Saturday, January 5, 2019

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitics Review: Saturday Jan 5, 2019

               By A.  Joseph Lynch and Dr. David Pence


CONCELEBRATED MASSES: One of the gifts of the Novus Ordo is concelebration. Here a young priest talks of concelebrating with Pope Francis. Apostolic fraternity in the flesh.

COSMIC CHRIST AND SUFFERINGChristmas, Turkish nationalism, and Armenian massacre. The Coming of the Cosmic Christ to a suffering chaotic world.

HOMOSEXUALS IN THE PRIESTHOODWhy men like me shouldn't be ordained as priests. This man with strong homosexual tendencies has a lot of good to say. But much is missing. He thinks it's too late to expel all the homosexual priests already in the priesthood. His emphasis is we should be sure seminaries, don't let any more in. True enough but not enough. He also sees clerical sodomy as a sin against a victim for whom the priest is meant to be a spiritual father. That too is true. But the sin is also against the priesthood itself the sacral Apostolic college Christ made holy to keep His Bodily Presence on earth. There is no sense in his writing that the priest is part of a sacred body that is being degraded.  It is a DESECRATION of the Eucharist and the Apostolic bond. He sees the homosexual act by a priest as a sin. That is true but even more fundamentally the act is a POLLUTION. It is as serious as the non Levite who grabbed the teetering Ark of the Covenant... except there is no good will on the part of the polluter. The writer has no idea of Christian brotherhood - the properly ordered male love which forms a group of men large enough and strong enough to do the Will of the Father which is to establish His kingdom on earth. That will take a lot of men in very masculine formation - some as priests and others as the armed citizens of "baptized nations." That is the fraternity which must be built up strong enough to extract the cancer.

IS THE VATICAN SILENT ON MCCARRICK? One of the great lies against Pope Francis is that he isn't "moving fast enough" on Cardinal McCarrick or the the Vatican is silent about him because he is such favorite of the Pope's. This of course ignores that Ted McCarrick has been humiliated and is no longer called Cardinal - under the papacy of Pope Francis. More evidence is accumulating. Does this seem like a Vatican coverup or an actual investigation? For all those who say Pope Francis was forced to act because abuse of minor was revealed, this is absolutely wrong. The victim was 16 not a minor in traditional Church law. McCarrick got nailed (with more to come) because we finally had a Pope who would exercise his authority in open. EWTN and the conservative Catholic blogs in America would help matters much more by revealing the huge McCarrick enabling homosexual network in America (in Washington DC and New York-New Jersey particularly). It is easier to use TV and the internet to attack the far away Father than expose the much more culpable close up degenerates who might fight back. It is time for Cardinal Vigano to come out of the bushes and also publicly apologize to the Holy Father without retracting his much needed expose of the homosexual infiltration of the Vatican.

MORE INVESTIGATIONSMcCarrick and the confessional - the Vatican investigation deepens. Christopher Altieri is a good source for many details. His desire to color every story with an anti-Pope Francis angle serves him poorly. In the above article he includes more about the incredible disgrace of the investigation by Cardinal Burke-led Vatican tribunal into Bishop Apron in Guam.  There is of course no word against the person of Cardinal Burke from a man freely maligning Pope Francis at every turn.  It is peculiar how that failure to punish the predatory sodomite of Guam is so whitewashed by America's "faithful Catholic media." Here is Altieri recap of 2018.

NEW JERSEY CORRUPTIONYou want corruption - go to New Jersey. This isn't ancient history.

THE MASONSUnderstanding the Masons - a Catholic perspective. This article is the most viewed article on the Catholic World Report website in 2017 and 2018. A wonderful lucid history. We tell our students, "Don't leave explaining the physical universe to the atheists". Let us add, "Don't leave the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Men (FOGBOM) to the Masons.

DEBATING ISLAM: Is Islam a Religion of Peace? "No," says Daniel Johnson at Oxford.  "Yes," says Mehdi Hasan at Oxford. Both very good. Hasan quite brilliant. Johnson a very articulate English Catholic. He did list as one of Islam's sins that 90% of Muslim women think they should always obey their husbands. Really? That's supposed to be a high moral criticism in a land where the ability to abort is considered the pinnacle of female freedom.

BISHOPS ON RETREATPope Francis letter to US Bishops on Retreat.  Retreat Jan 2-8, 2019, Chicago.
"During our meeting, I suggested that together you make a retreat, a time of seclusion, prayer and discernment as a necessary step in responding in the Spirit of the Gospel to the crisis of credibility that you are experiencing as a Church. We see this in the Gospel: at critical moments in his mission the Lord withdrew and spent the whole night in prayer inviting his disciples to do the same...  No response is adequate..we must speak a word born of the prayer of the shepherds who, like Moses, fight and intercede for their people."

 "Clearly a living fabric has come undone and we like weavers are called to repair it." 

"If we want to be fathers, pastors, and teachers, we must also act as brothers." 

Quoting Lumen Gentium, the Church is "the sign and instrument of communion with God and of the unity of the entire human race" 

"The Lord was well aware that, at the hour of the cross, lack of unity, division and dispersion, as well as attempts to flee from that hour would distort and hinder their mission. That is why He asked the Father to watch over them so that at those times they would be one even as He and His Father  were one and that none of them would be lost."

 "Entering with trust into Jesus' prayer to the Father, we want to learn from him and with firm resolve to begin this period of prayer, silence, and reflection, of dialogue and communion, of listening and discernment. In this way we allow our hearts to be conformed to His image and help us discover His will. "

"On this path we are not alone. From the beginning, Mary accompanied and sustained the community of the Apostles. By her maternal presence, she helped the community not to lose its bearings by breaking into closed groups or thinking it could save itself.  We ask her to keep us united and persevering as on the day of Pentecost, so the Spirit will be poured into our hearts and help us in every time and place to bear witness to the Resurrection.   Fraternally, ..."


SENATE VS. KC'SFeminist Senators go after the Knights of Columbus.

TRUMP AND THE MILITARY: Mattis, Trump and Civilian Control. Empires build up the military as an overreaching institution. Both the soldier and the citizen however as moral agents of some transcendent truth are evacuated of authority. The leadership of the modern American military has a lot of people thanking them for their service but they decimated the morality of the ranks by integrating women and homosexuals at every level of the warrior brotherhood. When the female senators and "gay" bureaucrats pushed, the new modern military professionals caved.

A NEW TEAM: What Trump really needs is a whole new National Security team who supports him. Here is an excellent article discussing the problem with namesPresident Trump tried to get the Generals to move. When they wouldn't, he did.

BUCHANAN ON THE MIDEASTThe Mideast wreckage that Trump inherited.  Pat Buchanan gives a good historical summary.

TRUMP & NATIONALISMAmerican Conservative looks at President Trump and nationalism.


THE SPANISH CIVIL WARLearning from the Spanish Civil War. Article about great documentary on Spain in its war for religion and nation against Communism. Link to the long BBC documentary.

EXPANDING NATOA good explanation of how aggressive NATO actions after the unification of Germany caused our rupture with Russia. Secretary of Defense Gates in last years of George W. Bush and first years of Barack Obama is an eyewitness.

ABE PROFILEAn excellent profile of Japan's Shinzo Abe from an unlikely source.

MEN MAKING PEACENations and strong nation men will make peace. Turkey, Syria and Iran have a lot more firepower than 2000 American troops.

 Globalist leaders against patriarchy in religion and nations. It didn't quite work out. 

Nations and nation men are alive and well. 
A NEW FOREIGN POLICYChina, Africa and the US. It is hard to think of any area in the world that needs the John Bolton approach less. Using a cold war competition of superpowers approach to Africa is reminiscent of squeezing the reality of Latin American nations into the Soviet vs US paradigm. It is not a happy memory.

AFRICAFive events in Africa 2018.

THE FIRST GULF WARBritain, Kuwait, and buying the American Right. This was the occasion when Margaret Thatcher advised George H.W. Bush: "This is no time to go wobbly George."

End of the Year 2018-the UAE is prominent in light green area
The Saudis fight the Houthis as al Qaeda consolidates the Coast. The war against Yemen is not only a humanitarian disaster, it is a strategic blunder as once again we are misled by our "Saudi allies" to help decimate Shiite forces who are willing to fight the Sunni jihadists of al Qaeda.

IRAQI SHIITES, CHRISTIANSIn Iraq, Shiite forces are ascendant - will they help or hurt the Christians?


WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Anti Trump Neocons, the demise of the Weekly Standard - where they meet these days. This is from a liberal Jewish intellectual, Jacob Heilbrun.  He knows the landscape. There is an interesting opening at an Ethics and Public Policy gala for Paul Ryan. This is the Institute front of a "Judaeo-Christian values" group associated with George Weigel among others. In many ways Weigel is the failed face of Catholic neoconservatives the way Bill Kristol is to the Jews. Like Kristol his personal pomposity and spiritual blindness to nationalism, masculinity, Orthodox Russia, and the significance of President Trump are staggering.

KC'S AND FEDERAL JUDGESCandidates for Federal Judge and the Knights of Columbus: Finding a neutral protector of life.

DRAG IN THE LIBRARYDrag Queen Story Hour in local library - very real.

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