Saturday, October 19, 2019

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19

by A. Joseph Lynch
With past commentary by Dr. David Pence


The new wave of allegations against President Trump are a continued soft coup stemming from domestic and foreign intelligence agencies, sidelined globalist bureaucrats within the state department, and far Left extremists pushing an illegitimate impeachment investigation in the House.

As Trump continues his investigation into the 2016 election, some complain that the "Five Eyes" (the intelligence alliance between the U.S., Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) are not working together with Trump's team. Critics forget that "Five Eyes" was weaponized against President Trump. Why would Trump facilitate an investigation with an organization that sought to destroy his candidacy and his early presidency? As Dr. Pence reminds us:
The Anglosphere is an alliance of the old white dominions. It is not representative of the multi-ethnic United States. The intelligence agencies and establishments of these countries were overwhelmingly against the nationalist agenda of Candidate now President Trump.  How hard did they try to influence the American election?  After its unsettling outcome did they help "the resistance"?  Christopher Steele is not a Russian agent. He is an honest Brit still serving his country. The trouble is that he's not really here to help the USA. For several hundred years the British foreign policy has been directed against the rise of an ascendant land power in Europe/Asia.  A serious reconciliation of Russia and the United States as a new axis in international relations would be considered a geopolitical disaster by old hands of the British Empire. An America First policy means we make alliances in our territorial nation's best interests even if it offends a White Anglo Saxon English speaking Protestant ally across the ocean.
Should we be the least surprised that Giuliani is now under a counterintelligence investigation

Michael McKinley, former senior aid to Secretary of State Pompeo quit his post over Trump's sidelining of globalist diplomats now open to testifying against the administration in Congress. Gordon Sondland, the ambassador to the EU, has testified his dismay that Giuliani was involved in investigating anti-Trump collusion in 2016, again downplaying the fact that the intelligence community lacks all credibility in investigating the collusion. Former ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, who may have ties to liberal billionaire George Soros, was happy to testify in Congress. Another careerist, formally from the intelligence community on Bush and Obama, Fiona Hill, happily did her best to attack the investigation into 2016 collusion.

Which brings us to the faux-impeachment investigation in the House. Nancy Pelosi has stated there will be no vote to formalize the investigation into President Trump. The reason why is obvious: she doesn't have the votes. The president is right to defend his office by refusing to participate until such  vote takes place. Or has it? In fact, the House has voted three times to begin an impeachment investigation of Trump: December 2017, January 2018, and just this past July 2019. In all three votes, an investigation was soundly defeated. 126 Democrats voted with Republicans against impeachment in 2017 and 121 did the same in 2018. Only months ago in July, a high of 137 Democrats voted with Republicans against opening an impeachment investigation into Trump. Shouldn't this vote stand? Or does the far Left in control of the House think it is above both the democratic vote of the people in 2016 and three votes of congressmen in 2017, 2018, and in 2019?

As the State Department released its report on the Clinton email scandal, pointing out hundreds of violations but conveniently finding no deliberate mishandling, the president should continue both his own investigation into 2016 along with his strategy against impeachment.


NEWMAN CANONIZED: The first English non-martyr to be canonized in 600 years. Some liberals wrongly seek to use his theology on the development of doctrine as a tool for a hermeneutics of rupture. As All Souls Day approaches, we encourage our readers to check out St. John Henry Cardinal Newman's classic poem, The Dream of Gerontius, which tells the story of a man escorted in death by his guardian angel to meet our Lord.

SEX ABUSE IN NY: After an auxiliary bishop was sacked, New York has removed its head of priests, Monsignor Edward Weber, who it is alleged sodomized a boy over 150 times between 1978-83 when he was aged 11-16. Weber is a high-ranking NY clergyman under scrutiny for homosexual cover ups in the archdiocese. We pray more house cleaning continues in NY.

MORE MCCARRICK ABUSE CLAIMS: More victims are coming forward to accuse McCarrick of sexual abuse. The victims appear to have all been between the ages of 12-16 - another sign that the abuse crisis was at its heart stemming from homosexual pederasty and not pedophilia.

AIDING MINORITY SYRIAN CHRISTIANS: President Trump has announced $50 million dollars in aid to Christians and other religious minorities in Syria.


DEMOCRATS DEBATE: Trump wins every Democrat debate. Even the liberal Daily Beast is worrying. Beto threatens police confiscation of guns, Warren dodges the tax question, Biden continues dealing with the Ukraine debacle and is spending far too much campaign cash. Biden's son Hunter has now admitted his job hiring "probably" had something to do with his father's name. When will Hilary enter the race?

BIG 2020 WIN FOR TRUMP? Moody's Analytics suggests Trump is likely to win 332-380 electoral votes next year. In previous elections, Moody's only missed call was in 2016 where it failed to predict Trump's win. We hope this prediction is more accurate.

HANSON'S DEFENSE OF NATIONALISM: Though he has few positives to offer in regards to ethnic or religious nationalism, Victor Davis Hanson comes to the defense of civic nationalism while clearly pointing out that the current discussion of nationalism is rooted in Trump's 2016 victory.

DEMOCRATS OVER-REPRESENTED: The NY Post is reporting that the recent FoxNews poll showing 51% of Americans want Trump impeached over-represented Democrats. Rather than weighting the poll by the national breakdown of 31% Democrat, 29% Republican and 38% independent, it's poll response was 48% Democrat. If weighted properly the NY Post argues that only 44% of Americans favor impeachment. We at AoA know that FoxNews is divided between the Chris Wallace neoconservative "Never Trump" globalist-imperialists and those more open to Trump-style nationalist-populism like Tucker Carlson. With Shepherd Smith gone, Trump is now putting pressure on Wallace.

CNN EXPOSED: Project Veritas exposes the bias of CNN. CNN meanwhile is losing its hold over TV screens in airports.


NATIONALISTS WIN IN POLAND: Nationalist parties in Poland won big last weekend, with the governing Law and Justice party increasing its win total from 37% in 2015 to nearly 45% in 2019. Two other nationalist parties scored 9% and 7%, which combined with Law and Justice brings the nationalists to 59%.

ASSAD-KURD ALLIANCE: With the U.S. pulling out, regional power Russia has rightly brokered an alliance between the Kurds and Assad. For the first time in years Syrian troops are marching to join their Kurdish brethren in the northeast. It appears Trump's withdrawal paved the way for a reunifying war against a common Turkish foe. Meanwhile the Trump Administration announced sanctions and brokered a temporary ceasefire. Much fighting remains, but the end result might save the Syrian nation. More on the geopolitics of the conflict from Caspian Report.

MEXICO RELEASES EL CHAPO SON: The violence that erupted after the capture of drug lord el Chapo's son was such that he released from jail not long after capture. Can Mexico win the drug war? Tucker Carlson weighed in, contrasting Mexico with Syria and asks where American troops really should be right now and why American politicians are open to building a border wall in Syria and not in the US.


STOP PEDOPHILIA: Poland has passed a new law protecting youth from sexualization. The law was passed by the nationalist Law and Justice party, which won by large margins in last weekend's Polish elections.

WOMEN LECTORS AND ACOLYTES: An Italian and Spanish working group in Rome supports extending the liturgical ministries of lector and acolyte to lay women. The instituted ministries, which are ritually conferred only by bishops, is currently reserved to men. Most bishops, however, limit the ministry to men seeking the diaconate or priesthood, which we suspect has more to do with cowardice than in liturgical theology. Instituting men - lay men - to be acolytes and lectors in parishes is an essential vocation strategy for higher orders. Liberals who want to confer it on women know this as well. The bishops would be wise to restore the ancient liturgical ministries to men and watch as vocations rise.

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