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Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: Saturday April 27

                                                   by A. Joseph Lynch and Dr. David Pence


The same officials who missed the role of Saudis in 9-11-2001 fabricated
the role of Russians in the 2016 election   

The American intelligence services for two decades were misled by American political correctness and Saudi Arabian officials about the Islamic roots of the Salafist Sunni movement which was the mother's milk for Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. That Sunni movement today remains the ideological font of worldwide terror (including ISIS, Boko Haram and al Shabaab). It is based in Mecca and Medina promulgated by Wahhabi clerics and protected  by the guardians of the holy places - the Saudi royal clan. Inside Saudi Arabia, none of these groups are tolerated because military leadership stays in the hands of the Saudis. Ideologically they are bedmates but they will kill each other over who should lead the jihad. Think Stalin, Trotsky, and Communism.

When Donald Trump ran for President, many of the same American officials who missed the ideological home base of Islamic terror were misled by anti-Russian British intelligence officials about Donald Trump. These ambitious American careerists were religious illiterates. They shared the coastal elite's animus toward Trump. Once again they were manipulated by stronger men of different countries with clear views of their own countries' strategic interests. Both the prolonged Russian investigation and the Mueller era FBI non-investigation of Saudis and 9/11 came from agency careerists trying to win favor in the Washington DC baby boomer culture. That culture is enveloped by careerist power couples and blind to religion, male groups, and nations as the driving agents of history.

The Mueller Report, while unable to prove any active coordination between the Trump campaign and Russian government, showed they both had interests in defeating Hillary Clinton. She was the favored candidate of the military and security establishments of the Anglo-American alliance. That wasn't because she was a great leader but because she was utterly predictable and malleable by the bureaucrats. There is no discussion in the Report of the foreign manipulation by British and Australian agents. They expertly "recruited" the shared hatred for Donald Trump by John McCain and Hillary Clinton. The British as geopolitical actors were understandably against any new strategic alliance between the US and Russia. That would benefit the US but greatly diminish British importance in the asymmetrical Anglo alliance. Christopher Steele got paid but his motivation preceded requests for opposition research. Christopher Steele is in the best James Bond tradition of British intelligence.  He will take whatever pleasures and personal benefits come his way but in the end he wants to serve his country and hurt her enemies. He despises Russia and considered Donald Trump a foolish immature American who didn't understand the adult world of international alliances. The American politicians and intelligence officers he manipulated were no match for a man toughened as head of the Russian desk for M16 in London. The Russian dossier is a foreigner's disinformation campaign which had plenty of willing American megaphones. There is nothing so easily manipulated by foreigners as the small mindedness of party and government careerists - it's a bipartisan coastal elite character fault.

The Mueller report has laid out a case for impeaching the President for obstruction of justice. Mueller clearly explained he didn't indict Trump because of a Justice Department legal opinion that the way to charge a President is by articles of impeachment not indictments. He did say in a footnote that Trump could be indicted when out of office. The rebellion against the elected President continues. Mr. Mueller has never been a neutral. He has put forth the case and now the House is called on to impeach. The fact that many of us think the case is not only weak but ludicrous does not mean Mueller has not deliberately put forth an impeachment brief. The impeachment temptation may be irresistible for the Trump-haters. Even knowing the Senate would not remove him from office, the House Democrats could say the House patriots impeached but the Senate partisans covered up.

We need serious opposition to President Trump from the Congress about a foreign ally but it certainly isn't Russia. The disastrous foreign policy of the US allying with the Saudi perpetrators of 9/11 continues under President Trump. An alliance of Christian nations with Russia that could have taught Trump about the Salafists and reconfigured post Cold war international relations was sidelined by the prolonged Mueller investigation. Score one for the Brits. Add a cheer from the Saudis and Israelis. The Americans and international order are the losers. The small-mindedness of Trump's enemies in our own government and the brazenness of foreign leaders and operatives taking advantage of this situation present a stunning contrast. There are many powerful characters in this drama representing foreign national and "western-globalist" interests which are harmful to Christianity, the American nation, and our American President. Trump is more clear-sighted than the Bush brothers but he is blinded by his own inordinate hostility toward Iran and Barack Obama. He is missing the Saudi trickery partly because the Saudi hatred of Shiites dovetails with Israel's Netanyahu policy of demonizing Iran and fearing Hezbollah. There are very few American nationalists in either political party or the news media who can help sort out this confusion. It was one of the most substantial accomplishments of President Obama and his Iranian foreign policy team that he resisted "the blob" and made an opening to Iran. This was as significant as the Nixon Kissinger opening to China that was so crucial in the Cold War. But Obama's initiative has been swallowed by a bitter Republican partisanship and a blatant Israeli intervention. There are almost no American Christian thinkers who have enough of a geopolitical map in their heads to help sort this out and explain that the Shiites are our natural religious allies in this religious war.

Still we can take heart that things are much clearer today than before the Trump presidency. Robert Mueller will not do well in the light. Myopia and misdirection are the defining characteristics of Mueller's career in the FBI. Maybe it is some cosmic Karma that the FBI chief's stunning lack of interest in the Saudis after 9/11 was balanced by the Special Counsel's dragged out investigations of Russians after the Trump election. Mueller's inattention to the Saudis as FBI head in the decade after 9/11 is like Comey's whitewash of  Hillary Clinton for obstructing justice. The contrasts with how they treated President Trump make the ugly truth even more clear.

We are in a much better situation than the first years of the Trump Presidency. His calls were being leaked daily while his policies were resisted at every turn and level of the government. He was seriously thought of as a traitor. Those impugning his loyalty did so in the name of professionalism and "higher loyalties". Their own malfeasance was covered by the secrecy of the investigation.

May the light of this Easter season help us as Christians and American nationalists see clearly our natural allies - the Orthodox nations (esp. Russia), the Shia Muslim nations (starting with Iraq) and the Chinese and Hindu nationalists beset by Salafist Sunnis. We treat too many religious Muslim brothers as enemies. We treat our real Muslim enemies (who are much fewer) as friends.

President Trump has inherited a great intelligence and foreign policy failure that is much bigger than the Russia hoax. In the President's exuberance he is now driving even faster down a misguided path that the bipartisan foreign policy establishment initiated before he was elected. We owe him our loyalty and thanks and cooperation in securing our border and building our infrastructure. We also owe him our loyal opposition against collusion with Saudi Arabia. When he first announced for office he said we have to figure out "where the hell the hate is coming from." That question has not yet been answered. He is right it has something to do with Islam. He is misdirected that it is centered in Shiite Iran.

The two major sources of Salafist Sunni terror are 1) the ISIS caliphate of al Baghdadi which is now occult (thanks to Iran, Iraq and President Trump) and 2) the Wahhabi Saudi guardians of Mecca and Medina who operate in the wide open with our blessing. Our alliance with the Saudis betrays the 9/11 victims and shames our flag. We also must not forget the thousands of American men killed in Iraq after Salafist Sunnis funded largely by Saudi affiliates refused to allow a Shia majority government rule peacefully in ancient Babylon. The American removal of Saddam Hussein became the tragedy of Iraq when our major Arab ally undercut the establishment of an elected Shiite government. May we unveil the masks of the Evil One who slays Muslims at prayer in New Zealand, Christians at worship in Sri Lanka,  Shiite children at play in Yemen and Shiite men in protest in Saudi Arabia. None of this is our Father's work.     


THE LAITY AS AN ORDERThere is an important idea hereIs laicizing priests an insult?

FRANCISCAN UNIVERSITY AND SCANDAL: Like almost all male religious orders the Franciscans are full of rot - this is just beginning.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH CATHOLIC JOURNALISMThe editor of Crisis uses the death of Fr James Schall (RIP) to blast Pope Francis  Fr. Schall taught my son at Georgetown. He told him he was more Roman than Greek and we Minnesotans took that as a compliment. I thought Fr. Schall was more a Greek than Roman. He stayed at our home and a group of men I recruited went on a long trip with him. He was utterly enjoyable and instructive. To this day I remember two corrections he made about my political thinking and personality which were devastatingly accurate. Like almost all "conservative Catholic intellectuals" he missed the meaning of Donald Trump. He thought at first he was the favorite of the liberal cable news people because they thought he was the only Republican Hillary Clinton could beat. Quite the contrary he was the only man who could beat her and the media. Fr. Schall always struck me as much more a man of philosophy than prayer, of speech than action. But face to face, he bore the truth to both my son and me. He once wrote on my son's paper, "too much Pence, too little Plato." He was a phenomenal teacher. May his great soul rest in peace.

Apparently the only expert on Islam at Catholic blogspots Crisis and Catholic Thing is William Kilpatrick. We critically reviewed his very good book on Islam, Christianity and Atheism: Fighting for the Soul of the West. In his most recent Easter week contribution, he concludes from the bombing at Sri Lanka that all Muslims will cheer the killers as martyrs because of the conversion and jihad mandate in Islam. This is utterly irresponsible on his part but he is safe where he writes.
 Two groups have made our fight against the jihadists so incoherent. Those who say Islam has nothing to do with the fight and those who say Islam is metaphysically our enemy. As Kilpatrick says it is precisely the good Muslims who take God seriously who are our enemies.  Kilpatrick like Robert  Spencer at Jihad Watch and the deceased James Schall and the still breathing Cardinal Burke are all in the Islam is the Enemy camp. Their preening intellectual purity puts Christians around the world at great risk. They are right that the pursuit of the "moderate Muslim" is really a search for apostates who have become Western secularists but still carry their Muslim names from their parents. There are a lot of them in the Democratic Party endorsing abortion and sodomy while decrying Islamophobia. But that is not the whole of the debate and religious men should understand the claims of other religious traditions. The great majority of Muslims do not believe that killing Christians at prayer is doing God's Will. And because they are Muslims, the question before the house must be: what is God's Will? The secularists tell us no-one knows so ask that question in the privacy of your own house. Be realists think national interests or be globalists and spread democracy and individual rights. Religious men say we must build our national communities and international relations on our honest attempts to discern God's Will and obey Him. (Our response to the New Zealand bombing of Muslims.)

CARDINAL SARA: A BISHOP'S WARNINGAn interview in preview of his new book. Excerpts:

The spiritual crisis involves the entire world. But its source is in Europe. People in the West are guilty of rejecting God. They have not only rejected God. Friedrich Nietzsche, who may be considered the spokesman of the West, has claimed: “God is dead! God remains dead! And we have killed him…” We have murdered God. In view of God’s death among men, Nietzsche would replace him with a prophetic “Superman.”

The spiritual collapse thus has a very Western character. In particular, I would like to emphasize the rejection of fatherhood. Our contemporaries are convinced that, in order to be free, one must not depend on anybody. There is a tragic error in this. Western people are convinced that receiving is contrary to the dignity of human persons. But civilized man is fundamentally an heir, he receives a history, a culture, a language, a name, a family. This is what distinguishes him from the barbarian. To refuse to be inscribed within a network of dependence, heritage, and filiation condemns us to go back naked into the jungle of a competitive economy left to its own devices. Because he refuses to acknowledge himself as an heir, man is condemned to the hell of liberal globalization in which individual interests confront one another without any law to govern them besides profit at any price.
In this book, however, I want to suggest to Western people that the real cause of this refusal to claim their inheritance and this refusal of fatherhood is the rejection of God. From Him we receive our nature as man and woman. This is intolerable to modern minds. Gender ideology is a Luciferian refusal to receive a sexual nature from God. Thus some rebel against God and pointlessly mutilate themselves in order to change their sex. But in reality they do not fundamentally change anything of their structure as man or woman. The West refuses to receive, and will accept only what it constructs for itself. Transhumanism is the ultimate avatar of this movement. Because it is a gift from God, human nature itself becomes unbearable for western man.

This revolt is spiritual at root. It is the revolt of Satan against the gift of grace. Fundamentally, I believe that Western man refuses to be saved by God’s mercy. He refuses to receive salvation, wanting to build it for himself. The “fundamental values” promoted by the UN are based on a rejection of God that I compare with the rich young man in the Gospel. God has looked upon the West and has loved it because it has done wonderful things. He invited it to go further, but the West turned back. It preferred the kind of riches that it owed only to itself.

Africa and Asia are not yet entirely contaminated by gender ideology, transhumanism, or the hatred of fatherhood. But the Western powers’ neo-colonialist spirit and will to dominate pressures countries to adopt these deadly ideologies.




BRITISH INTELLIGENCE AND THE TRUMP COLLUSION CHARGESThey admit they were stirring the waters in 2015 in this Guardian article from 2017. Nations are actors in politics. That shouldn't be a news flash. The British intelligence establishment like the Big Three agency heads in the US didn't want Donald Trump elected. The US chiefs had visceral deep domestic reasons to dislike Trump. The Brits were against his new ideas about foreign policy and Russia.

BERNIE SANDERSThe anti-Saudi candidate.


SRI LANKASalafist Sunnis kill over 300 Catholics at worship. Some blame "terrorists not a religion." Others blame Islam as a religion of terror. US incoherence continues in our inability to see world terror is overwhelmingly a Salafist Sunni project instigated by the Salafist Sunnis allowed to be the protectors of the Holy Sites - the real position of religious authority in Islam.

SPAINWill a nationalist win there April 28?

ISLAMIC GOALS IN PALESTINE DON'T INCLUDE TWO STATES: The founder of Islamic Jihad in Palestine was Fathi Shaqaqi. He was assassinated in Malta. His story is well told by Al Jazeera.


INDONESIA: A fresh face nationalist reformer and a top Muslim cleric prove an unbeatable coalition. The biggest Muslim country (by number for Muslims) is structuring its national life more clearly as Islamic.

EL SALVADORGets a populist.

BLAME IRANCatholic Knights of Columbus CEO joins the anti-Iran chorus criticizing Iraq's choice of allies. Carl Anderson in the Wall Street Journal says even though ISIS has been removed, Iranian militias are preventing Christians from returning to traditional Christian towns in Iraq.


SAUDI ARABIA - SAUDIS EXECUTE SHIITES33 of 37 are Shiites - Does the anti Shiite violence of Saudi Arabia count as terrorism or anti-terrorism? Jamal Khashoggi and the JewsNuclear technology to the Saudis?

WHAT THREE STATES PLAY THE LARGEST ROLE IN INFLUENCING UNITED STATES FOREIGN POLICY: The British, the Saudis, and the Israelis. The Russians aren't close. None of these three allies want the US to have a close alliance with the other world nuclear power. Remember that old foreign policy dictum: "No one hates a new best friend more than an old best friend." 



THE SACRED IN A PROFANE WORLDA discussion between Roger Scruton and Hamza Yusuf. On images and selfies and "the given things" in nature. Islam and Christianity in deep agreement.

CHINA AND HER MUSLIMSCultural education en masse.

AUSTRALIA - RUGBY STAR LOSES MILLIONS AND IS OSTRACIZEDHe condemns eight traditional sins - but one has a lobby so he is out. There are a lot of adulterers and alcoholics in the league - but respecting them is not league policy. Israel Folau takes one for the Lord.


Statue of Kate Smith Covered on Good Friday 2019 in front of Philadelphia Sports Complex
In a freakish secular rendition of the Catholic practice of covering statues during Lent and Muslim practices of covering women in general, the Philadelphia Flyers have covered their statue of 1930's singer Kate Smith whose rendition of God Bless America was heard at Philadelphia hockey games (since 9/11/2001) as well as in the seventh inning stretch of New York Yankee baseball. Someone discovered (and reported to the New York Daily News) that Mrs. Smith (1907-1986) had once sung That's Why the Darkies Were Born. Funny - it was one of my favorite spirituals from previous days on the left. The black Communist Paul Robeson also saw the song as more a tribute to the working people than an ode to racism. Here is Robeson's rendition. A revealing obituary of Mrs. Smith.
The Beautiful Ballad:

When the world began, there was work to be done and it seems that someone… left it to the colored man. 
Brothers/ sisters What must be must be.  
Though the balance is wrong, your faith must be strong…. accept your destiny. 
Brothers! Listen to me.
Someone had to pick the cotton
Someone had to pick the corn
Someone had to slave and be able to sing
That's why darkies were born;
Someone had to laugh at trouble
Though he was tired and worn
Had to be contented with any old thing
That's why darkies were born;
Sing, sing, sing when you're weary and
Sing when you're blue
Sing, sing, that's what you taught
All the white folks to do;
Someone had to fight the Devil
Shout about Gabriel's Horn
Someone had to stoke the train
That would bring God's children to green pastures
That's why darkies were born

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