Saturday, May 15, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, MAY 15

by A. Joseph Lynch


THE CATHOLIC PALETTE: We're excited to announce the publication of our book, The Catholic Palette. The book (available in print or as an eBook) was written by myself and the late Dr. David Pence. It's written for Catholic educators and parents to better help them form a clear picture of our faith - a picture that includes all the vibrant colors of the Catholic paint palette. For a full preview, please watch this video from our YouTube channel Religion, Sex, and Politics.

MINISTRY OF CATECHISTS: Back in January, Pope Francis issued the motu proprio Spiritus Domini, which granted women full access to the ministries of acolyte and lector - two ministries effectively denies to lay men for decades (nay centuries). This error paved the way for another step in the wrong direction in the Pope's newest motu proprio, Antiquum Ministerium, which has invented a new ministry altogether (and of course have it open to women as well). What Francis doesn't understand is that the instituted ministries of the Church were always connected to the liturgy first and foremost. This is why there was never any ministry of the catechist. Rather, that "ministry" would have been found in connection to the lector, who not only proclaimed the word of God in the liturgy but also taught the word of God a a catechist. Rather than invent a new ministry - and we fear many useless instituted ministries will soon follow - the Pope should have beefed up the lector by declaring one must be a catechist before installation as permanent lector. He could have also beefed up the acolyte by declaring all extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion must be acolytes (as Canon Law suggests). And most important of all, he should beef up the role of lay men in the liturgy by rescinding Spiritus Domini

BIDEN'S HUNDRED DAYS: Biden's first hundred days are over and in this time he's given us a slew of shady and un-American executive orders while allowing a series of crises to overcome the nation and the globe: a border crisis, an oil crisis, an inflation crisis, and now a Mideast crisis. As he outsources more and more of his duties to Harris, it's clear there is no one at the wheel of state.

WAR MONGER IN CHIEF: As President Trump planned to withdraw American forces from fighting more needless wars, Biden plans to outspend Trump in military spending. Get ready for more war. America's retired generals and admirals know this and more than 120 of them have written an open letter questioning the 2020 election and Biden's mental fitness to act as commander in chief.

US CENSUS AND ELECTIONS: Last week we posted on the US Census' odd underestimation of the vote turn out in 2020. Here's an article with more information. And if you find this intriguing, you may be interested in learning more about a Dominion-related lawsuit in Michigan that alleges evidence of voter fraud.

LIZ CHENEY OUT: In a sign that President Trump is steering to control the GOP, the neoconservative Trump-hating daughter of Dick Cheney has been voted out of her GOP Congressional leadership role and replaced with a Trump supporter. This is a good move for President Trump, who is readying new rallies for the summer. We hope this bodes well for 2022.

ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT: Israel has begun a military incursion into the Gaza Strip as Palestinian fire rockets into Israel. What started the conflict and why has it escalated? More on this from Caspian Report

DEFENDING FRENCH LANGUAGE: While many conservatives wrongly fear the influence of Islam in France, the French nation sees America's woke culture a much greater danger. The US may tolerate "gender neutral" language, but the French state has now banned anew the neutering of the French language in schools. France, whose Frankophone civilization spans many nations, will not allow the spread of America's cultural imperialism to threaten French heritage and identity.

MASKS OFF: The CDC is calling for an end to masks and social distancing among those who are vaccinated. Despite the recommendations from scientists and medical experts, Democrats are still insisting on masks as a CNN anchor chokes back tears. Meanwhile Wal-Mart has announced it will end  its mask policy later this month. 

BUILDING ON TRUMP: It would seem Joe Biden doesn't believe American heroes as he officially jettisoned President Trump's plan to build a Garden of Heroes. As leftists tore down America's statues, President Trump boldly sought to build even more. Biden, it appears, will only continue the Leftist purge of American history. At the same time, the border crisis is such that Biden may continue building parts of Trump's border wall. These facts alone should be proof enough of the crisis engulfing our southern border at this time. But if that isn't convincing enough, even the New York Times is calling on Biden to finish the wall.

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