Saturday, July 29, 2017

Religion and Geopolitics Review: Saturday, July 29

by Dr. David Pence and A. Joseph Lynch



President Trump continues to hire and fire as he seeks the best men to fill the right positions in a  government he is wresting from an established elite of Republicans, Democrats and Washington 's professional class. His picture of Andrew Jackson in the oval office is well chosen. He has announced by electronic messaging that the transgender experiment in the military will be ended soon. Details and official orders will follow but the message is sent. The president and his generals have concluded  that the maintenance of transgenders in the US military is an unnecessary distraction from the mission of the US military. President Trump is opposed in the Republican party on this policy by the same female Senators and John McCain who blocked the bill to remove forced health insurance programs on small businesses and individuals. President Trump's presidency began by upending the careerist establishment of the Republican party and the conservative posturing of Fox news personalities. President Trump will never fully govern from inside the Republican party or the conservative movement. He is a nationalist who can be both very conservative and very liberal.  Draining the Washington Swamp involved beating the Bushes in the Republican primary and the Clintons in the general election. But now his chief foe is the survivor of the Keating Five scandal who built a career   balancing Saudi interests, feminist ideology, and a liberal press into his peculiar status driven career as the establishment's "maverick".  John McCain has played a crucial legitimacy role for the sexual revolutionaries remaking our most fundamental institutions. He has been a handy media Republican spokesman to criticize conservatives when they got too conservative. He was supposed to be the candidate that Hillary Clinton was going to beat for the presidency. He has substituted a cultivated  disdain and gestures of moral umbrage toward world leaders in the place of strategic thinking. His moral compass and sense of outrage have never been deployed against his Saudi friends who he mislabels as  "our Saudi friends."  Senator McCain postures as the warrior in feminist Washington. No one has been more instrumental in emasculating and demoralizing the US armed forces who at different times he thought could be led by Sara Palin or Lindsey Graham.
The Christian and American tradition of adult protection has always rested on the male group protecting the village, town, state and nation while the mother protects her children. These are the protective bonds of sexual maturation that the sexual revolution inverted as men chanted, "Hell No! We Won't Go!" and women campaigned for abortion. The males would not be soldiers, the females would not be moms. To make America great again we must be brought back under the authority of God and once again foster matured male and female authority types. Sacral order is sexual order and our mission of national renewal will eventually be understood as a restoration of sexual order. It may seem strange to some but the way to begin this task of national restoration is by once again honoring the sacredness of the name of God in our daily customs and habits. Sexual order is a reflection of sacral order and there can be no return to motherhood in our homes and civic brotherhood on our city streets without a return to reverence toward the Father of us all.    


THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, TRADITION, AND CAPITAL PUNISHMENT: Along with the First Station of the Cross, a pretty convincing argument.

THE CHURCH OF INTERSECTIONALITYA conference attendee tells all.

CHRISTIANITY MUST BREATHE WITH BOTH LUNGS: Every pope for 200 years from Gregory in 600 AD was a GREEK.

WOMEN ON THE ALTARFemale servers and priestly vocations. Boys to men in the parish - the remarkable Knights of St. Tarcisius.

SELLING OUT THE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITIES - A 50-YEAR ANNIVERSARY: Monsignor Rutler on Land O'Lakes. The purpose of Catholic education - AOAEsolen on Land O'Lakes at 50.


WAR WITH IRAN - THE LIBERATION FORCE THAT WILL REPLACE "THE REGIME": We have heard this story of regime change  before.  And once again some usual suspects are at a regime change rally.  Giuliani, Gingrich, and Bolton are big advocates of overthrowing the elected government of Iran. All three were Trump supporters but are thankfully not in the inner circles of national security. Can it really be a good idea to overthrow the government of Iran and install a "western style democracy"? Pat Buchanan warns us. What is needed right now is a strong voice in the Senate from the left against this rush to war with the state that most effectively opposes the Wahhabi ideology of Saudi Arabia, ISIS, and al Qaeda. We have kept the wrong allies from the Cold War. We have made the wrong enemies =- a major reevaluation is necessary.

ALL MUSLIMS DON'T LOOK ALIKEConsider the Sufi. Let us love God and love one another. There are four schools of Islamic Law - why it matters.


IS THE LGBTQ MOVEMENT AFTER THE CHRISTIANS? Even the paranoid have real enemies.

JAMES MARTIN AND HIS RESPONDERS: A compilation. At AOA we feel the critics of Fr Martin SJ and his new book on building bridges between the Catholic Church and the LGBTQ lobby have been too tepid in defining the real problem. The relationship of the clerical homosexual subculture and the Church hierarchy is much more a problem of personnel than procedures. There is a huge subculture of homosexuals who weaken the brotherhood of fathers which is the interpersonal basis of the Catholic priesthood. This must be faced. As Elijah said, Israel must choose between two paths. But there is no Elijah among the bishops or priests who will tell the dirty secret and help organize an exposing and washing out of the Judas priests. Here is our series on masculine anthropology and reforming the Catholic priesthood.

In God's good time it will turn out beneficial that the huge homosexual clerical lobby is coming out more aggressively. Take names. Pope Francis has said the way to fight movements that portray themselves as new lights is to let them expose themselves by playing out their masquerade. They will never stop and their true identities will be exposed.  The Catholic Church has often had hidden homosexuals in the priesthood but we opened our seminaries and male religious orders to them the last fifty years after Vatican Two. The abuse scandal is a direct result of normalizing sexual perversion which allowed sexual predation. This soaking of the priesthood from multiple nations in the atmosphere of male homosexuality has created a certain voice and mannerism among even the heterosexuals. Forcing laymen who teach catechism to take another Virtus online quiz does not quite get at the enormity of the clerical crime and the depth of the corruption. Is retention of homosexual priests and bishops the solution or the problem? Is the homosexual priest a gift or an abomination? Elijah is asking.

US MILITARY AND THE WAR AGAINST BIOLOGY: The transgender who got pregnant.


SHOULD WE CARE ABOUT CONFUCIUS? A professor says yes and tells us why. For Christians, bringing the Gospel to the land of Confucius will necessitate respecting the elder. No one writes abut this better than Rev. Simon Chan.

TRUMP, RELIGION, AND THE WESTFrom American Greatness. Our take on Christianity and the West.

RELIGION AND AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICYAndrew Preston, author of Sword of the Spirit and Shield of Faith, is one thinker who has been arguing for over a decade that the whole history of American foreign policy is a religiously motivated conversation. We will review his book soon.

CHESTERTON ON KIPLING: Chesterton writes:
"The great message of Rudyard Kipling was this, that he saw and honoured the immense machinery of modern life; that he paid honour to the pulleys and decorated the cogwheels of civilization. He perceived this great and even awful fact, that we cannot get away, even in our lightest pleasures, from the presence of discipline and pain. In the very paths down which we stroll the way has been cleared like the blasting of a barricade; in the very gardens in which we linger the flowers have been drilled like soldiers...We may fling ourselves into a hammock in a fit of divine carelessness, but it is obviously very fortunate for us that the man did not make the hammock in a fit of divine carelessness. We may jump upon a child's rocking-horse in a fit of flamboyant nonsense, but we are glad that the maker of the rocking-horse did not, in a fit of flamboyant nonsense, omit to glue the legs to the stand... Other writers have to some extent drawn our attention to the fact that every one of our luxuries depends upon labour; to him was given the duty of drawing our attention to the fact that they also depend upon some organization of labour. Whenever we buy a flower, whenever we order a bottle of wine, we are depending ultimately on the fact that one man will obey another man, who will obey another man, who will obey another man. We hang upon discipline as we might upon a single thread suspending us from a precipice. In order that we may send the postcard, that card has to be treated by strangers who have never seen us, as if it were a King's dispatch or the fragment of a Fifth Gospel."   -- GKC, Daily News, October 15, 1902

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