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Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: Saturday Jan 26

by Dr. David Pence

What a Group of Young Men from an all-Male School  Can Teach the Pro-life Movement
A black racist group yelled obscenities at a group of Covington Catholic high school students gathered by the Lincoln Memorial awaiting their school bus for their return trip to Kentucky from the March for Life on Jan 18, 2019. The Black Hebrew Israelites included pointed calls of "nigger" to a black Covington High student.  He was warned by the black elders that his white schoolmates may "harvest his organs". The students asked permission from their chaperones and began calling school chants in unison to drown out the racism and attacks. This was reminiscent of the chants and singing we sang as civil rights marchers to quiet white bigots. This time the bigots were black.  Approaching this situation was 64 y.o. Nathan Phillips chanting and beating a ceremonial drum while flanked by men who filmed the event and shouted to the white students to go back to Europe. (so much for the welcome the immigrants theme).  Philips was certainly older than the boys but that didn't make him "an Indian elder."  He did not protect the teens from the racist bile of the older men within the Black Hebrews. If Phillips had the courage to walk up to them and beat his drum within inches of their faces, we can be assured the black men would not have smiled or even smirked. Phillips got no closer to protective conflict against the Black Hebrews than he did with the North Vietnamese 40 years before. Phillips was not suddenly surrounded by the boys.  He waded into the crowd of youngsters  and most of them divided out of his way. He then locked eyes with Nicholas Sandmann and approached him beating his drum in the young man's face.  The young man looked his aggressor in the eye and did not back down. He even smiled to show he meant no violence and was harboring no panic. This was Sandmann's greatest sin. He dared look back instead of averting his shamed and guilty eyes to the floor{RE-SPECT=TO LOOK BACK}.  Young Sandmann from an all male school which had gone into hostile gyms before was in a very new kind of conflict in which his schoolmates were being insulted and intimidated. He was a white male being viciously attacked verbally by black men and then spatially confronted by an older Indian male with a partner yelling racial slurs at his classmates.(Best Video Timeline) He conducted himself as a young Catholic man because as he told his TV interviewer when she asked if they answered with racist taunts, "We are a Catholic school and it is not tolerated, they don't tolerate racism." The video clip of the teen wearing a red MAGA hat within inches of the drum beating Indian was cast as an obnoxious group of teens "surrounding an Indian elder" chanting his sacred songs. It was as if the teens saw some Indians at prayer and decided, "Lets get in their space and mock them-what a great way to end a pro-life march!" Philips told CNN news that he saw hate on the faces of the white youth who were being "educated" by older black men. They were "beasts" and had the look of "lynch mobs from the south"... they were resisting the truth they never heard in their Catholic education." The confrontation ended when the boys were called to the bus.
The boys were quickly condemned by several Kentucky bishops, the female head of the March for Life, celebrity gay advocate priest James Martin and conservative anti Trump pro life Professor Robert George. It was reminiscent of the pro-life pile on against President Trump when he was interviewed by Chris Matthews about abortion in the 2016 election. Trump too was thrown under the bus by pro-life leaders trying to virtue signal.
 A culture of life is a culture of protection. Our President understands this much more deeply than the emasculated bishops who have criticized students for wearing a hat praising our country and affiliating with the President. The fundamental form of legal and physical protection in Christian society is adult males covenanted in a sacral/legal  hierarchical brotherhood against enemies. The priesthood itself is supposed to be a sacred brotherhood of fathers. The socialization of young males is all about drawing them into this brotherhood of protectors at about the age of 13. Christian men do not try to form intimacy couples. We build wide-radius trust agreements with many males to form cities, nations, and universal brotherhood. As Kipling said in his poem on manhood, "If all men count with you but none too much." The female role in protection is grounded in the particular protection of her own children beginning with pregnancy. She begins her role by setting aside her protective temple by cultivating virginity.
The emasculation of American men has divided us from the brotherhood of shared patriotic duty which is the animating love of territorial nationalists. Emasculated men rejecting our roles as soldiers (Hell No, We Won't Go), policemen(known as the pigs), civic protectors and fathers created the adolescent milieu of the sexual revolution. This fostered a new kind of individualistic and immature female personality. The Bible asked, "...would a mother ever forget her children?" American  feminism answered, "If the child is in my way of career or education--I will forget her by extraction!"   When American men redevelop our group pride in the chants, songs and flag of America, we will reassert the culture of masculine social protection and authority needed to protect life. A different female persona celebrating the virgin and the mother will respond and emerge.
 In January 2019, homosexual clerics and tough conservative female "political leaders" all jumped the Covington High male group and their calm leader who gave no quarter to the racist attackers. In March, 2016, the same gang jumped the soon to be elected President of the United States for daring to say that "philosophically" there should be some punishment for a woman who aborts her child. {The Catholic Church automatically excommunicates a woman for this act against her very nature so the President had some company in his philosophical musing.} The American Catholic bishops are the largest covert gay lobby in America. They are not PROTECTORS. Can anyone who understands the funding of social services deny that the huge homosexual subculture in urban Catholic chanceries is a big reason the Democratic Party went from John Kennedy Catholics to  Barney Frank Democrats in the last fifty years. The deeply compromised bishops and the sexually confused media hate masculinity and face to face straight talk. Nicolas Sandmann and Donald Trump make them very uncomfortable indeed.
There is much to be learned from this incident for the pro-life movement. Life is not really a "right". It is a sacred gift which must be protected by mothers in particular and countrymen in the public realm.  Let us give praise and glory to God who is the Author of Life and the Father of Authority. Let us reassert the natural relations of males and females by which almost all cultures protect life. Let us start blaming females for killing their babies and doctors for violating their sacred profession. Let us praise men who protect our borders and our cities. Let us invite all brown, black and white men within our borders to share in citizenship as fellow American nationalists. There could be no greater cultural force for the protection of life than interracial masculine Christianity expressed  as reformed nations from Honduras to the USA.  Teen age boys and President Trump know that in their bones. The revived pro life movement should celebrate these men who stand up against "the Liar and the Murderer from the beginning".  Let's hope the professional pro-lifers will learn lessons from the viscerally protective, straight-talking male group and stop coddling the forked-tongue professional Indian(see below on Phillips). Victims will not protect babies-- protectors will.   Sew on a black and white cross to a MAGA hat and fight for a Christian interracial America that will be great again because we bring her brotherhood back under God. 



MORE ON HOW AND WHY VIGANO WROTE HIS LETTER: An interview with the Italian blogger, Marco Tomasatti, who helped Vigano get his document into Spanish. Tomasatti who calls Pope Francis "Pope Bergoglio" has multiple contacts in the world of Italian journalism.   In this video interview the section about Vigano starts at 47:30. Someone at Vatican Insider wrote that the apostolic nuncios and Benedict knew about McCarrick's behavior. This infuriated Vigano who correctly felt he was being implicated in not stopping the predator. He had already been criticized and investigated for his role in aborting the investigation of homosexual Archbishop John Nienstedt.   Vigano had a friend of his call Tomasatti to set up an interview.  After the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report, Vigano thought it would be an opportune  time to go public. He decided on a long letter (his "testimony")  rather than an interview with Tomassati. Vigano wanted simultaneous Spanish and English translations. Tomasatti said he would ask Pentin(of National Catholic Register) to translate Vigano statement in English (Ed: we have not verified if Pentin played this role as first English translator of the accusations against Pope Francis and call for the papal resignation).

Tomasatti says all attending his talk at a Pius X society  were praying for Vigano. The strategy of implicating Francis as much as possible is close to Tomasatti's heart. Vigano knew this when he sought him out as a  media savvy bullhorn.
In this interview Tomasatti talked about the resignation of 57 y/o bishop Juan Pineda Fasquelle the Vicar General of one of Francis' closest men, the thoroughly corrupt Honduran Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga. He thought Maradiaga was an important advisor to Francis about potential  North American bishops and cardinals. {ed: This is much more believable than some huge role of McCarrick in influencing the very bad personnel decisions Pope Francis is making with American bishops.}  Tomasatti thinks Vigano is in hiding to avoid being served Vatican papers to summon him for a possible disciplinary proceeding. These kind of summons must be delivered in person. One of the great disservices of the anti-Francis crowd is we lose focus on exposing his most malignant counselors. Maradiaga is a good start.

CARDINAL MAHONEY WILL BE PUBLIC SPEAKER AT EDUCATION CONFERENCEMore evidence that the homosexual clerical subculture still rules the American Catholic Church.


"William Ellery Channing (1780-1842), often called “the father of American Unitarianism,” once wrote that Calvinism went into decline in and around Boston, not because Congregational ministers sermonized against Calvinist doctrines, but because they no longer preached in support of these doctrines. The anti-Calvinists didn’t preach against the doctrines of predestination, total depravity, the Trinity, the divinity of Christ, etc. They just remained silent about these matters. And then one day the best people in Boston woke up and realized that they were no longer orthodox Christians and had become Unitarians.
Something not very different from this is happening in American Catholicism with regard to homosexual behavior (not to mention other elements of Catholic sexual ethics). Perhaps no priest is preaching against the traditional Catholic teaching. But not many are preaching in support of it either. As a consequence, the moral disapproval of homosexual conduct that should be found and used to be found in the hearts and minds of Catholics is withering away."


BRUCE OHR ON SOURCING THE RUSSIAN DOSSIER - THE ANIMUS OF CHRISTOPHER STEELE, THE BRITISH PATRIOTISM OF STEELEThe real foreign agent who tried to influence our elections did it not by rigging the vote but by convincing our predisposed intelligence agencies that Donald Trump was a danger to "our western values."   The career British intelligence Christopher Steele had spent most of his life at the Russia desk for the Brits. He despised Trump because he loved his own country and he considered any desire by the Americans to begin a friendly relationship with Russia as tantamount to treason against the "special relationship" with the British.  Steele knew that an alliance of the US and Russia would greatly diminish the role of Britain in world affairs. To understand this story, we must understand the opposition to Trump is not all about Hillary Clinton's campaign team. A much better organized and well-connected foe to the election of President Trump and an American nationalist policy was involved. It is very hard for the British-Australian-Canadian news culture of Fox news to see that English speaking white guys are FOREIGNERS who oppose the Trump nationalist initiative. The other hate-Trump networks are to blinded by their animus to grasp the unfolding story. But somewhere there is a journalist - who will see the complex interplay of national and partisan loyalties and lies is the most compelling story of all.

MORE ON BRITISH INTELLIGENCE, JOHN BRENNAN, AND THE SECURITY AGENCIES WAR AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP: Names and Pictures. We can't cleanly and clearly tell the story yet but the outline is in place.

ROBERT CARO RESEARCHING LYNDON JOHNSONA spectacular  essay by Caro that tells about LBJ and about journalism. "Turn every page."

NOTRE DAME WILL COVER COLUMBUS: Columbus brought Christianity to America. For America's Catholic University to hide our Latin heritage that led to the Cosmic Race of South American history and the miracle of Guadalupe is a pitiful display of how an emasculated priesthood cannot defend our Christian heritage from the diversity mob. Christopher Dawson said the religious historical destiny of the Americas is to bring a convergence of Anglo Protestants and Hispanic Catholics. In the heart of protestant America, it doesn't help tell the continent's story by making the Catholic explorer some kind of villain whose image must be veiled.


GENERAL STANLEY McCHRYSTAL ON IRAN'S QASSEM SULEIMANIAbove all he is a fervent nationalist. A telling tribute to Iran's most important military strategist.

WHILE SAUDI ARABIA GOES AFTER THE HOUTHIS, THE UAE IS ESTABLISHING A SOLID BASE IN SOUTH YEMEN. ARE THEY REALLY TWO DISTINCT ENTITIESCould the UAE be helping a separatist movement. Here is an old map that still lives in many hearts. The UAE may start a Sunni protectorate in the South. Give the Houthis the North. Tell the Saudis to go home.

BRAZIL NO LONGER AN ALLY: Brazil and Venezuela from article in Foreign Affairs by Roberto Simon and Robert Winter:
“Under the [leftist] Workers’ Party, Brazil was a strategic ally to Venezuela’s former presidents, Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro. Yet following Rousseff’s impeachment in 2016, diplomatic coziness between the two governments gave way to overt antagonism, as her more conservative successor Michel Temer took a somewhat harder line. Now Venezuelan refugees are pouring across Brazil’s northern border—37,000 have requested asylum since January— and the crisis in Venezuela has entered Brazilian domestic politics and become critical for public opinion.

"Under Temer’s tougher approach, Brazil played an important role in the creation of the Lima Group, an informal alliance of Latin American countries committed to reestablishing democracy in Venezuela. The country contributed to regional efforts at the OAS and elsewhere to isolate the Maduro regime. At the same time, Brazil refused to support any U.S. or European sanctions against Venezuela or Venezuelan authorities, sticking to its decades-long principle that only the United Nations Security Council can impose such penalties. When Trump publicly flirted with the idea of taking military action against Maduro or supporting a military coup in Caracas, Brazil made clear that it would never support such actions.

"But under Bolsonaro, ‘never’ is a big word. The far-right candidate favors imposing sanctions and establishing refugee camps for Venezuelans along the border. Speaking with voters from the state of Roraima, where most of Venezuelan refugees are, he made a promise: “You can count on me, I will do whatever is necessary to defeat that government.” In the first round of voting on October 7, Bolsonaro received almost 70 percent of the votes in the state capital of Roraima, Boa Vista. The Workers’ Party got only ten percent. The possibility of Brazilian support for, or even participation in, military action against Venezuela—unthinkable until recently—will be on the table under Bolsonaro."




SINGLE NATURE ANTHROPOLOGY - ULTIMATE FEMINIST ARGUMENT AGAINST MALE PRIESTHOOD: This really is the heart of the debate which Catholic Sociobiology must answer. Phyllis Zagano raise questions which have not been adequately answered by defenders of the male priesthood. There are theological and anthropological answers to be given.

FALSE FEMINISMby Katherine Kersten.

NATHAN PHILLIPS: An elder for peace after a youth of military service in the Vietnam War? Maybe Not.
Disrupting Mass with the beat of drums.
Philips interview with CNN - including parts not played on TV but obvious falsehoods.
His military service by liberal and honest Washington PostIn his own words - two videos.
Statement by Catholic student and our annual MLK day reflection on Selma.
                            On Philips from Rod Dreher at American Conservative:
"From a lifelong left-liberal: “My cousin’s friend had a 15-year-old daughter attending the March. Apparently Phillips and his crew first approached her with the chanting, in your face drumming, and screams about leaving America. The child reacted with fear which was not, apparently, the desired optic. They quickly left her and went over to where the boys were chanting, where they did the whole thing over again.”

by Anthony Esolen

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