Saturday, October 30, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30

by A. Joseph Lynch


PAPAL COLD SHOULDER: Joe Biden is so unpopular that the Catholic leader of the United States is getting a bit of a cold shoulder from Pope Francis - who has decided not to have any live press coverage of their meeting. 

AQUINAS ON THE UNNATURAL LAW: Dr. Scott Hahn gave an excellent presentation on law, the natural law, and the law of sin - or the unnatural law. We highly recommend watching.

LAST RITES DENIED: A Catholic statesmen in the UK was mortally stabbed - by what at first glance seems to be a Salafi extremist - during a local town hall event with his constituents in a church. But in an act more egregious than the assassination itself, the police would not allow a Catholic priest to give him last rites - thus jeopardizing the man's soul in his final moments. Their reasoning? Despite having the assassin in handcuffs, possession of the murder weapon, and multiple witnesses attesting to the attack, the police feared the priest would contaminate the crime scene. One can only suspect an anti-Catholic and/or an anti-conservative bias at play. At least The Guardian is demanding that the reception of last rites be a codified under British law as a right.

NO GODFATHERS ALLOWED: The small Sicilian city of Catania, Italy is banning godfathers for the next three years over the way the selection of godfathers is used to make mafia connections. Is this the best solution? One would think a limit - such as a family member - be temporarily imposed. Nevertheless, the fact that the mafia is effectively destroying the vital role of godfather in the lives of Catholics is a sign that the mafia is still winning this war. A nation steeped in the mafia already has a weakened fraternal life - but bishops who respond in this way are only weakening the Christian bonds of patriarchy and fraternity within the Church as well. 

ANGLICAN BISHOP CONVERTS: Michael Nazir-Ali, a British-Pakistani who was formerly the Anglican bishop of Rochester - and often critical of his church liberal teachings - is crossing the Tiber and coming home to Rome as a Catholic priest. The well-known cleric's conversion is not merely a great boon for the Church, but a sign that the Anglican ordinariate set up by Benedict XVI may pay huge dividends down the road.


NOT HYPERBOLE: Biden said this week it is "not hyperbole" to say that Democrat control of Congress - along with his presidency - are all on the line unless they are able to pass some spending bill.

REMAIN IN MEXICO RETURNS: After ending the very successful "Remain in Mexico" under President Trump, Biden has allowed the country to be overrun by migrant hordes and now plans to resume Trump's policy.

FAUCI'S HOUSE OF HORRORS: Dr. Fauci is embroiled in yet another controversy as it was recently discovered the NIH was unnecessarily allowing dogs to be slowly eaten alive "for science". As Jon Stewart reminded us on Colbert's late show, too many scientists are happy to do the abhorrent in the name of science. Sometimes doing so harms more than just dogs. The current pandemic might be proof of this.


PUTIN ON THE DANGERS OF WOKISM: Vladimir Putin reminds us all that "woke" ideology is not new. It was tried in 1917 Russia and in the decades proceeding followed. It was a disaster in Russia and he warns us to not let it happen here. More from Putin with Dr. Steve Turley commentary can be viewed here.

SUDAN MILITARY COUP: A military coup has overthrown the government in Sudan.

RISING TENSIONS: The US and its NATO allies are ramping up tensions with China and Russia. As the US seems to signal its support for Taiwan's independence, the Taiwanese government opening stated US troops are on the ground on the island. Meanwhile, Turkish drones assisted Ukraine attack a separatist artillery unit and temporarily seize a town. Given Turkey's membership in NATO, this means that NATO forces have actively assisted Ukraine inch closer to war with Russia.


FEMINISTS STERILIZATIONS: An increasing number of young feminists are having themselves sterilized. If demographics is destiny, conservatives with large families are destined to supplant the anti-human Leftists and their self-destructive acts of body mutilation. 

FIRED FOR BEING WHITE: A federal grand jury has awarded a man $10 million after they found his employer - seeking to promote "diversity" - had fired him for being white and replaced him with a black woman and white woman. It's very good to see the courts - and ordinary citizens - apply civil rights laws equally for all citizens and warn employers of what is to come if they apply critical race theory in the workplace. 

MOVIE "SHOOT": Alec Baldwin killed the cinematographer and wounded the director of his new film, Rust, in an accidental shooting on set. Though an accident, it is entirely possible Baldwin will be charged, not only because he was the shooter, but also because his role as producer leaves him liable for safety on set. What is going under reported is that the armorer - who is in charge of set weaponry - is an inexperienced 24-year old woman (who allegedly on a previous film handed an unchecked gun to an 11 year old). Under her watch, no fewer that three gun misfires have taken place on the set of Rust

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