire.

SAUDIS AND A STRIKE AT WAHHABI PRACTICE: The story the Saudis may allow more reverence at holy sites will be resisted if true.


GOD IS DEAD - THE ROLE OF BOENHOFFER - THE TRIUMPH OF GODLESS PROTESTANTISM: Rod Dreher on Matt Rose First Things article. I note especially that part of the death of God movement was to replace all that was authoritarian about the Christian Gospel with a service motif. Do not bring the authoritative message of God made man... just be like Jesus and serve man. We cannot deny that "servant leader" is a Christian term, but the notion that leadership can be reduced to service to the will of others is a trap of democratic thinking, which is a trap of autonomous thinking which is the essence of diabolical thinking.

The eclipse of White Christians is a demographic fairly clueless piece at Atlantic Monthly. But if we couple this article with the above history of how "the God is dead" theologians morphed into the diversity human rights establishment, we begin to see what has really happened. White Protestant Christianity (WASPS) has morphed into the godless West gender ideologues who dominate our media, educational, and governmental institutions. They have hold of church bureaucracies even if their pews are emptying. That doesn’t matter - they are taking their spoiled kids to sports games on Sunday morning anyway. The godless white Protestants are represented by the Democratic party. Blacks and tribal Catholics accompany them. Their most important military arm is NATO, aimed against both Orthodox Christians to their east (Russia and Serbia) and various actors in the Muslim world. The Obama presidency and Sanders movement are rebellions against the smugness of the elite, but not a true revolution since both adopt the godless gender ideology at the heart of the death-of-God White Protestant movement.

The alternative to this is understanding multicolored global Christianity as the real Christendom and nations as their military arms.

VIRGINITY AND ITS MARTYR - WHY DOES MARIA GORETTI GET SO MANY PEOPLE MAD: What is it about virginity -- physical and spiritual -- that is such a dangerous sword?

CATHOLIC NUNCIO BLOCKS INVESTIGATION OF HOMOSEXUAL ARCHBISHOP: St. Paul-Minneapolis facts uncover the secret no one will touch at the heart of Catholic sex abuse scandal: the undercover homosexual subculture in Catholic clergy. They can pose as anti-gay and orthodox or pro-gay and progressive but there is no truth in them and they are covered by very high officials.  Archbishop Nienstedt, Nuncio Vigano and the bishops and lawyer priest who tried to tell the truth.

THEOCENTRIC WORSHIP AND EDUCATING THE SOUL: Liturgical reform - orienting man to God and truth.

PRIEST-MARTYR IN FRANCE: French Catholic priest killed during Mass in Normandy. May he RIP and may the nations respond. A report from France.

WHITE BOY PRIVILEGE AND BLACK MAN ANGER: Ladders and Bridges. Travis Smiley, black TV journalist, on listening to the killers. Gavin Long and Micah Xavier, black, male, military. Gavin Long, before black power gets your momma, gotta kill the cops.

BLACK PASTORS REJECT GAY ANALOGY: Gender ideology is not civil rights.
Sheriff Clarke and BLM and CNN.

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