Saturday, October 23, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23

by A. Joseph Lynch


UNDERSTANDING THE BIBLE: We invites our readers to watch the newest livestream class from Religion, Sex, and Politics entitled Understanding the Bible. The one hour class provides excellent information on the nature of divine revelation, the biblical narrative, and how to interpret the Bible.

MILITARY ARCHBISHOP ON MANDATES: Archbishop Broglio, who shepherds Catholics in the US military, has declared conscience rights of Catholics in the ranks who now face off against the Biden-imposed vaccine mandate. This comes as Biden is not only threatening nearly half of the military still unvaccinated, but is also threatening unvaccinated SEALS - perhaps America's healthiest men - with a lawsuit to repay the costs of their training.

TURKSON DEFENDS BIDEN: We were no fans of Cardinal Peter's Turkson's seeming campaign for the papacy back in 2013. His defense of "Catholic" Joe Biden on Holy Communion makes us all the more weary of this African cardinal.


SHARED ACCOUNT: Hunter and Joe shared a bank account which could leave Joe holding the bag for any criminal actions Hunter might have taken with the assistance of that bank account. What are the odds this will be investigated by Congress once the Republicans sweep into power next year?

#FREEDOMFLU: Corporations like Southwest Airlines are coming under increasing pressure as workers apparently call in sick over vaccine mandates, effectively costing the company millions of dollars. Some on the left are calling this, perhaps the most peaceful of peaceful protests, domestic terrorism. For its part, Southwest has caved to the #freedomflu and abandoned plans to put unvaccinated staff on unpaid leave.

INSANITY IN CHICAGO: Almost half of the Chicago PD are unvaccinated and at risk of losing their jobs. Leftist mayor, Lori Lightfoot, is doing what leftists do - calling them insurrectionists. She is also abusing the emergency support service by requesting suburban police ready themselves to step in as she considers wiping out half of her police force. Some argue the vaccine mandates are doing exactly what defund-the-police movement failed to do.

DEFENDING TAIWAN: According to a former US Marine Corps intelligence officer, the US cannot defend Taiwan from China, and it knows it. Yet bumbling Biden continues to make gaffe after gaffe regarding US commitment to the island. It's good to know that China is not taking American belligerence seriously as they know they will have total dominance of the Taiwan Straits should an invasion of Taiwan ever take place. At this point, how can anyone take Biden seriously on any major issue?

FUNDING GAIN-OF-FUNCTION: The NIH has changed its story on coronavirus gain-of-function research. It turns out it did fund this form of biological weaponry and Dr. Fauci lied to Congress.


THE EU STRIKES BACK: The globalists in the EU have struck a series of blows against conservative populist-nationalists in eastern Europe. First the the center-right chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz, resigned amid a corruption scandal, then the conservative leadership in the Czech Republic fell from power in national elections. Poland is in a struggle with the EU to retain national sovereignty over its own lands. The sights are now on Hungarian president, Viktor Orban, who faces re-election challenges next year

GEORGIA EX-PRESIDENT ARRESTED: While the weapons manufacturer turned-Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, continues to press Russia's red line by "leaving the door open" for Georgia to enter NATO, the globalists in the EU and America are stoking revolution in the small nation on Russia's southern border. The Russia-hating, Georgian ex-present, Mikheil Saakashvili, who was in exile after warrants were issued for his arrest, mysteriously returned to Georgia and was immediately arrested. The time was everything. He arrived just ahead of national municipal elections in hopes of stirring unrest. While the party in power narrowly won the elections, the party of Saakashvili is rejecting the results. Political chaos in Georgia makes the tiny nation one-step closer to collapse and political reorientation away from Russia.

MAPING WORLD CONFLICTS: Where are the world's current conflicts taking place? See this map to find out.

SILVER TRADE VISUALIZED: Silver is not only a precious metal in its own right, it's used in electronics and the renewable energy industry in addition to jewelry. We invite our readers to examine this chart that visualizes the silver trade.

WHICH NATION IS BEING SERIOUS? American military and political leaders were "stunned" to learn of China's new hypersonic missile tests. Their response? Slap the four stars of a full admiral on a man who identifies as woman - with no previous military career - then declare "she" was the first "woman" to be a four star admiral in the US Public Health Service. Which nation is being serious about using its military to pursue its best interests?


SUPERMAN GOES WOKE: The full scale, woke, SJW assault on America's superheroes continues as DC Comics announced that Superman will be bi-sexual. They followed this up by replacing "the American way" from his motto with "a better tomorrow," while rebranding the "motto" as a "mission statement". Our superheroes remind us of who we are, what we are called to be, and against whom we must fight. As such, these cultural heroes must be attacked and repurposed by the leftist cultural coup.

BORIS JOHNSON THE PRIDE FLAG: Boris Johnson's government is taking a stand against the new transgender-BLM version of the gay pride flag. No he's not banning the "pride" flag. He wants to fly the "traditional" pride flag. Because "conservatives" will conserve whatever liberals imposed on the world twenty years past.

NAVY ENGINEER, WIFE, ACCUSED OF ESPIONAGE: The Maryland couple are under arrest for attempting to sell our nuclear secrets. A BLM sign can be seen outside their home's doorway. 

TRANS RAPE IN VIRGINIA: As Virginia prepares for its gubernatorial elections next month, reports are emerging of a Loudon County school district covered up for a transgender boy who assaulted - and allegedly even raped - school girls in the girls' bathroom, to which he has complete unfettered access because he "identifies" as a girl. We hope Virginia wakes up to the next level of sexual chaos being imposed on us by the left.

"SPOOKY" IS A RACIST NOW, TOO? Scotland's National Theater has declared "spooky" a racist word. It joins the long list of words, objects, and actions that fall under what we would call racial pareidolia - seeing racism when it isn't really there.

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