Saturday, October 14, 2017

Religion and Geopolitics Review: Saturday, October 14

by Dr. David Pence and A. Joseph Lynch

Harvey Weinstein and James Martin: The Crimes and Criminals of the Sexual Left
Last week we pondered the shootings in Las Vegas.  We thought the President's response that this was pure evil was closer to the truh than so many "religious leaders" who appeared shocked and confused by the raw display of such hatred for humanity.  If men spend most of their lives deflecting their eyes from the evil before them, they are shocked when the dragon briefly emerges in his true form as a remorseless murderer. The active agent of Evil  prowls the world seeking the ruin of souls. He was a Murderer and a Liar from the beginning.  Dante placed Satan not in fire but in ice at the lowest point in hell. As heaven is the deepest and widest communion, hell is the most harrowing isolation. Frozen Satan could not speak to anyone. The cold expanding dispersing outer space has just that feel to it. As far as one can see and feel, it is so cold, it burns. We know the murderers who have killed in the name of mass movements. There are others who massacre alone. They are hard to detect and in some ways are more pure evil than the ISIS recruit.
There is another face of evil we have a much better chance of exposing and dethroning. It is an evil much more pervasive with more blood on its hands than the mass shooter.  Harvey Weinstein is just the tip of the atheist Hollywood pornography cult. Exploiting actresses in this inverted cult is actually less common than the young male meat market. But who will write that story?  Like the overwhelming homosexual nature of Catholic clergy abuse--the journalists of the sexual left cannot face that huge group of chicken hawks who dominate so much of Catholic social services and so much of the predominantly Jewish porn industry. Cardinal Bernadine of Chicago, Rembert Weakland of Milwaukee and still prancing Uncle Ted Cardinal McCarrick of Washington DC could give Hollywood's Weinstein and the porn racketeers a run for their money in gross depravity. There is a sick male dominated libido cult in our country that hates God, the flag of brotherhood, the purity of feminine virginity and the sanctity of motherhood. This cult is represented in public not by male homosexuals and porn millionaires but by feminist careerists, many Republican but most Democrat. They entered  the big league by showing they would kill for the gang--they championed abortion. They have insured that the term  domestic violence  never includes the deliberate killing of an unborn baby by her mom. Don't let it matter that there is nothing so violent as killing and nothing so domestic as a mother's womb. In the fake news world of the sexual left, taking God's Name in vain is free speech, abortion is women's liberation and sodomy is marriage. What if that strange trifecta of lies was linked and exposed? Is that over the top or is it about time?
The atheist nature of the sexual left, its Aztecan approach to child sacrifice, and its despoiling the flag of brotherhood with the stench of Sodom is a house of cards more vulnerable than the good name of Harvey Weinstein. Just a little light will scatter the predators once it is shined in just the right direction.  Ronan Farrow in the New Yorker tells the story of Weinstein with much more insight and horror than the New York Times reporters who got to press before him. He is the son of Woody Allen and that is not incidental to his feel for the story.
 The "journalist" who is exactly the opposite of Farrow on the question of sexual exploitation is  Jesuit James Martin and his new book on building bridges between homosexuals and the Catholic Church. Homosexuals don't need a bridge into the Catholic clergy any more than the Greeks inside the Trojan Horse needed access to the city of Troy. They were already brought inside the city walls.    Martin is not an advocate for the young confused homosexual on the streets. He is acting as an advocate for the older clerical homosexual males who are already inside the gates and could be subject to serious Church and civil punishments if the clergy sex abuse story is ever told honestly.  Male homosexuals have been welcome for decades in Martin's Jesuit order as well as the Catholic episcopacy and seminaries of America. They are the perpetrators and coverup artists of the ongoing sexual abuse scandal. Their ideology dominates a sizable fraction of Catholic clerical life and Catholic educational institutions. They have many friends in the gay and feminist world of urban politics, law enforcement, Protestant church bureaucracies, journalism, higher public education and media. They don't push urban Democratic politicians on abortion and the politicians don't push them on the abuse of teenage males.  The huge homosexual cartel in Catholic chanceries and religious orders are all in line for pensions as diocese after diocese is bankrupted. Is there any story here? James Martin isn't telling it. 


OCTOBER 13 AND THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR: When the Pope and a French King betrayed a brotherhood.

LUTHER - 500 YEARSLuther and anthropocentric Christianity. Turning Christianity from building the Kingdom of God to assuring the individual of personal salvation.

BRAD GREGORY - AUTHOR OF THE UNINTENDED REFORMATIONTerrific biographical summary of why he teaches at Notre Dame and not Stanford. A short excellent argument of how taking the Living God seriously is not really allowed in secular universities. He says "metaphysical naturalism" is the mandated framework of secular universities.

SOLZHENITSYN, RUSSIA, AND GOD: A review of his March, 1917. The role of the Russian writer and the soul of the nation. Penetrating review at The New Criterion by Gary Saul Morson. The culmination of the godless Modern West was the armed science of Marxism which overthrew Orthodox Russia and Confucian China. Solzhenitsyn was the Christian Russian writer who best described the religious catastrophe. He was popular in the 1970's until he turned his pen to linking the degeneracy of the West to the horrors of the Gulag as two historical expressions of public Atheism.

THE COMMUNIST REVOLUTION - 100 YEARS: From France, a reminder of the globalist revolution that initiated the 20th century. He reminds us that in many ways the Clinton Dynasty and the Tony Blairs were heirs to the leftist project. But they had none of the sacrificial discipline of the first revolutionaries. They went for fame and fortune and now they are "swept away". There is a great anger rising against the globalist capitalists. The bones of the buried revolution seem to be rattling. But there is no coherent shared vision like Marx provided to unite the Bolivian and the Chinese with the urban worker of Germany. (What a successful global ideology it was!) The writer does not understand global Christianity but he is a poet about that god who failed. The most successful armed globalist ideology of the modern west was Communism. "Democracy" and Individualism will not replace the "specter that haunted Europe".


BANNING FEMALE FACIAL COVERING: Is the problem in Europe that women are too covered or not covered enough? Austria has its say.

TO THE CATHOLICS, HEZBOLLAH IS NOT THE ENEMY: Why Catholic Americans should oppose the demonization of Shiites in the Mideast.


UNCOVERING PREDATORS: From Weinstein in Hollywood to Keoghan in Boston. Would this story have been told if Hillary Clinton was President?


ON SPORTS AND POLITICS: Sporting events are high civic culture and can embody our public life together in a local loyalty. They are not a distraction from life but an affirmation of the deeper currents tat bond us in communion and contest.

GIRLS IN BOY SCOUTS: Because girls should be Eagle Scouts, too. As more dioceses sever ties with Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts being increasingly taken over by ideologues of the sexual revolution, perhaps Catholic scouting organizations like the Troops of St. George should be considered.


IS CATALONIA A NATION? No says this author and.  in fact, this movement is diabolic. A more nuanced view.   A very good historical review: Catalonia and Spain like Quebec and Canada.        Catalonians speak a different language than the Spanish. They were on the republican side of the Civil war and their language was suppressed and leader executed with the victory of Franco. For many of the Catalonians their movement is a "post nationalist" separatism which will be more modern and inclusive than Spanish culture.  One very good writer on international politics sees something else in the countryside of Catalonia. From a David Goldman column on nationalism:
"The spiritual centre of the Catalan nationalist movement lies at the ancient Benedictine monastery of Montserrat, where Father Sergi d’Assís Gelpí has preached support for separatism from his pulpit. Four hundred Catholic priests, including several bishops, signed a declaration in support of independence in September, so outraging Spain’s central government that the country’s ambassador to the Vatican filed a formal protest. There are economic grounds for separatist sentiment in Catalonia, certainly. Spain’s richest province contributes a disproportionate share of Spanish taxes, and the Catalans would rather spend their money at home."

POLAND IS A NATION: They pray at their borders on the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary understanding that borders must be defended.

CHINA, COAL, THE MIDEAST, AND THE U.S.: An energy situation we might not consider.

REX TILLERSON - SECRETARY OF STATE: A profile from the New Yorker.

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