Saturday, August 7, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, AUGUST 7

by A. Joseph Lynch


LATIN MASS CANCELED? Get the whole story behind Francis' Traditionis Custodes from the newest video over at Religion, Sex, and Politics.

MCCARRICK CHARGED: Theodore McCarrick has been charged in Massachusetts regarding an accusation child sex abuse. The state was able to charge the defrocked ex-cardinal because the statue of limitations went on hold upon his departure from the state following the incident. Church Militant recently did some excellent digging into McCarrick's past and uncovered many more mysteries surrounding him and other clerics within the Church.

BENEDICT ON GERMAN CHURCH: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI recently spoke out on the German Church, especially accusing the German clergy of lacking religious faith. More from EWTN.

FR. KAPAUN HONORED: South Korea's Catholic president, Moon Jae-In, awarded the Korean War-era military chaplain, Fr. Emil Kapaun, with the nation's highest honor. Fr. Kapaun died in a North Korean prison camp during the war and is on the path towards canonization in the Church. The nation's honor Fr. Kapaun presents the Christianizing nation with a model of heroic virtue, both in faith and in civic duty.

INITIATION DENIED: Weak episcopal leadership over the past decades in Ireland have led to a massive revolt against the nation's historic faith. As abortion spreads, the government now seeks to halt initiation into the Catholic Church by citing the coronavirus in a bid to end First Communions and Confirmations. Many Catholic priests and bishops are rejecting the order. All this reveals how anti-Catholic politicians have weaponized the virus to enact their own partisan and anti-religious agendas.


JANUARY 6 FAUX INVESTIGATION: The House of Representatives has launched its faux investigation of the January 6 riots. Not one GOP-approved Representative is part of the panel. RINOs Kinzinger and Cheney volunteered against the wishes of GOP House leadership. Whether or not efforts to expel them are successful, they will both soon be primaried out of office. As not a single rioter has been charged with insurrection, the big picture question remains, why are Democrats still clinging to January 6?

THEY'RE LISTENING: Be careful not to spread "misinformation" about the pandemic or vaccinations as big brother might be listening in. Control of Big Tech wasn't enough, now the government seeks to get telecommunication companies involved in the censorship.

BIG TECH, THE ADL, AND "CANCEL" CULTURE: Cancel culture plans to grow as the Anti-Defamation League partners with "big tech" companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and Google to ensure that anyone deemed deplorable and booted from one platform be removed from all platforms. What's more, the online payment company PayPal is also joining in, thus ensuring that targets of big tech are financially removed participation in the online economic community. Expect to see an increasing number of Americans to not only lose first amendment protections but also any ability to participate economically in the increasingly left-wing authoritarian state where "big tech" and "big government" work hand-in-hand. Or as The Hill is reporting, America is on the brink of imitating China's "social credit system." Meanwhile Apple has announced that it will scan all iPhones in search of evidence of child abuse. Should parents who have family photos of their baby's in the bathtub start worrying? And if Apple can scan your phone for this, how else might it collude with the government to access your private data, "cancel" you, or even get you arrested on fraudulent charges? 

ILLEGAL EVICTION BAN: After being rebuked by the Supreme Court and after stating he lacked the authority to continue a ban on evictions, Joe Biden went ahead and illegally extended the ban until October. This ban, combined with the never-ending unemployment checks keeping people out of work, have incentivized many American's to take tax payer money and not pay their rent. Biden is already being sued by landlords across the nation who soon risk losing their property to large vulture corporations. This is yet another example of the coronavirus being weaponized for partisan gains from those in "big government" while "big business" wipes out the middle class.

LAMDA AND THE BORDER: As variants of the coronavirus emerged in different parts of the world, the politically correct talking heads began identifying them with Greek letters rather than with their place of origin. Hence the "India" variant became the "delta" variant, the "UK" variant became the "Alpha" variant, the "South Africa" variant became the "beta" variant, and the "Brazil" variant became the "Gamma" variant. Now a new variant from Peru - known as the "lambda" variant - spreading like wildfire - and the vaccines seem unable to combat it. With Biden losing all control of America's southern border lambda is spreading into our nation. What cost the country pay in order to keep the open-border policy of the Democrats? What's more, in one case of the Democrat alliance with Catholic bishops and Catholic organizations - a financial alliance that allows bishops to get around the need of lay donations -  infected illegal immigrants are being released into the hands of Catholic Charities in southern Texas.


ABHORRENT DESECRATION OF LIFE: Allegations are swirling that the University of Pittsburg has become a hub of fetal tissue as the university targeted black unborn babies, often late term, for organ removal while their hearts were still beating. If only the Democrats really believed that black lives matter. We hope the university's federal funding is lost and arrests are soon made.

AMA AND GENDER: The American Medical Association - which should be dedicated to the science behind health - has clearly been taken over by the far left as it is calls on the removal of gender from birth certificates. We can only hope that average Americans awake to the insanity running rampant in our institutions.

HOMESCHOOLING SURGE: Between the pandemic and the battle over critical race theory in schools, homeschooling is surging.

TRIBAL WARFARE: While the left correctly rejects white supremacy, little is being done to curb the spread of tribalism among minority groups. In one recent example, a black man stomped on the head of an elderly Asian man in order to retaliate against a group of Koreans who attacked him. This is where critical race theory and leftwing racial identity politics takes us. 

GAY AZ DEMOCRAT ARRESTED: As Arizona continues its audit of the 2020 election, a state senator is under arrest for predatory homosexual pederasty. This comes as New York Governor Cuomo is under criminal investigation for sexual harassment and California's Governor Newsom faces a recall election. The gay state senator had played a significant role in the gay movement in Arizona. His actions further reveal the pederastic practices of too many homosexuals in America - particularly among Catholic priests (and even bishops like McCarrick). Too many sexually mature males, not prepubescents children, are being preyed upon by older homosexuals. 

PATRIOTIC WRESTLER: American Olympic wrestler Tamya Mensah-Stock won her nation a gold medal in Tokyo, speaking of her father and thanking God while wrapped in the flag. Unlike the examples of so many other American Olympic participants, it was amazing to see one who loved her God and her country. 

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