Saturday, October 2, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2

by A. Joseph Lynch


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IS GOD A "THEY"? The Jesuits are at it again. With transgender nonsense all the rage, it comes as no surprise that some are making renewed calls for gender-neutral pronouns for God. Yet God is "He" because gendered language is based in reality. One of the two most fundamental realities in the Christian faith is that "God became man" in Jesus. Not merely "man" in the generic sense, but a man in the gendered sense. To deny the maleness of Christ or the use of gendered male pronouns for God is heresy - and it stems in large part to the gender confusion so rampant today. Indeed, a further defense of gendered language for God is a key strategy we can use to reject the gender confusion of our times. 

ITALIAN PRIEST ARRESTED: Further clerical filth within the Church has been revealed as an Italian priest is arrested for selling date rape drugs at gay parties, and stealing tens of thousands of dollars from the Church for his gay lifestyle. Yet had it not been for the crimes, would this priest's open homosexual acts - which include throwing lavish gay parties at his home - have been revealed? We hear time and time again from Catholics that "we all knew" about a particular cleric's homosexual lifestyle, but when will Catholic laity step up, get word out, and see these clerics removed long before they get into the kinds of criminal behavior we're seeing? The clerical pedophilia scandal may be in the rear window, yet the homosexual sex scandals are clearly still ahead of us.

THE VATICAN COVID CONNIPTION: Despite teaching that the dignity of the human person requires that no one be compelled to take the vaccine, the Vatican is now not only requiring visitors to be vaccinated but will no longer pay unvaccinated employees their salaries. What happened to all that talk about the "dignity of the human person" and paying just wages? But are these so-called "green passes" really necessary to ward off the pandemic? According to Israel's Minister of Health caught over a hot mic, no: 'There is no medical or epidemiological justification for the COVID passport, it is only intended to pressure the unvaccinated to vaccinate."

"APOSTLES" OF NY "CATHOLIC" GOVERNOR: The new "Catholic" governor of New York says that those who are not vaccinated are not following God's will and that she needs "apostles" to preach the good news of the vaccine. At what point do vaccine enthusiasts form their own cult? Indeed, the band Kaiser Chiefs seemed to run their own evangelical-style worship service for the new cult at a recent concert. Words like "clean" associated with the vaxxed and "unclean" with those who are not, connote religious language which can easily be weaponized by the godless - be it COVID hysterics today or Nazis in the past - to criminalize, dehumanize, and even eradicate those deemed "unclean".


MARINE JAILED, MILLEY FREE: An outspoken critic of America's military leadership has been jailed for demanding accountability over the botched Afghan withdrawal. So far this man is the only person facing any repercussions over Afghanistan. The marine commander tried to resign his commission in protest only to be arrested. Meanwhile, in testimony before Congress, General Milley argued he couldn't have resigned in protest last summer because our thirteen soldiers who died during the bungled withdrawal couldn't resign. Did he ever stop to think that had he and other top military brass resigned last summer then maybe these Americans - and later Afghani civilians he bombed - would still be alive? And after defending his - perhaps treasonous - backchannel communications with the Chinese, when will Milley be put in the brig?

BIDEN AGENDA IN SHAMBLES: Democrats have passed legislation that will keep the government funded into December - yet in doing so have lost leverage over the "progressive" wing of their party. Because of this, demands are being made from the far left that both the $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill AND the $3.5 trillion social spending bill be passed. Standing in their way are rock solid "no" votes from senators Manchin and Sinema (who is coming under massive pressure from Arizona Democrats to cave). As it stands, it looks like nothing will be moving forward anytime soon... and the clock is ticking down on an October 18 default on the national debt. More from Dr. Steve Turley

ARIZONA AUDIT REPORT: Last Friday afternoon the company auditing the 2020 election in Arizona's Maricopa County released the results of its work. That morning, however, the media spin machine began releasing reports that the recount portion of the work only found that Biden won... by more votes than the official tally. What wasn't reported were all the inconsistencies discovered in the actual audit. These inconsistencies include: 
  • 23,344 mail-in ballots voted from a prior address
  • 9,041 more ballots returned by voters than received
  • 17,322 duplicates of early voting ballot return envelopes
  • Voters potentially voted in multiple counties
  • Allegations of deletions by Maricopa County voting officials
  • 86,391 voters have no identity match
The results of the Arizona Audit have even led one Trump-hating British commentator to admit: Trump was right, the election was rigged. More on this from Dr. Steve Turley.

HUNTER'S LATOP FILES AUTHENTICATED: Investigative reporter, Glenn Greenwald, recounts how the Hunter Biden laptop story - 2020's "October surprise" - was suppressed by the CIA, the media, and big tech in order to cover for Joe Biden and his drug-addict, money-hungry son Hunter. The New York Post - the nation's oldest newspaper - was even locked out of Twitter for a time over its coverage. It turns out that the laptop was neither "hacked" nor was it "Russian disinformation" as we were told. Politico, which big tech and media outlets considers "privileged" enough to publish its stories without censorship, is confirming the laptop emails - including an email about "10 for the Big Guy" and access to high level officials in China (both alleging payouts to Biden for access). A recently leaked email revealed Hunter would, in exchange for $2 million, essentially use his father's influence to release billions of frozen Libyan assets. It was clear a year ago that cover was being given for Hunter and Joe, but why the change in reporting now? Is this part of the pressure campaign on Biden to step down?


CASPIAN REPORT ON AUKUS: Caspian Report offers its analysis on the AUKUS fiasco that is dividing the "Western" alliance structure.

2021 SCO SUMMIT: While the US is busy alienating its allies, Russia and China have been busy integrating the Asian landmass under their leadership through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization ("SCO"). The recent summit not only saw the involvement of major leaders Xi Jinping, Putin, and Modi, but it also approved the entry of Iran. In doing so, China and Russia hope to alleviate Iran's economic woes and incentivize it to give up on nuclear weapons. As Biden and the the neoliberals/neoconservatives only plan for war, Russia and China are hard at work to create economic prosperity and peace in Asia.

TESTING PROPGANDA: In taking emergency use authorized vaccines, every vaccinated American has become a scientist's guinea pig for testing. But testing experimental drugs isn't the only thing governments have been testing during the pandemic. In Canada, the military used the outbreak as an opportunity to test propaganda on the Canadian people


WARNING ON FOUNDING DOCUMENTS: According the National Archives, documents such as the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence might be "difficult to stomach" and have received a warning label. To be sure, this is one of the multi-pronged attacks on America and its identity. The Left's vision for America requires a revolution, one that would require new founding documents. Warning labels is just one step towards eliminating our founding documents from civics classes (or what's left of civics classes) and further calls to create a "new" America with new founding documents.

DENZEL WASHINGTON ON GOD AND MEN: A good news article reporting on Denzel Washington's recent talk from a Baptist conference called The Better Man Event

GENDER REVOLUTIONARIES MARCH ON: With fewer than 50% of the people voting, the tiny (supposedly Catholic) European country of San Marino has voted to legalize abortion. Meanwhile Switzerland is legalizing gay marriage. Liz Cheney, the Trump-hating neocon daughter of Dick Cheney, now says she was wrong to oppose gay marriage. "The West" continues its downward spiral

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