Saturday, April 25, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, APRIL 25

by A. Joseph Lynch


SSPX INVESTIGATION: Church Militant released a damning exposé on sexual abuse within the SSPX, particuarly from homosexual predators. Read the full transcript.

SHROUD SCIENCE: An excellent video on the science behind the Shroud of Turin was recently released. Taylor Marshall had a good interview with the video's creator.

CHURCH FUNDING: How much does the US Catholic Church receive from its parishioners and how much is given from government coffers? A 2015 report says that the US Catholic Church received $1.6 billion from the US government over a period of three years - that's over $500 million a year. America Magazine ran an article in 2017 reporting fears that Trump's budgets might gut these revenues. Could this be one big reason why Trump is so unpopular with the Church's hierachy? And if this money is still coming in, it may be a big incentive to keep parishes closed.


IMMIGRATION SUSPENDED: President Trump has suspended immigration into the US for the next 60 days. Expect it to be extended. Although Democrats are hyperventaliting about the shut down, a USA Today poll reveals that 79% of Americans agree with the president/

BIDEN ACCUSATION ON CNN: The sesxual assault accusation against Joe Biden deepened this weekend as a 1993 video recording of the victim's mother calling in on Larry King surfaced.

CRITICISM OF CHINA: A leaked EU report reveals some harsh criticism of China during the virus outbreak. China hit back, and the New York Times is reporting that the EU caved to Chinese pressure. Don't expect this from America, where the state of Missouri has become the first state to sue China over the virus. And don't expect the US to drop the reports that Chinese agents were spreading disinformation in the US as the virus struck.

"LET THEM EAT ICE CREAM": As Americans struggle amid the virus shut down, Nancy Pelosi went on TV to talk about all the ice cream filling her $24k set of refrigerators. President Trump mocked the out-of-touch gaffe in a devestating ad released this week.

WHO NEEDS MONEY? Pelosi is not the only out-of-touch member of the liberal elites. Celebrities are being criticized anew for their "One World: Together At Home" concert that raised money for the World Health Organization. This is the same organization that happily fed the world Chinese propanda in a Janaury 14 tweet that said: "Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus."


BIBLICAL FAMINE: As nations begin keeping vital resources at home, like food, famine might kill far more people than the virus. The UN is now warning that famine of a biblical proportion could soon threaten dozens of nations and up to 265 million people.

FAILED PROTECTION: Canada announced that one million respirator masks it bought from China failed to meet safety standards and could not be used by frontline workers in the virus fight. As an international virus blowback is sure to befall China, the nation must do a much better job of assisting the nations in the struggle.

MORE CHINA FALLOUT: The president of Tanzania is cancelling a $10 billion loan from China because "the Terms and Conditions... can only be accepted by drunkard person." Expect more Afrian nations to follow suit in the months and years ahead.

PULLING OUT OF CHINA: According to a new report, three of the world’s four largest economies, the United States, Japan and the European Union, are drawing up separate plans to lure their companies out of China.

VIRAL SPREAD: A recent study of the virus outbreak at a call center in South Korea reveals how the virus can be limited even within an indoor setting. While 43% of the center became infected, the infection was remarkably limited to about one half of the center.

TRACKING THE VIRUS: Now available is a new userfriendly chart that allows you to select nations of your choice and track the virus deathtoll. It's an excellent comparison tool for those looking to see how the virus is impacting the nations.

FAULTY NUMBERS: To the surprise of no one, the real number of virus cases in China may have been four times higher in February than what was officially reported.

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