Saturday, July 25, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, JULY 25

by A. Joseph Lynch


AFRICAN CARDINAL SLAMS BLM: Cardinal Napier of Durban, South Africa is rejecting the Black Lives Matter movement. The black prelate, who fought apartheid in his native country, says the movement has been hijacked by radicals and is opposed to marriage and the family. Would that the US had more bishops to say the same.

GERMAN CHURCH DECLINE: The Archdiocese of Frieburg will be closing 960 of the archdiocese's 1000 parishes in order to create 40 "mega-parishes". The Vatican rejected a similar plan by the bishop of Trier. Meanwhile nearly one third of German Catholics are considering abandoning the Faith.

MCCARRICK DEPOSED: Three lawsuits have been filed with three dioceses against defrocked McCarrick. He will soon be deposed ahead of courtroom proceedings. Reports are coming out about what is alleged in the lawsuits - including information about his infamous beach house. McCarrick is the Epstein of American Catholic Church - and he could certainly name many names.

PRIEST VINDICATED: Fr. Eduard Perrone was cleared of sexual abuse claims and awarded $125,000 in damages by the unanimous vote of an arbitration panel. It appears that Perrone, a Latin Mass celebrating priest, was targeted by officials in the Archdiocese of Detroit over his traditionalist views.


PORTLAND RIOTS: For over fifty days the city of Portland has been beset with riots. Portland only reached the news, however, because the president sent federal officers to protect federal property in the city. The mayor of Portland recently walked with the rioters but was booed and driven away - like the mayor of Minneapolis - when he wouldn't commit to abolishing the police. In Oakland the city mayor's home was vandalized by the far Left. As Democrat mayors and governors say they prefer to keep law enforcement from defending their cities while rejecting federal assistance amid the killing, the district attorney of Philadelphia is going farther: he's threatening to arrest federal officers if they come to Philadelphia. Americans will soon see President Trump and GOP are the only ones who will protect them from the mob.

WHITE BLM SUPPORT DROPS: According to the poll data site, Civiqs, white support for Black Lives Matter stands at a meager 41%. See the full data here

"TRUMP IS OUR PRESIDENT": For tweeting this obvious fact, one popular baseball coach and Social Studies teacher in Michigan was fired

CORONAVIRUS DEATH DECLINE? Despite the high case totals, the number of those dying from coronavirus seems to be declining. The week-to-week numbers from the CDC appear to take a dramatic drop between the weeks of 7/11 and 7/18. Keep an eye on their numbers to stay updated.

CENSUS REDUX: President Trump has ordered that census data from illegal aliens cannot be used to apportion House districts following the 2020 census. This follows his failed attempt to add a citizenship question to the census itself. While it is all but certain this will end up in court, readers can look at the (short) order as written.


GLOBALISM VS. NATIONALISM: Globalism dominated American foreign policy since the end of the Cold War, but nationalism has risen since Trump victory in 2016. Learn more about both - and which will be victorious - in this Dr. Pence-inspired video.

TURKEY CANCELS NETFLIX SHOW: The Turkish government cancelled the filming of a Turkish Netflix production over the inclusion of a homosexual character. It is clear that Turkey is rightly returning to traditional morality and its Islamic faith and turning away from secular European atheism.

RED BULL FIRED UP: The Austrian-based company fired two "woke" American top execs after they sought to lead the company in a pro-Black Lives Matter direction.


THE STORY OF ALEX KUENG: The killer of George Floyd might have been a seasoned police officer, but the majority of the other cops were rookies. One officer - Alex Kueng - was only on his third day on the job - and the killer was his training officer. One sad story explains how, despite his clear inexperience and deference to his instructor, Kueng not only faces prison but his family and friends have turned on him.

HOW THEY LOST CONTROL: An article on how civic leaders allowed Minneapolis to descend into chaos self-destruction.

RACIST MAGIC CARDS: A popular card game is under scrutiny for supposedly "racist" cards. What does this have to do with George Floyd?

JOHN WAYNE AIRPORT: An airport in California with John Wayne's name on it may be getting a new name because Wayne is being accused of - you guessed it - racism. Again, what does this have to with George Floyd?

INTERSECTIONAL SPACE RACE: Business Insider thinks that the space race was not about beating the atheist Soviets to the moon, but rather putting women, homosexuals - and blacks - in space. The Soviets might have won the "intersectional" space race - and it reminds us that the radical Left-wing movements of the Sexual Left go hand-in-hand with our old communist-atheist foe. 

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