Saturday, September 5, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 4

by A. Joseph Lynch


GOP HAWKS ENDORSE BIDEN: Over seventy GOP war hawks from the "blob" have endorsed Biden. Although the Democrats said Trump would take America into war within the first week of his presidency, Trump has overall kept the peace (remember it was Obama-Biden that took the two wars of Bush and expanded them to seven). It turns out that Trump is the peace candidate - and the war hawks now endorsing Biden are proof of it.

MINNESOTA MAYORS ENDORSE TRUMP: Six Democrat Mayors across Minnesota's Iron Range have endorsed Trump for re-election. This part of Minnesota is a Democrat stronghold composed of the states second largest industrial belt. Biden and the Democrats are trading the worker for the suburban feminists, Antifa rioters, and homosexuals (who comprise 2-4% of the US population). Can the Democrats afford to lose the working class and an increasing number of minorities?

SPENCER ENDORSES BIDEN: Despite the media calling Trump racist, the white supremacist Richard Spencer has endorsed Joe Biden. We've long noted that the white supremacists have hated Trump, particularly because his daughter not only married a Jew but converted to Judaism. Depsite what Biden says, Trump has consistently condemned white supremacy. It's no surprise Spencer is endorsing Biden.

ANTIFA.COM: And if an endorsement from Richard Spencer isn't enough, if one was to go to, he would arrive at Joe Biden's campaign website. Biden's campaign has remained mum on the subject, but they are likely receiving donations from Antifa supporters who end up on their website.

NATO PULL OUT: General Kelly has said it was difficult for him to convince President Trump not to pull out of NATO. While AoA is generally supportive of having military men in Trump's inner circle, we recognize that globalist-imperialism is ingrained in virtually all of them. Perhaps with their influence waning, Trump can end America's commitment to NATO in a second term.

COVID STATS REDUX: The CDC has updated its coronavirus numbers to show that roughly 6% of virus deaths were with healthy people while 96% tended to have 2+ health conditions that contributed to their deaths. Some 3% of coronavirus deaths were from suicides and accidents (not exactly virus-related if you ask us).

THE STATE OF THE RACE: The chart below shows that the race today is much closer than it was in 2016. For now the trajectory is with Trump.


ISRAEL-UAE: With the help of President Trump and Mike Pompeo, Israel and the United Arab Emirates have normalized relations and Islamic nations like Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco may soon follow suit. Others see the potential of oil pipelines to Israel and Europe.

KOSOVO-SERBIA: President Trump also successfully normalized economic relations between Serbia and Kosovo. While he was at it, he pushed Muslim Kosovo to recognize Israel and got Serbia to move its Israel embassy to Jerusalem.

MACRON AND BLASPHEMY: As the Charlie Hebdo trial is underway, France's Macron is telling all French Muslims that part of being French is accepting the right to commit blasphemy. America used to have laws against blasphemy - France would have much more peace if they allowed their growing Muslim population to help them impose blasphemy laws in their nation.

WARNINGS AGAINST WAR: Pat Buchanan warns America to be more cautious.


MORE DEATH FROM KENOSHA: The "peaceful" protests in Kenosha included a speaker who said that, "If you kill one of us, it’s time for us to kill one of yours." Hours later Aaron “Jay” Danielson was shot dead in Portland. The suspected killer, Michael Forest Reinoehl, gave an interview with Vice in which he all but confessed to the murder. Reinoehl was killed by federal officers as they prepared to arrest him for the murder. Reinoehl recently declared himself "100% ANTIFA all the way!" Reinoehl (and his son) was also recently charged with a DUI while speeding 111 mph and possessing a concealed firearm without a permit. On July 5, Reinoehl was arrested in Portland for resisting arrest and for possession of a loaded firearm. The district attorney, Mike Schmidt, treated him like the majority of other rioters - he was not charged.

STATE POLICE DEPUTIZED: President Trump made the bold move of deputizing Oregon's state police as federal officers. In doing so rioters who assault them will now face charges by the US Attorney under federal law rather than be released by the district attorney, Mike Schmidt, who refuses to charge the many rioters previously arrested.

ANTIFA COMMANDER ARRESTED: An Antifa commander in Wisconsin was arrested after being caught with a flamethrower. It is said he fell into a fetal position and cried when he was arrested.

DC MONUMENT ASSAULT: A Washington DC task force is wants to rename DC sites - including the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial. Trump was right when he warned against tearing down Confederate monuments - our Founding Father would be next. Meanwhile DC is seeking statehood - more from Pat Buchanan.

PROTECTING GAY PEDOPHILES: According to Church Militant, California is sending a bill to the governor that would effectively allow "a 23-year-old man [to] sodomize a 14-year-old and might not be registered on the sex offender list." Read more about the law from Church Militant.

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