Saturday, September 18, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18

by A. Joseph Lynch


MEL GIBSON SPEAKS OUT: Mel Gibson recently shared his thoughts on the current state of the Church. His comments about Vatican II and Pope Francis aside, Mel Gibson made some very good points about the bishops, scandals, and cancelled priests. Here's the short coverage of the full Gibson video from Taylor Marshall.

A GAY SAINT? Homosexual priest, Michael Judge, who died at the World Trade Center on 9/11, is being pushed for sainthood by gay activists. It's clear the activists are merely using Judge to further their ideology in order to push ahead with homosexuality in Catholic teaching and we hope this movement gains no further traction. 

"NOT DEMOSTRATING CATHOLIC TEACHING": Catholic Democrats at one time used the "Cuomo defense" (a defense Bishop Tobin calls a "pathetic excuse [that] doesn't fly anymore") in regards to their stance on abortion, saying "I'm personally opposed to abortion, but I don't want to impose my beliefs on others." Joe Biden and other "Catholic" Democrats are now openly admitting their defiance to the natural law and Church teaching. Biden recently said "I respect those who believe life begins at the moment of conception... I don’t agree, but I respect that." In response, DC Cardinal Gregory was forced to admit that these words of Biden are "not demonstrating Catholic teaching." Sadly the cardinal, who joyfully condemned President Trump at every chance, would not do the same in his very short, let's-move-along, comments on Biden. 


BIDEN'S SAIGON: The fall of Afghanistan is Biden's Saigon - or even worse than Saigon. Watch the the first two parts (part one and part two) of a three part series made by Religion, Sex, and Politics. A video on the fallout is coming soon. In the meantime we're seeing some of that fallout in Vietnam's re-orientation towards China, Taiwan under new pressure, North Korea restarting it's nuclear program, Iran a month away from nuclear bomb materials, and Russia completing the Nord Stream II pipeline to Germany. At home, Biden's domestic program is on the line as Manchin backs out of the $3.5 trillion Democrat spending bill and Democrats now lack the votes to pass it.

BIDEN'S WAR CRIME: After an ISIS-K suicide bomber in Kabul killed 13 American soldiers and over 100 Afghani civilians, Biden needed some kind of quick victory that he could share with the seething American people. Despite conflicting intelligence reports, Biden frantically ordered an airstrike on "high level" ISIS-K targets. It turns out he targeted men filling up water jugs along with their extended family, women and children. Those on the ground thought the attack was ISIS. It turned out it was Joe Biden - who some are accusing of a war crime. And like the fatal withdrawal from Afghanistan, no one in the Biden Administration, the military, or the intelligence community will be held accountable beyond issuing a vague apology.

AMERICAN HOSTAGES IN AFGHANSTAN? Reports indicate that many American citizens are still sitting on airplanes in Kabul waiting for the Taliban to release them. When will they be declared hostages?

MILLEY'S TREASON? Reports from new Bob Woodward and Robert Costa book told of secret phone calls between the head of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Mark Milley, and his counterpart in China just ahead of the 2020 election and soon after the Capitol Riot of January 6. During theses secret calls, Milley pledged to China that he would warn them should America plan to attack. It was also said Milley held a secret meeting with military leaders to keep Trump from functioning as the commander in chief should war draw near in his final days as president. The leaders, it is reported, were even asked to swear their allegiance to Milley. Should these reports turn out to be true, Milley is certainly open to court martial for treason - an offense punishable in the Constitution by death. It appears there must be something to the story, as excuses for his actions are now coming from the Pentagon while Trump's former SecDef is blasting Milley for his actions. We expect more will develop with this story.

LATEST BORDER CRISIS: Thousands of Hattians are storming across the US border in Texas in the newest border crisis under Biden's watch. Drone video revealed stunning images of illegal immigrants crossing the Rio Grande on their way into an unsanitary federal encampment in Texas. The numbers, however, swelled so large that they exceeded the government's ability to supply them with water and food. A virtual economy is now growing on site as immigrants go back and forth between Mexico and Texas for supplies. All this comes as Biden announced his new vaccine mandate will not include illegal immigrants. The dramatic images were so shocking that we are not at all surprised that Biden ordered the FAA to shut down the site's airspace to drones. It is a clear cover up of yet the most recent Biden disaster. Rather than help seal the border so this won't happen again, today it was announced Biden plans to fly many of the Hattians home. How long before they work their way back to the border?

NEWSOM WINS RECALLS: It appears the 6 million Trump voters opted out of the California recall election this week as less than 3.5 million voted to remove Newsom while 5.8 million voted to keep him. The GOP needs to recognize its MAGA base if it is going to win elections - even in states like California. Meanwhile, Newsom has a free hand to impose new COVID restrictions and vaccine passports while the Democrat-controlled California legislature plans to make future recalls tougher.


AUKUS - PACIFIC NATO? Australia - which is in the middle of a draconian-fascist lockdown over the coronavirus - has announced a new alliance partnership with the US and the UK, taken together called AUKUS. The goal of the alliance is to ensure Australia has access to nuclear submarines - an anti-Chinese move if ever there was one. China is furious. Meanwhile, Japan and India are angry they have been cut out of the alliance, and France is seething as Australia backed out their conventional submarine contract. What's more, no nation who sails nuclear submarines lacks nuclear bombs. Will Australia soon be going nuclear?

MEXICO, ABORTION, & COLUMBUS: In what appears to be a response to the US Supreme Court's favorable - if perhaps temporary - ruling on Texas' abortion law, the Mexican Supreme Court unanimously voted to decriminalize abortion nationwide. This comes as troubling news as Mexico is the world's second largest Catholic country. We were not surprised to see Mexico City stuck by a massive earthquake that very night. Within days of this ruling, Mexico City announced it was removing a statue of (Catholic) Christopher Columbus and replacing it with a monument dedicated to (pagan) indigenous women. It's clear who's in charge in Mexico.

TAIWAN - THE WESTERN TOEHOLD: China is threatening to send military aircraft over Taiwan - which would all but shut down commercial flights into and out of the island - after "the blob" in DC leaked the US might upgrade diplomatic ties with Taiwan. All this follows a conversation between Biden and Xi Jinping in which Biden assured Xi Jinping that the US wants peace. Meanwhile Taiwan continues to act as a Western toehold in the far east, becoming the first Asian "nation" to legalize gay marriage. Even now a recent video from the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is treating gay rights as though they were human rights. Perhaps it's time Taiwan goes home to China.

AMERICA'S FOREIGN POLICY IN TATTERS: What is America's role in the world in 2021? Are we in a better position now than on September 11, 2001? Pat Buchanan offers some analysis.


"FDA APPROVED" VACCINE EXPLAINED: Despite being "FDA approved", the Pfizer vaccine being distributed today is still the EUA (emergency use authorized) vaccine and not the FDA approved "Comirnaty" vaccine. The two vaccines might be virtually identical in all but name, but Robert Barnes explains why Comirnaty is not on the market: 1) once Comirnaty is widely in use, the EUAs for vaccines like those from J&J and Moderna will lose their EUA status; 2) until Comirnaty is FDA approved for all children, Pfizer could be liable to lawsuit in cases of dangerous vaccine reactions. It's clear the FDA approval was not meant to reassure of the public of the vaccine's safety but rather to give cover to politicians to begin vaccine mandates - like the one recently announced by Biden - and even vaccine passports.

VACCINE PASSPORTS - RACIAL SEGREGATION: A recent report from Brownstone reveals striking parallels between vaccine mandates and racial segregation. A vaccine passport system in New York, for example, means that "86.4% percent of African-Americans are excluded from participation in public life, as well as 85.2% of Asians, and 80% of Hispanics." Read the full report for more.

HOW DANGEROUS IS COVID? According to The Atlantic, roughly 48% of those hospitalized with the coronavirus were either asymptomatic or had mild symptoms. This could mean that many hospitalized with other ailments, yet who tested positive for COVID, are being labeled as "COVID hospitalization" - very misleading. Given this are we at all surprised that this leaked Zoom call between hospital officials revealed their plans to make the virus seem more dangerous that it really is?

END OF THE US MILITARY? Roughly half of all men in uniform have not been vaccinated - yet the military now requires this of them by December 15. Many will choose not to be vaccinated and be drummed out of the service. Is mandatory vaccination against a disease that has a 99% survival rate (and likely an even higher survival rate for healthy men in the military) worth losing upwards of half your fighting force? Perhaps this was the plan all along for those on the Left who are driving these mandates.

BANNING CHILD BRIDES: While the Philippines is a largely a Catholic, it 's southern islands are home to many Muslims, and sadly many dangerous Salafis. Spearheaded by a Catholic priest, the nation has now passed a legal ban on child brides - a practice all too common in the poorer areas of the  Islamic south. Those caught marrying children now face up to 30 years in prison.

MINNEAPOLIS CHAOS: In the wake of the George Floyd death and Chauvin trial, it's being reported that traffic stops in Minneapolis have dropped 74% and and foot patrols plunged 69%, while murders in Minneapolis are on track to reach a 20-year high. This comes as a Minneapolis man who fired on police was acquitted for self-defense. The woke mob is in control and the citizens of the city are going to suffer accordingly.

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