Saturday, February 3, 2018

Religion and Geopolitics Review: Saturday, February 3

by Dr. David Pence and A. Joseph Lynch

                                                                A Real Threat to the President.                                                       
        The Need for a Cultural Restoration to Open A New Front to Protect Him 
It is becoming clear that at the highest levels of the FBI, State Department, DOJ, and National Security agencies, the opposition to the presidency of Donald Trump bore such a sanction of national preservation and moral righteousness that standard rules and modes of behavior were abandoned.  The hysterical resistance of most of America's national media and university culture to the reality of a President Trump betrays a group psychosis which must be penetrated before truthful public discourse can emerge. This is not a Hillary Clinton conspiracy but the frenzy of a colony collapse.
San Francisco football players who played with Joe Montana as their quarterback said in the mounting tension and crowd clamor of close games, Montana's voice grew calmer in the huddle. The offensive unit had a beacon of clarity in the midst of chaos and usually resolved the contest favorably. So now it will be the calmest voices--a  Paul Ryan more than a Ted Cruz who will help explain what the Inspector General is eventually going to reveal.
We should all remember there are many interests who opposed Donald Trump and American nationalism. The feminists were united across party lines. Careerism is not a unifying conspiracy but a centrifugal force of individual advancement set against a culture of national purpose. Feminism is careerism organized as a middle class ideology masquerading as a morality play. It is Hillary Clinton and Megan Kelly.  They hate Mr. Trump viscerally and provide emotional intensity for multiple beta male actors who have their own agendas  in this "Slay the alpha male " drama.
The whole moral pretense and narrative of the resistance to Donald Trump as President must be refuted. That means racism, masculinity and Christianity must be reformulated in public life. This cultural initiative is not President Trump's duty. He is the hammer but we must provide a Christian anvil built on a stronger and more secure foundation than even his own considerable courage and profound love of country.  He has forged a space for other men who can make wider and deeper arguments. Christians and patriots must take advantage of this moment that only Trump could give us. American men in our churches, workplaces, cities, states, and culture networks must radically reformulate the categories we use in political speech. As men of God and fellow patriots, we must repeal the sexual revolution and all its hate and bitter fruits.
We must first aggressively reject the equation of racism and nationalism.  There is nothing racist about drastically reducing foreign immigration until we fully integrate as fellow citizens the people(mostly of color) who are already here. Build a wall. Amnesty for DACA and long term illegals. Reform our failed black male socialization prison system and bring those brothers back into our religious and work communities. Don't demand they go to college. Quit suppressing wages of manual laborers with endless foreign competition. Teach the trades again and target young males for training. The feminist globalization paradigm of the Clinton Democrats destroyed the political authority of the male working class. The Ivy league power couples  took the needs of non college educated males off the public agenda.  Free market Republicans cheered the "new Democrats".  The black men on the street were jailed and the black Democratic office seekers  embraced feminism as an issue and corruption as a way of life. The most Christian and masculine ethnic group in America became a reliable voting bloc for the white college women replacing working men in the Democratic Party. No one suffered more than black males from the de Christianization and white collar feminization of the Democratic Party.
Every cell needs a cell membrane to protect the integrity of its internal organization. The nation needs an exterior border to renew our internal common life. The nation is a territorial interracial community that binds men as brothers not black predators, white fruits and brown laborers. Build a wall, meet your neighbor.  The white college educated globalists with a few colored spokespersons and a lot of foreign refugees have had their run. The real "dying whites movement' is  Angela Merkel's Eurocrats and Elizabeth Warren painting herself as a leader of inner city Democrats.  The bureaucratic state and overly credentialed college women are on the way out.  Religious nations led by strong male leaders are reemerging. Christian America must find our proper place among the nations  after the 30 year disaster of the baby boomers globalizing  their atheistic sexual revolution under the banner of human rights.
This is a dangerous time for Americans who believe in presidential elections. We have seen presidents destroyed and discredited before by the University-Government-Media leftist elite. The Texan LBJ dare not run again; the landslide winner Richard Nixon resigned; the two time elected President George W Bush was a humiliated White House recluse spending his last months in office  with a barely hidden grin awaiting release from his duties. We also remember the nationalist President who loved the duties of his office. He was a Catholic warrior Democrat who won over the media but was assassinated by the violent left. The weak men are chased out; the strong men must be shot. This is a dangerous time indeed.
 Those who wish the renewal of the American nation must open a cultural front of public prayer to our Sovereign Father and interracial brotherhood among men.  We must put the disruptive sexual genie back in the bottle and promote marriage between man and woman as the sanctuary of  interpersonal sexual intimacy. We must praise virginity and put the brown wrapper back on pornography.  Motherhood not abortion is our definition of female liberty and maturation. We must speak clearly, calmly, boldly, and  truthfully.  We must show piety for the name of God and reverence toward our flag. Before we outlaw we must stigmatize the anti-life abominations which have flourished in the Sexual Revolution. American nationalists must regain control of our government and rid ourselves not of Russian influence but Saudi Arabian actors who are the actual foreign enemy colluders who have fomented decades of foreign policy confusion. In his campaign, Donald Trump  said we have to figure out "where the hate is coming from" and "what the hell is going on." That is starting to happen. If we keep looking and telling the truth we will uncover multiple pathetic government males jockeying for favorable offices with a presumed feminist President. But once the careerists are peeled away, we will find much larger purposeful and dangerous actors corrupting our government. We will begin to see the role of foreign national lobbyists and agents who misdirected our foreign policy elite in the American war against Islamic jihadists.        


THE POPE, CHINA, AND THEOPOLITICS: If one reads the Catholic American conservative press, the evil Pope Francis is selling out the true Christians in China for the red tyrant government in the same way he has betrayed dogmatically correct conservative prelates and Church teaching in his approach to Catholic families, marriage, divorce and the sacraments. Could there be something more going on in dealing with how China and the Catholic Church will relate in the next century? Is it even possible the pope has a much larger Catholic vision of the Church, the nations and the great Sino civilization reappearing as a principal actor on the world stage. Here are a few essays to consider on the Pope's diplomatic thinking. Much of this is based on a recent article by Fr Jose Luis Narvaja concerning Jose Bergoglio's political thought. An interview the Pope did with Asia News on the rise of China is quite instructive as well.

THE POPE'S INVESTIGATION OF CLERICAL ABUSE IN CHILE IS NOT OVER - IT TAKES A NEW START: From National Catholic Reporter, Dennis Coday, Jan 30,2018: "Pope Francis is sending Archbishop Charles Scicluna of Malta to Chile to take testimony about Bishop Juan de la Cruz Barros Madrid of Osorno, Chile, who is accused of covering up allegations of abuse by a Chilean priest who was found guilty of abuse."

THE CUT FLOWER OF MORALITY WITHOUT RELIGION: "The attempt made in recent decades by secularist thinkers to disengage the moral principles of western civilization from their scripturally based religious context, in the assurance that they could live a life of their own as 'humanistic' ethics, has resulted in our 'cut flower culture.' Cut flowers retain their original beauty and fragrance, but only so long as they retain the vitality that they have drawn from their now-severed roots; after that is exhausted, they wither and die. So with freedom, brotherhood, justice, and personal dignity — the values that form the moral foundation of our civilization. Without the life-giving power of the faith out of which they have sprung, they possess neither meaning nor vitality." Will Herberg, Jewish believer and writer (d. 1977).

BOB DYLAN'S CHRISTIAN MUSICA review about the haunting fire and brimstone music from that era in his life released now in a set Trouble No More.


IN YEMEN, THE UAE BREAKS FROM SAUDI ARABIA: A separatist group supported by UAE takes over Aden - the southern port city capital. The Saudi-backed Yemen President is now like the Saudi crown prince MbS. He is more and more isolated. 

HENRY KISSINGER - HIS NETWORK, HIS WORK: Essay about breakthrough to China and other Kissinger initiatives by his biographer Niall Ferguson - an excellent English historian.


TOO MANY WARS, TOO MANY ENEMIES: Pat Buchanan is very good at guiding us around the globe and assessing our situation. The Hate Trump movement has grievously misdirected our national conversation about our place among the nations.

VIETNAM - CHINA'S ALLY, CHINA'S FOE: The different roads ahead in the South China Sea and the changing options of Vietnam in relationship to the US and China.


SALVIFIC NATIONALIST MASCULINITY: A Review of 12 Strong. The apostles were 12. Juries are 12. Football teams are 11. SFODA is 12 (Special forces operational unit). A Jewish minyan is ten men. A city cannot have its own synagogue unless it has enough men to make a minyan. Some prayers can only be said by a minyan. Some acts can only be done by a MALE PUBLIC. The Apostles and tribes of Israel were TWELVE. This is a pattern of the male operational unit - a small functional public that  represents a larger male group that forms the lattice of a community of men, women and children.

HOLLYWOOD OSCARS ROMANTICIZE A VERY DIFFERENT NARRATIVE OF A MALE COMING TO AGE: Call Me by Your Name review. There really is a culture war in America. One side with a lot to hide is brazenly a lot more bold in praising exploitation as a portrait of love.

"ME TOO" AND FEMINISM: An essay on the history of conflicted feminism about gender differences and sexual liberation.

BLACK MEN IN PRISON:    There is so much in this documentary 13th that draws the wrong conclusions, highlights the blatant exception and proposes incomplete analysis. HOWEVER there is a searing power here from the black woman director Ava DuVernay who also produced the gripping but flawed movie Selma. Anyone interested in renewing the American nation and male socialization cannot ignore where a huge group of young black males are living.

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