Saturday, September 25, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25

by A. Joseph Lynch


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FEMALE SWISS GUARDS? A new barracks is under construction for the Swiss Guard in Rome, but the barracks are being built to house women as well as men. It's reported that Francis himself was not aware of this, but it's obvious sexual revolutionaries are running wild in the halls of the Vatican.

FIGHT FOR MONTENEGRO: Orthodox Christians in Montenegro are Serbian Orthodox, yet Western forces have worked tirelessly to reorient the small nation away from its Serbian mother church. Hopes are to split the church in Montenegro in a way that the Ukrainians split their church from the Patriarch of Moscow. When the local archbishop in Montenegro died from the coronavirus, both his episcopal successor and the patriarch consecrating him had to be flown in by helicopter and shielded by police as pro-Western protestors blocked all roads to the church.

SPOTLIGHT - ILLINOIS ORGY: More excellent - if disturbing - reporting from Church Militant. This time uncovering an alleged orgy that took place among clergy in Illinois, including the current Archbishop of Omaha, George Lucas. Lucas had appointed an investigation into the allegations years ago - an investigation that did little investigating into Lucas' involvement while exposing virtually everyone else who took part.

CHINA'S RELIGIOUS REVIVAL: There's a religious revival going on China, especially in terms of Confucianism. 


BIDEN'S BAD HOUR: Biden had a very bad hour during the afternoon of September 17. According to the AP, it was all within the span of about an hour that the Pentagon admitted to killing ten innocent Afghani civilians in an airstrike Biden pressed, the FDA rejected COVID booster shots for most Americans, and France recalled its ambassador following the botched AUKUS rollout. Things are going from bad to worse for this administration.

BIDEN APPROVAL TANKING: Quinnipiac now has him at 42%. Newsweek is reporting that voters believe Trump was a better president than Biden. Rasmussen now has Trump beating Biden or Harris in 2024. McLaughlin polling says the same. All further signs Trump will soon announce another run for the presidency.

FEDS AT J6 RALLY: A recent rally held in Washington DC on behalf of those wrongly imprisoned after the January 6 Capitol Riot was bit of a dud as Trump himself rejected if for hear it was being used by his adversaries to instigate false-flag riots that would be pinned on Trump. As it turns out, it appears more police and obviously undercover federal agents attended than supporters of the "J6" political prisoners. 

FAUCI FUNDING RUN WILD: After apparently lying to Congress about funding "gain of function" research - which is arguably tantamount to creating bioweapons - on novel coronaviruses in China, reports have emerged that Fauci also funded "gain of function" research on the far deadlier MERS-like (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) coronavirus. 


US AND THE SAUDIS: Robert Mueller, former FBI director who ran a sham investigation into President Trump, is being sued for covering up alleged Saudi involvement in 9/11. Meanwhile the US is pulling air defense weapons from Saudi Arabia as it works a deal to run maintenance operations on Saudi aircraft still involved in a genocidal war against the Houthi of Yemen. As the US-Saudi ties weaken, Saudi Arabia is looking increasingly to the Russians, Chinese, and Indians.

AFGHAN CORRUPTION: The Taliban have seized over $12 million in cash and gold from the homes of former government officials - a further sign of the rampant corruption of the former government and yet another reason why it collapsed so quickly.

INDIA'S GRAND STRATEGY: As China spreads its influence across Eurasia, India pursues its own grand strategy. More from Caspian Report.

EU ARMY? The fallout from the AUKUS rollout continues as the French demand retribution for being denied a role in the alliance and losing billions in a cancelled submarine deal with the Australians. Fearing that the French might torpedo Russian sanctions in the coming weeks, Biden humiliated himself in a recent phone call with French leader Macron and even tacitly approved an EU army that could one day replace NATO. From the Joint US-French Statement: "The United States also recognizes the importance of a stronger and more capable European defense, that contributes positively to transatlantic and global security and is complementary to NATO."


COVID HYSTERIA: A leaked Zoom call between hospital administrators revealed the level to which they would lie in order to push COVID hysteria. Meanwhile Project Veritas is revealing more about vaccine coverups.

"RACIST" VACCINE PASSPORTS: In a move we all saw coming, New York's vaccine passports - which are necessary to take part in society - are being branded "racist" as the number of a blacks and minorities who are unvaccinated are far higher than whites. BLM - an unlikely ally - plans to lead an "uprising" against the passports. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out.

TEXAS HEARTBEAT LAW UPDATE: Now allied with Satanists - who recently made abortion a religious ritual - in their opposition to Texas' fetal heartbeat law, abortion proponents are doing everything they can to resist while the law prepares to go before SCOTUS. The new "Catholic" governor of New York plans to bring Texans to her state for abortions. Other states are looking at travel bans to Texas while at least one Hollywood film project is cancelling its Texas production. Now we learn that a Texas "doctor" has performed an abortion to test the law. He's now being sued under the law's own provisions.

AOC'S MET GALA HYPOCRISY: AOC was recently blasted for wearing a "tax the rich" dress at a gala where each person had to pay $30,000-$50,000 a ticket to attend. And none of these attendees wore masks (something that even leftist Bill Maher found hypocritical). She apparently couldn't tell she was a walking billboard for hypocrisy. What are the chances that someone hob-nobbing with the ultra-wealthy will really "tax the rich"?  What's more, the designer of the AOC dress apparently is a tax "deadbeat", owing taxes in multiple states and hit with 15 tax warrants since 2015. 

MASKLESS EMMYS: Much like AOC and other celebrities at the MET Gala, the Emmys featured the country's out-of-touch celebrities crammed into an indoor event with no masks. One comedian, Seth Rogan, made jokes about it. "Rules for thee but not for me" is the name of the game for America's wealthy, liberal elites. They're laughing at us.

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