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Religion and Geopolitics Review: Saturday, September 15


The President and the Pope: The Hammers Seek Their Anvils

President Trump and Pope Francis are very different men. But there are striking similarities in their roles as outsiders entering social systems in which the newcomers do not fit neatly into the traditional camps.  Both men have significant enemies in the media. The entire apparatus of mainstream liberal US media is set against every action, every breath of the President who has called them "enemies of the people."  In a similar show of hostility, the large intertwined American conservative Catholic media has taken a remarkably negative posture toward Pope Francis, his appointments, his writings, what he has said and what he has failed to say. Both men have significant differences with both sides of the warring parties that carry on the public discourse of the nation and the Church.
Donald Trump went against the globalist free traders and interventionist foreign policy of almost the entire field of Republican candidates set against him. Pope Francis is a firm believer in the reality of the devil, the male only character of the priesthood and the colonial imperialism of gender ideology. He is quite unlike the modern Jesuits and the doctrinally impoverished morally compromised "progressive" European cardinals who helped elect him.
President Trump had to surround himself with men who would be loyal  to him as President while the intelligence and policing agencies organized to destroy him. The foreign policy hawks and career military men and strong evangelical Christians understood how to fight the liberals coming to unseat Ceasar. But none of them really could articulate Trumpian economic and foreign policy nationalism. The nationalist hammer had no anvil of coherent supporters who could help him forge a nationalist policy. Two years into his Presidency, he is perched to fight two legitimate nation states Syria and Iran who should be our allies helping us get out of Afghanistan and exposing the Salafist Sunni mullahs who still hide safe and malignant in Mecca and Medina. President Trump has called out Pakistani support of jihadists, he helped demolish ISIS, but our nationalist president is now carrying out the foreign policy of two other nations: a true enemy-the Saudis and an ally who is exploiting our good will-Israel. The President needs an antiwar Democrat to help him remember  that in his   campaign he said he had a different approach to Syria than Jeb Bush. He needs a family member of the 911 victims to point him to the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia who flew out of our country the following week  uninvestigated by Robert Mueller's FBI.   He needs some religiously sophisticated  Republican Senator to remind him he was going to find out "what the hell is going on" with radical Islamic terrorism. He might start with the Hanbali legal school of Sunni Islam. They have an address.   The multi faith government of Shiite Assad, the Shiite Houthis of Yemen, and the Shiite Persians in Iran are not the right return addresses for the deadly letter delivered on 9-11-2001. . . President Trump wants to swing the hammer. Who will be his anvil?

Pope Francis needed the "progressives" to help him turn the Church's emphasis outward into the world of peoples and nations. The free market sexually pinched rich conservative ideologues, who control significant media outlets directed to faithful Catholics, despised him and his "social justice" friends from the beginning.  But it turns out that the Pope's allies are as estranged from his unique Catholic Sensibility as President Trump's allies are from nationalism.  The  "progressives" in the North and South American and European church  love to portray themselves as "Pope Francis Catholics".   It turns out they are deeply enmeshed in a collective mental illness which turns the male love of the Father for the Son and Christ for the Apostles into a perversion. How very un-Francis like indeed! Wether it was the men he picked on his own council or those he inherited within the Bishops' conferences and the Vatican... Pope Francis is discovering that overwhelmingly the progressive wing of the modern church is "the gay lobby", "the lavender mafia", "the homosexual subculture".  Not a few of his fiercest critics on the conservative side were also deeply malformed as men. The homosexual ideology comes from the Left (as Pope Francis told the bewildered Cardinal Vigano) . But the Eucharistic altar has been desecrated as well by the shrill voices shouting away the divorced woman reaching out her hand to touch the hem of Christ.
Pope Francis wanted to take the Mother ship out into the periphery, but a few years out to sea,  a storm struck and he found his cowering crew was full of cross dressing effeminate frauds. They dressed in clerics but there was no man among them. It was the sickest form of clericalism  since Judas used a friendly apostolic kiss to betray the King. Those whimpering prelates wanted no war against the devil. They asked for their pensions and were glad to run. The Pope came to make war on the Evil One but his selected crew-- each had made his separate peace.
The Pope was thinking big. He saw Russia and China awaiting a dialogue while the atheist nations of the West encircled them in preparation for war. Early on he had said he would treat homosexuality as a sin to be confessed, forgiven and forgotten. That seemed a small concern--a sin for sure but not to be singled out. He was headed into the periphery of the poor, the imprisoned, the war torn refugees. He was ready to face the war obsessed arms industry and their government clients . He would bring the field hospital out onto the battlefield. He would preach the Good News of God's Mercy.
But his plan didn't work out. It turns out homosexuality among clerics is much more than a sin. That peculiar mental illness exerts a debilitating affect not just on the man but on the collective group. That polluting dimension is not washed away by a good confession. It is no accident that the sin of Sodom did not just leave men corrupted but made the public formation of men as a synagogue or city impossible. Sodom could not produce ten men -the minyan needed for certain public formations in prayer and civic life. Incest does not just break a man, it corrodes the fraternal bond that orders the group into a coherent public body.
The Pope bypassed liturgical tradition to wash the feet of a woman prisoner on Holy Thursday. He wanted to show he would not let the church be self referential in its service.  But it turns out, he must return on Chrism Thursday to his priests. For that great Holy Thursday liturgy is not the service act of a deacon but an exorcism by the High Priest. The Pope must lead all the apostles to do as Jesus did. He must wash out Judas. Then the bishops must do as he does in their respective dioceses. Cyprian must follow and strengthen Cornelius.
The last thing Pope Francis wanted for his papacy was to turn inward on the Church herself.  But the Holy Father must carry the cross he is assigned. He cannot get the ship out to the peripheral ports with the clerical crew as constituted.  Pope Francis is a great hammer, but he needs to expel the excrement wrapped in jello that muffles his priestly anvil. The good priests and bishops are present. They await him.

THE PURIFICATION OF THE PRIESTHOODThe Reform We Need - a Strategy. "Those who say that homosexuality itself is not a sin are absolutely correct. It is a mental illness - a significant psychological disordering of the affections. The priesthood is a brotherhood ordered in love to the Father, to the Church and to the nations of all humanity.  It is the sacramental template of public ordered masculine love. Thus this particular affectional disorder strikes at the very heart of priestly identity. This mental illness is utterly incompatible with the sacral brotherhood and doesn't go away after a good confession." The Priesthood - Icon of the Trinity and Template for the Nations

AMERICAN BISHOPS MEET WITH POPE: West Virginia Bishop Michael Bransfield resigns amid charges of "sexual harassment of adults".  Any questions about the gender of those adults will have to await more inquiring minds. Bransfield is from a prominent family of Philadelphia clerics. A nephew, the Rev. Sean P. Bransfield, is a judicial vicar and vice chancellor at the Cardinal’s Residence in Philadelphia. Another relative, Monsignor J. Brian Bransfield, works for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington. The US bishops met with Pope Francis. Bransfield's cousin is seen in the picture.

ON MCCARRICK WHISTLEBLOWER - FR. BONIFACE RAMSEYFr Ramsey says the idea of a "gay network" operating inside the church is "ridiculous". To pin the crisis on homosexuality in the priesthood is "a crazy tangent". We predict Fr. Ramsey will become a favorite spokesman for a lot of media outlets and many segments of the Church who agree accusations of a gay network are ridiculous.  Fr Ramsey is leading us the wrong way. Homosexuality and clericalism are both huge problems. It will be huge distraction if we ignore either problem or if we set them against each other as if widespread homosexuality could have existed without the cover of clericalism.   Some quotes from Fr Ramsey :

“There are a significant portion of clergy that are gay, and of those, there is a significant proportion that is celibate and trying to be celibate,” he said, adding that “I don’t have a problem with people falling every now and then.”

"Anyone, especially young seminarians grappling with a life choice of celibacy, can fall, he said, adding that in his view, sexual sins are not the worst a person can commit. “I’d rather have a guy who falls every now and then than a congenital liar,” he said, adding that according to ancient writings from the Church’s Desert Fathers, sexual sins can be dealt with “more easily than the misuse of money or pride.”

DEFROCKING, LAICIZATION, SUSPENSIONA short video by Taylor Marshall.

SECRETARY OF STATE FOR VATICAN TO MEET WITH RUSSIANSThis is more important than the environment and migration. Someone tell Cardinal Cupich. The Roman-Orthodox rupture of Christianity is the primordial Christian division. Why the Parolin trip is so important. As we purify the disordered relations of men in the priesthood we must not forget the crucial work of bringing the nations together in a fraternal spirit. The Church always has a head and a heart for Christ and a head and a heart for the reconciliation of humanity under the Father. That means the Church must teach the ordered loves of politics and international relations. Especially needed are new paradigms for the US and Russia and the US and China.  Pope Francis understands this and treats the diplomatic corps of the Church as a serious evangelical enterprise. Christianity not Darwin must guide the nations. There is a huge deficit in Catholic theopolitical  thinking on the nations. A corrupted self referential deeply disordered clergy has prevented us from bringing the missionary/template of fraternity to the nations. This was one of the key missions of Vatican II and a direct order of Christ to the Apostles, "to go baptize the nations."  A fraternity of priests will  raise up the name of God and order the nations. Homosexual clericalism is busy with luxury apartments, fine dining and vacations far away from the locally recognized collar.

POPE BENEDICT  AND THE BENEDICT OPTIONA 9/11 conference in Rome discussing the "Benedict Option." A poetic endorsement by Msgr Ganswein - the keeper of the Papal House for Benedict and Francis. Very heartening how they read Dreher who has been the  outstanding reporter on the clergy scandal. This may force Mr. Dreher to reconsider his general approach to Pope Francis.



INDIA HIGH COURT SAYS SODOMY A HUMAN RIGHT: The Parliament refused to do this so the secularists on the court carried out the agenda of the globalist-human rights crowd. Prediction: It won't play well in the streets. UN officials tweeted "Love Wins".   Love will win, that is true! This significant psychological aberration ahas nothing to do with love.

NATIONALISM: ...and now the Swedes. Wall Street doesn't believe in Bolsonaro but in the city streets of Brazil, the people are praying for him.


FOREIGN COLLUSION AND THE RUSSIAN DOSSIER: What foreign government did not want an improvement of relations between Russia and the US? Would that foreign government or just a well meaning citizen from that country try to sabotage the one candidate in favor of such a huge geopolitical change?  Is there anyone deeply involved in the Russian hoax that used to work in the intelligence community for that government? Is there an English speaking country where many anti-Putin Russians tend to emigrate? Is there an English speaking country that has very bad relations with Russia and does not want to see a newly invigorated Russia as a close ally to the US? Can foreigners who are trying to disrupt our elections  speak very good English and appear as well meaning white guys? Sometimes if a whole people go crazy with hate, can they miss the obvious? It was not Russians who interfered. It was the British. Does anyone think that is a problem?

YEMEN: The best writer on Yemen is Gregory Johnson. He says ISIS and AQAP in Yemen are the weakest they have been in years, The UAE is strong and may have made a deal with them. His August, 2018 report at Just Security.

A LETTER TO JOHN BRENNAN: From a former officer in the CIA:
Dear Mr. Brennan,

I implore you to cease and desist from continuing to attempt to portray yourself in the public media as some sort of impartial critic concerned only with the fate of the republic.

You were never a spy. You were never a case officer. You never ran operations or recruited sources or worked the streets abroad. You have no idea whatsoever of the true nature of the business of human intelligence. You have never been in harm’s way. You have never heard a shot fired in anger.

You were for a short while an intelligence analyst.

In your capacity as an analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency, while still a junior officer, you were designated to brief the President of the United States who was at that time Bill Clinton. As the presidential briefer, it was your job to read to the president each morning finished intelligence written by others based on intelligence collected by yet other individuals. Period.

While serving as presidential briefer you established a personal relationship with then President Bill Clinton. End of story.

Everything that has transpired in your professional career since has been based on your personal relationship with the former president, his wife Hillary and their key associates. Your connection to President Obama was, in fact, based on you having established yourself by the time he came to office as a reliable, highly political Democratic Party functionary.


Ever since this President was elected, there has been a concerted effort to delegitimize him and destabilize him led by you. This has been an unprecedented; to undermine the stability of the republic and the office of the Presidency, for solely partisan political reasons. You and your patrons have been complicit in this effort and at its very heart.

You abandoned any hope of being a true intelligence professional decades ago and became a political hack. Say so.

Sam Faddis

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