Saturday, February 20, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20

by A. Joseph Lynch


FRANCIS TO OVERTAKE BENEDICT: On Tuesday the pontificate of Pope Francis will officially be longer than that of Pope Benedict. Francis, who expected a short pontificate, continues to serve with no end in sight. Some suspect he is waiting for the death of Benedict to step down. There can only be so many Popes and ex-Popes roaming the Vatican after all.

A VENERABLE VATICAN: The National Catholic Register provides an interesting list of Vatican cardinals who have exceeded or are approaching retirement age. While Taylor Marshall has gotten conspiratorial regarding future appointments, we do expect a large turnover in leadership in the months ahead. For now we know who to keep an eye on and what roles in the Vatican will being seeing a change in leadership.

SCANDAL IN DETROIT: It appears a priest has been silenced for outing the leading music director for the Archdiocese of Detroit. More from Church Militant.

GREGORY ON "ILL-TIMED" LETTER: Cardinal Gregory of Washington D.C. agrees with Cardinal Cupich of Chicago that the USCCB statement critical of Joe Biden was "ill-timed." And perhaps it was. As Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco and Archbishop Naumann of Kansas City in Kansas become increasingly critical of liberal Democrat policy, one wonders why it took so long. It's easy to complain now. The faithful needed to hear the clear voice of their shepherds months and months ago.

NEW SERBIAN PATRIARCH: The Serbian Orthodox Church Church has elected Patriarch Porfirije to succeed Patriarch Irinej, who passed away in November at the age of 90. Serbia is a nation that is 85% Orthdox and it has stron ties to Orthodox Russia. Learn more about Patriarch Porfirije and his election here.


TRUMP ACQUITTED: The faux trial of President Trump has ended in the president's acquittal. This was not unexpected. During the trial, Democrats used doctored images, falsely framed videos, and even false statements. It seven Republican senators who voted Trump guilty have been revealed as the RINOs they are and we look forward to the end of their political careers in two, four, or six years from now. Meanwhile swamp creatures like Mitch McConnel voted to acquit but still hope criminal charges might befall the innocent president. He was quickly blasted by President Trump for his words. And in the House, fallout from impeachment has hit close to home for Trump-hating GOP Representative Kinzinger, whose family disowned him for his vote to impeach. His political career is over. Going forward, Trump and his base need to make sure none of the Trump-hating RINOS retain their offices in the elections to come.

TAYLOR VS. CHENEY: The recent stripping of Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene from her committee assignments is an attack on democracy itself. She was not punished for an act she took in Congress but for words she spoke before she was elected. Given that Democrats sought to convict a president no longer in office after the fact while punishing Greene for actions taken before her election, it seems as though there are no more limitations on attacking political leaders on partisan rather than legal grounds. And if Greene can be punished for her words, can't Rep. Alcee Hastings lose his committee assignments for being impeached after accepting bribes as a judge? More from election lawyer Robert Barnes. Meanwhile the secret vote to allow Liz Cheney to keep her party position in the House is a sign much house cleaning is needed in the GOP caucus.

PRESIDENT HARRIS? Biden has only been in power for a few short weeks but it has been noted that Harris has begun taking his calls with world leaders. Sadly this comes as no surprise. How long before Biden leaves office? And who's more likely to run for President in 2024: Biden or Trump?

RUSH LIMBAUGH (1951-2021): Rush Limbaugh, the voice of American conservatism for decades, has died from lung cancer. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

CUOMO COVER-UP: Democrats in New York are turning their backs on Governor Cuomo after his nursing home coronavirus scandal is spreading to his fellow Democrats. And only months ago there were Democrats hoping he would be a late entry to the presidential race.


EU FALLING APART? Over the past decade the EU has suffered body blow after body blow. The coronavirus has only added to the EU's problems. Although the high death count and the draconian lockdowns have taken their toll, EU regulations have slowed the release of vaccines while nations who produce the vaccines are finding themselves standing in line to acquire them from EU bureaucrats. Because of this there is a new drive for national independence from the EU in France, the Netherlands, Italy, and Sweden.

LAVROV ON TRUMP TRIAL: Sergey Lavrov, Russia's foreign minister, called the Democrat sham trial of President Trump a "farce" and had nothing but good words to say about Trump. Lavrov, who wrote an excellent article on the history of Russia's place in the world, rightly sees liberal imperialism, especially through their arm in Big Tech, as a danger to Russia and the world.

BIG TECH VS. THE NATIONS: During a political struggle with Australia over lost news business revenues, Facebook escalated the situation by banning all news-related posts (be they from news companies or from individual users). The ban also included emergency announcements from fire, police, hospitals, etc. Some Australian politicians compared the actions of Facebook to acts what would would considered an act of war had they been done by a foreign nation. This latest power grab from Big Tech is just another sign it has become too powerful. 


MEDIA PAYING FOR CRIME? Media companies paid Antifa radical John Sullivan over $70,000 for videos he recorded while he stormed the US Capitol and called for the building to be destroyed. Sullivan has been charged for his role in the riot, yet that did not stop the liberal media from seeking him out for his "coverage" of the events.

MINNEAPOLIS FUNDS POLICE: Less than six months ago the Minneapolis police were telling citizens to obey criminals and prepare to be robbed. Now the city council, which had unanimously voted to disband the city police, has restored their funding

PERSON AND IDENTITY: A new Catholic resource is available online to combat the error of gender ideology. Visit the website for the Person and Identity Project or watch their trailer.

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