Saturday, October 22, 2016

Religion and Geopolitics Review: Saturday, October 22

by Dr. David Pence and A. Joseph Lynch


THE POPE AND THE CARDINALS: It sometimes seems that Pope Francis misreads the cardinals in America, but his flanking actions in racing the hegemony of the West with cardinals from other parts of the world are much more encouraging.

HUNGARY MAKES A STATEMENTChristian immigrants favored.

THE PROTESTANT REFORMATION AND ITS LEGACY AMONG THE NATIONS: A review by Eamon Duffey of Reformations: The Early Modern World 1450-1650 by Carlos Eire.


FIGHTING THE SALAFISTS: The cost in Nigeria - when war produces famine.

DEBUNKING THE SYRIAN NARRATIVE: Assad’s wife is Sunni and much of his army is as well. The opposition is the most "sectarian" force in this war of "the people" against an established state. The "rebels" have been supported by Turkey, the Saudis, and salafist jihadists. The goal is to disestablish a pluralistic government led by an Alawite Shiite. Is there any real doubt what kind of government would replace Assad and what the fate of Christians, Shiites and cooperative Sunnis would be after the rebels’ victory?


IF ONLY MEN VOTEDA Trump landslide.

DEMOCRATS AND CATHOLICS:  John Zmirak looks at weird Catholics on the Right and doesn’t like what he sees. An Austin Ruse column. The anti-Catholics and elitist bigots in Democratic Party emails. Archbishop Chaput at Notre Dame delivers a hard-hitting speech to his fellow bishops on Catholic identity and public life. It was heavily laced with his evaluation of Democrats from John Kennedy to Tim Kaine.

TRUMP - HIS WORST SIN AND HIS MOST IMPORTANT INSIGHTS:  In cataloging the sins of Donald Trump, the most grievous of his sins is committing adultery. He has admitted this and bragged about it in public long before he ran for president. Blowing up touching events as "sexual assault," while dismissing adultery as non-consequential if between consenting adults, is a sign of the sexual chaos we live in. Mr Trump should repent; and until the media is given the powers of absolution he is under no obligation to confess to them. If he were ever shot by an aggrieved husband and I was on a jury, I would vote to acquit since it was Trump who committed a capital crime. At the same time I would vote for Trump as president because he is the one public figure among Democrats and Republicans who would build foreign policy on an alliance with Christian Russia. Some Russian experts say we have not been closer to war with Russia since the Cuban missile crisis. This incredible turn of affairs with a country who should be our most effective ally in the war against the demonic jihadists could only happen to a country turned from God. To return to God and realign a Christian national response to jihadists is the most important public issue in the federal election. Reconstituting a Supreme Court respectful of the laws of nature and the limits of the Constitution is a serious second consideration. Mr. Trump is clearly the only candidate who will do either action. All of this with unrepentant crimes of adultery burdening him. See The Playboy and the Feminist.

COURSE CORRECTION IN AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY: The National Interest has been the one foreign policy think tank that has allowed a fair hearing for Mr. Trump’s approach to American nationalism and foreign policy. Here is their editors' overview of the correction needed no matter who is president.

A WAR WITH RUSSIA - HOW CLOSE? Stephen Cohen at Nation magazine has been one of the most consistent critics of the "New Cold War." He sees things getting worse.


FROM MOSAIC MAGAZINE - A BIBLICAL DEFENSE OF THE NATION:  A brilliant historical article by Yoram Hazony showing the Jewish appreciation for the practicality of nations and the link of personal liberties and national self-determination. He contrasts this with a tendency in Christianity to universalize. This was a criticism of Japanese nationalist intellectuals as well who, in studying Western thought, saw the Catholic Church as a spiritual force which downplayed loyalty to the polity. There certainly has been this tendency among many Christians in the defense of pacifism and several popes in the name of Papal States to argue against the rising nations. Christianity, though, is a maker and defender of nations. The apostles were told to baptize the nations, not eliminate them. There is a Christian response by R.R. Reno on the linked page. Some of our writing on the nation as a biblical and Christian form of love. On America as a Biblical brotherhood. On Calvin: The city and nation as covenants. Yoram Hazony responds to Walter Russell Mead and R.R. Reno who wrote responses to him.


NOBEL PRIZE AND DRUGS: Colombian President and peace prize - an unfavorable review.

DAVID GELERNTER ON AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: From the Wall Street Journal: "Since when has the American public endorsed affirmative action? Yet it’s a major factor in the lives of every student and many workers. Since when did we decide that men and women are interchangeable in hand-to-hand combat on the front lines? Why do we insist on women in combat but not in the NFL? Because we take football seriously. That’s no joke; it’s the sad truth."

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