Saturday, May 22, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, MAY 22

by A. Joseph Lynch


ANOTHER SWORD DISCARDED: As the Knights of Columbus have tossed the sword, so also has the prestigious Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. The cardinal who made the decision is replacing the sword used in the investiture ceremony with the crozier - because he believes the crozier (which symbolizes the weapon of the shepherd) is less violent and because it can be used to intuition both men (as knights) and women (as dames) into the order. A pacifist cardinal cowtowing to feminist equality demanded men lose the historic symbol of knighthood. More from Church Militant

WORSHIPPING FEMINISM: An English church may soon be quite literally worshipping at the altar of feminism. It is being reported that in the name of "battling inequality and injustice" old sacred art in the church will be replaced with figures of women who represent feminism. No saints, no reference to God. True religion replaced with atheist-feminist humanism.

BIDEN COMMUNION SHOW DOWN: We await a final decision from the USCCB regarding Biden's illicit reception of the Eucharist, but it appears that the pro-Biden liberals in the US have received some firepower from the CDF. Cardinal Ladaria, the head of the CDF, wrote the USCCB to say that even if they called for a Communion ban, each bishop has a right to decide whether or not he would enforce it. Although we sometimes think this issue only impacts Americans, Rome would find itself in a pickle when US bishops crack down on pro-abortion Catholic politicians while nothing is down about the same kinds of politicians in Europe. In any case, we'll soon see which bishops will speak up against the "Catholic" man in the White House who supports abortion and refuses to mention God on the national day of prayer.  

GERMANS BLESS GAYS: In a stunning act of revolt against Pope Francis and the recent teaching of the Church concerning the blessings of gay couples, about 100 churches across Germany began bestowing the blessings anyway. It's been 500 years since the wayward German priest, Martin Luther, led a revolt against the Church - it appears another revolution is afoot. Sadly only crickets have been heard thus far from the Vatican.


REPUBLICANS AND REDISTRICTING: Politico sums up a good 2020 election year at the state level for Republicans - who now control state redistricting going into a likely GOP landslide in 2022.

VOTING FOR RICE: Former President George W. Bush told the world who he voted for in 2020:  Condoleezza Rice. This comes as no surprise as Bush always favored the careerist Rice over veteran men like Colin Powell. The neocon Bush, ever happy to plunge the US into needless war and foster the aims of globalism, cannot understand nationalist leaders like Trump and Putin. It's no surprise he struck out against the modern Trump-led GOP. A globalist establishment Republican like Bush (or Romney) can only through false labels at the America First policy, they can never understand it.

AMERICA FIRST CAUCUS: Speaking of America First, even proponents of an American First policy don't always have a handle on its meaning. It was recently reported that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene sought to create an America First Caucus in Congress - and it would support "Anglo-Saxon political traditions" and condemn immigration. The reports easily be mistaken, but it would not surprise us at all if some people in Congress took America First in a direction Trump would not have intended.


BOKU HARAM LEADER DEAD? It is being reported that the leader of Boku Haram - the dominant Wahhabi terrorist group in central Africa - has died in a suicide explosion. The explosion appeared to take place as he was about to be captured - not by government forces but by an Islamic State terrorist group seeking to steal Boku Haram's dominance in the region. Time will tell which terror organization emerges victorious, but this may be the twilight of Boku Haram's hegemony in the region. 

COAST GUARD VS. IRAN: A US Coast Guard ship recently fired warning shots at an Iranian ship in the Persian Gulf. But why isn't anyone asking why a US Coast Guard ship was operating the Persian Gulf?

MORE TROOPS TO GERMANY: Biden's Defense Secretary has performed a 180 on President Trump's plans to cut troops from Germany. Now the US is sending more. Does anyone ever ask why we need to be sending troops to Europe in the first place?


WOKE DISNEY TRAINING: Disney couldn't help but jump on the woke bandwagon as it is reported that new employee training would teach that America was founded on systemic racism and even give white employees a "white privilege" checklist. We're not surprised that Disney reported second quarter loss of $600 million. Get woke, go broke.

RELIEVED OF COMMAND: A Space Force commander has been relieved of his command and is now under IG investigation over public comments regarding his new book, which claims that Marxism is slowly infecting the US military. All this came after the military told him his book did not need further DoD review ahead of publication. We're glad to say that the book, Irresistible Revolution: Marxism's Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military, became the #1 best seller on Amazon.

SOCIAL DISTANCING EFFECTIVE? A recent MIT study cast doubts on the efficacy of social distancing.

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