Saturday, October 17, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17

by A. Joseph Lynch


BECCHIU UPDATE: Cecilia Marogna, who we reported on last week, has now been arrested for embezzling $560,000 through her deals with disgraced ex-cardinal Becchiu. Reports are now emerging that Cardinal Parolin has been removed from the Vatican Bank's oversight board. Stay tuned for more updates.

YOUTH BEATIFIEDCarlo Acutis, a 15-year old daily Mass goer who set up a large online database of Eucharistic miracles, has been beatified. The youth died of cancer in 2006 and is being hailed as a model of holiness for today's youth.

CATHOLIC BARRETT TESTIFIES: Judge Amy Coney Barrett testified this week before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Barrett went toe-to-toe with Democrat Senators, even "revealing" her notes by holding up a blank notepad. Pro-Lifers should be happy to hear how Barrett understands the notion of "super-precedents" - and how Roe v. Wade is not one of them


WHO WILL WIN: It's hard to believe the polls. Pollster Steve Deace explains why the polls are wrong - even the conservative leaning Rasmussen poll, which had Biden up by 12 points. Rasmussen's model was based on Trump garnering only 76% of the Republican vote - even through Trump is polling at 94% approval among Republicans according to Gallup. George H.W. Bush took in only 73%  of the GOP vote in 1992 - but that was because of Ross Perot siphoned off the vote. Can anyone really believe Trump would do as bad? Given the "shy voters" unwilling to say for whom they'll vote, peripheral questions seem to indicate a Trump victory. According to Gallup 56% of Americans predict Trump will win. According to a FoxNews poll, 49% of Americans believe their neighbors are secretly voting for Trump. A local bakery in Pennsylvania has predicted the past three elections through cookie sales for each candidate. This year Trump cookies are outselling Biden cookies 3-1. It's not scientific, but one would think these are all strong signs of a Trump victory. 

ARE YOU BETTER OFF? Gallup has been asking voters for decades if they're better off after a presidential incumbent's first term in office. 44% of voters said yes under Reagan in 1984, 38% under Bush in 1992, 47% under W. Bush in 2004, and 45% under Obama in 2012. President Trump just set a new record with 56% of voters saying they are better off now than four years ago. Biden has since told these voters to vote for Trump.

NO SHOW IN ARIZONA: Biden and Harris made their first joint campaign event this year in Arizona. There was only one problem: none of their supporters showed up. In the weeks following Labor Day, Trump drew over 250,000 people to his rallies while Biden drew a measly 84.

MORE MAIL IN VOTE ISSUES: There is no shortage of stories related to problems with mail in voting. In California a mail thief made off with ballots as he raided mail boxes. A postal worker in New Jersey as been arrested for dumping ballots. 50,000 defective ballots were sent to voters in Ohio. Pennsylvania has rejected 372,000 ballot requests while a Pittsburgh mailman was arrested for stealing mail. In Kentucky over 100 absentee ballots were found in a dumpster. Voter fraud aside, Newsmax points out the user error risks of voting by mail - risks that Democrats are embracing.

ENDING LOCKDOWNS: As Democrats tout the World Health Organization and continued lockdowns, the WHO is now warning against lockdowns. Will Democrats heed the warning?


DAY OF RAGE: As America observed Columbus Day, Leftists attack Columbus and the American nation during their self-proclaimed "Day of Rage." More statues were toppled, including Teddy Roosevelt and the freer America's slaves, Abraham Lincoln.

LORD OF THE RINGS UNVEILED: Lovers of Tolkien's world are wary of the new billion dollar Amazon TV series based in Middle Earth after reports of nudity and sex planned for the show. Fan's of Tolkien want his vision, not the twisted vision of George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones

BIDEN EMBRACES TRANS: At his town hall this week Biden embraced the trans movement - even among minors. The Washington Post reminds us how Biden has always moved leftward with the sexual revolutionaries in his party. Anyone who thinks he'll be a moderate on these or other issues is sorely mistaken.

NBA THROWS IN THE TOWEL: It appears that the NBA might be moving away from BLM following their ratings free fall. More from Steve Turley.

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