Saturday, November 9, 2019

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 9

by A. Joseph Lynch


In a column released this week, Pat Buchanan examines the current impeachment mess, asking: Where Are the ‘High Crimes’? Buchanan rightly points out that there was no quid pro quo, that Trump gave arms assistance to Ukraine when Obama would not, and that it's Joe Biden who is responsible for his own quid pro quo. "In the end," Buchanan argues, "it will be about what it has been about since the beginning: An attempt by the deep state and its media, bureaucratic and political allies to overturn the democratic verdict of 2016 and to overthrow the elected president of the United States. The establishment’s coup attempt is now approaching end game."

But will the end game result in what Democrats hope?

After a successful push in the Senate to garner votes for quashing impeachment over due process violations proved successful, Democrats in the House were finally forced to hold a vote on impeachment investigations. As we reported last month, three votes on this topic have already been held since Trump took office. In the most recent vote, held this past July, 137 Democrats voted with Republicans against impeachment investigations. Although the newest vote proved successful for Democrats, the only bipartisanship that took place was when two Democrats in swing districts voted with every Republican against investigating the President.

This is the first impeachment investigation not to win a single vote from across the aisle.

The Democrats who won in Trump districts should be feeling very wary now. If impeachment backfires, Democrats might have just lost the House going into 2021. The cracks in impeachment are already appearing. The Hill is now reporting that support for impeachment has slipped four points since October. with a majority now opposed to it. Meanwhile, Trump's support has edged upwards.

Although Republicans still maintain the rules governing the impeachment are unfair, the transparency they have brought are already harming the Democrats' case. It is now being reported that a chief witness against Trump - the former ambassador to Ukraine - may have lied under oath. We have also learned that the supposed whistle blower's lawyer called for a coup against the president only days after he took office.

The optics look bad. Time will tell, but we suspect them to get worse.


BIDEN - NO COMMUNION: After former Vice President and current presidential hopeful, Joe Biden, was rightly denied Communion for his public opposition to Church teaching on abortion and both the scandal and confusion it brings the faithful, Cardinal Dolan said he would have given him the Eucharist, saying, "If only saints could receive Holy Communion, we wouldn’t have anybody at Mass..." We would hope the cardinal could contend with the issue with more substance than fallacious "straw man" reasoning, restating the argument in a way that makes it easy to refute. No one argues that only the saints can receive Communion, and it doesn't take a saint to know that denying Communion to those in public support of murder is red line worth defending.

BARR ON RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: AG Barr delivered a fantastic speech at the University of Notre Dame Law School on religious liberty. Watch or read his address.

CATHOLICS AND COHABITATION: In troubling, if not unsurprising news, some 74% of US Catholics disagree with Church teaching on cohabitation.

JAMES MARTIN & POPE FRANCIS: Martin speaks of his meeting with Pope Francis. We believe he's honest when he says that Francis wanted to Martin to keep the contents of their meeting private, but we question Martin's account. A great deficit in conservative Catholic journalism it's willingness to accept liberal spin when it happens to support conservative talking points. In this case, conservatives are happy to take Martin's word as "Gospel truth" when we know his words are often anything but Biblical.


PRESIDENTIAL CONTENDERS: The field of Democrat presidential hopefuls seems weaker by the day. Beto O'Rourke, darling of the Democrats until homosexual mayor Pete Buttigieg entered the race and took all the air from his sails, has now dropped out. Kamala Harris, crippled by Tulsi Gabbard in a debate, is shuttering her campaign in New Hampshire and plans to make her last stand in Iowa. Bernie Sanders is now swinging harder to the Left while Elizabeth Warren proposes blowing $52 trillion on medicare-for-all. Biden is the closest thing to a moderate among the front runners, but his age, poor fundraising, gaffs, and the Ukraine scandal continues to damage his aspirations. All this seems to be leading to a Bloomberg candidacy. Talk runs strong that Eric Holder or Hilary Clinton might yet jump in as well. Presidential chaos on the Left seems eminent.

INTERVIEWING A REAL WHISTLE BLOWER: Far-Left comedian Jimmy Dore interviewed a whistle blower behind the use of waterboarding. Neither believes the "whistle blower" against Trump is anything more than a political tool and certainly not a legitimate whistle blower. Watch the interview but beware of some language.

EPSTEIN MURDERED? MEDIA COVER UP? A renowned pathologist thinks he was killed. Meanwhile a leaked video at ABC revealed they had the whole story on Epstein in 2016. It was canned over threats from the royal family - but we suspect the "royal family" was as much the Clinton dynasty as the English monarchy. And now CBS has fired the suspected leaker - or shall we call her a whistle blower? - who had worked at ABC before joining CBS. Is this ABC-CBS collusion? But let's not leave NBC out. Rowan Farrow's new book is revealing how NBC may have helped cover up for Harvey Weinstein.

TWITTER BANS POLITICAL ADS: With President Trump breaking fundraising records, Twitter will not be letting him spend his war chest on Twitter ads. Political ads are now banned - but will this only last through the 2020 election?

OBAMA SLAMS WOKE POLITICS: Former President Obama scolded the Left for the damage being done by woke politics. We applaud his efforts.

GUESS WHO TRUSTS THE CIA? Democrats, Liberals, and Clinton voters. How things have changed since the liberals slammed the agency over WMDs.

PHOTO CONTROVERSY: As SCOTUS shifts right, the liberals grasp at straws. Homosexual activists want Alito and Kavanaugh to recuse themselves in cases related to homosexuality after a photo was posted of them with the leader of National Organization for Marriage and the International Organization for the Family. Has anything similar been said about Ginsburg on abortion with all her connections to pro-choice organizations like NOW?


DEATH OF BAGHDADI: The twin killings of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi along with his likely successor, should be Trump's bin Laden moment. The media quickly downplayed the success, with one outlet calling him an austere religious scholar and columnist Max Boot backtracked after claiming Baghdadi's suicide bombing with his three children wasn't cowardly. Some attempted to create a conspiracy theory over the timing of Trump's situation room photo. Others in the media complained that Trump said Baghdadi died "whimpering and crying" since there was no audio in what he viewed. Whether or not Trump heard Baghdadi in his final moments, the president was in many ways speaking to Mideast Muslims in the traditional language of honor and shame - the kind of language that will help keep others from taking on the mantle of ISIS and continuing their demonic acts of terror. The media knows not this language, and their contempt for the President keeps them from acknowledging the death of Baghdadi as a great day for both America and the Islamic world.

WAR ON CARTELS: After Americans were brutally killed in Mexico's drug war, President Trump declared his willingness to wage war on the cartels. We hope Mexico's president re-considers the offer. The Monroe Doctrine means American troops defending the nations of the New World, not just the nations of the Mideast.

MIGRANTS GOING HOME: In other Mexico news, it is being reported that thousands of Latin American migrants seeking asylum in the US are abandoning their quest. As legitimate asylum cases are moving quickly, those with rocky claims appear to be giving up and going home.

BRITISH ELECTIONS: Coming December 12. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

SALVINI COMEBACK? Matteo Salvini, leader of Italy's ousted nationalist Lega party, is continuing his party's comeback after winning in a liberal stronghold.


THE BOY REMAINS: After a divorced mother demanded gender reassignment treatment for her seven year old son, a Texas judge has ruled that both parents must agree before moving forward. The father is adamantly opposed and his son has decided to attend school dressed like the average boy. According to one story on the matter, studies show that "as many as 98 percent of gender-confused boys and 88 percent of gender-confused girls eventually accept their biological sex."

COVINGTON LAWSUIT RESUMES: A judge has decided to allow discovery to move forward in the Nicholas Sandman case. As information is released to Sandman's lawyers, the process could be quite damaging to the Washington Post's defense. We're sure other media outlets are worried as well.

IN-FLIGHT SEX SCENES: Delta Airlines will now be showing unedited gay sex scenes in their in-flight movies. Why are any sex scenes needed on in-flight movies?

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