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Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: Saturday Mar 16

by A. Joseph Lynch and Dr. David Pence

 Green Nationalism, White Racism: a Christian Response to the Murder of Muslims at Prayer.

49 Prayer Rugs

The two great commandments of Christ are to love God and love our neighbor. We cannot live together as human beings on a shrinking planet if we do not understand ourselves as spiritual beings  in the midst of a spiritual battle in which the Great Enemy is both a Liar and a Murderer. He has been both since the beginning. The New Zealand murder of monotheists at prayer rises from the atheist lie that human overpopulation is a risk to the biosphere(the thin strip of 7-10 miles of upper earth and lower atmosphere where all physical life exists).  The killer said the nonviolent Muslims are a bigger risk than the jihadists because they are in New Zealand to live and reproduce.  They chose life. He dealt them death. He said even though there is an all time high of 700,000 to 900,000 white people, the even faster growing non whites are REPLACING the whites. As a "green nationalist" an "eco-facist" he argues there can be no green future of trees and pastures "with 100 billion, 50 billion ,even 10 billion humans."

There are presently 7.5 billion of us humans with 10 billion projected for 2060. He writes that each ethnic group must know its own land and stay in it. He is fine with Turks and Jews if they stay in Turkey and Israel. His primary concern and group loyalty however is not to any nation. He is loyal to whites not Australians (his nationality) and by whites he means "those of European origin." If that includes Spaniards and Italians he is a lot more generous in who he calls whites than the first New Englanders. He says "What is an Australian but a drunken European (just joking) but Australians are part of the Europeans." He talks like the anti nationalist Muslim Salafist who explains how the ummah under a caliphate recognizes no territorially defined nations.

The killer of the praying people explained that the West rejected God and then produced the failed social strategies of Fascism and Communism. Soulless Corporate Capitalism then replaced these group ideologies with hedonism and individualism(he describes western culture with devastating lucidity). The West is no longer a living culture but a state of decadence. He correctly explains that decaying organisms have no power to assimilate and thus the isolated individuals of the modern West are no match for immigrants "with traditions, social trust and group identity". If whites do not develop a social identity for survival, he warns the reproducing dark skinned peoples will replace them. The name of his manifesto is The Great Replacement.

What is a Christian to say? The 20th century has already seen two racial ideologies and one scientific materialist ideology try to organize large groups of humanity without God. The disastrous disintegration of the baby boomers' attempts to organize social life in the name of the godless West, individualistic globalism and gender ideology is well described by the murderer. We cannot live without God-not as individuals and not as nations. The Christian answer to this murderer should be capital punishment for him and the extended hand of civic friendship and citizenship to the men of Islam within our respective nations. The public fraternity of national citizenship is how Christian nations assimilate our immigrants and socialize our young males. The religious territorial nation is not a call to racism but its antidote. It is a practical institutional form of loving one's neighbor. That is why the killer treated civic nationalism as "baby boomer milquetoast." Australia and New Zealand should stop preaching the decadence of the white Dominions and the liberated feminist "Western way of life". They should act like the Christian men of Asia to organize their nations to assimilate their immigrants and socialize their young men in a culture of interracial inter religious civic love.

The ordered forms of Christian love are the universal sacramental Church, the territorial nations and monogamous marriages. This social strategy of loyalties instituted by Christ through his Apostolic Church is grounded in sexual distinctions consecrated in sacramental life to express the sacral order. The war against the Fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of men in national fraternities and the sacredness of heterosexual love in marriage has claimed 49 Muslim victims. Christian New Zealand owed their fellow citizens protection in worship. (They abolished the death penalty 15 years ago.) They didn't provide protection because they can no longer socialize their young males as protectors of their country. The disaster of Gallipoli once hardened the national fighting identities of the men of Anzac. May the disaster of Christchurch call them back again to the religious sensibilities and masculine character needed to protect their homelands. Let us repent of the deadly desacralizing decadence of the sexual revolution and reassert a protective loving Christian culture. Our decadence has spawned another Cain. This man is no lunatic. Read his manifesto. We must answer with a more compelling narrative. (See more below under NATIONS}

                                     I. POPE FRANCIS AND THE CATHOLIC CHURCH

ARGENTINE ABUSER BISHOP - A REAL CONNECTION WITH POPE FRANCISHow this is resolved and then how Cardinal Maradiaga, Wuerl, and Cupich are removed from the inner circle of trust are important governance issues for the Pope. Pope John Paul allowed Maciel and Sodano to run wild. Pope Benedict allowed McCarrick, Levada, and Bertone free passes. The way to help the Pope govern is to expose his Rasputins, not demand his resignation.



DEMOCRATS FOREIGN POLICY AND ANTI-TRUMP SYNDROMEGood article looking at Democrat candidates and left wing media on foreign policy. An anti-war left would help the nation right now. Will it reemerge? 76% of Trump voters are for pulling out of Syria. Only 26% of Hillary Clinton supporters favor that withdrawal.



IN NEW ZEALAND A MURDER OF 49 MUSLIMS AT PRAYER: Descriptions of event and profile of killer. This murder of innocents is why the war against Salafist jihadists cannot be framed as a war against Islam. Here is the killer's manifesto {The Great Replacement} {Three different links to the manifesto have been disabled. This worked Mon 3/19)This is racism not nationalism. It has nothing to do with the limits imposed by loyalty to a real nation. Darwinian racism and the "struggle between the races" is the intellectual godfather of this murder. He states quite accurately that the West killed god and ended up with social movements of fascists and communists. The only time he gives a color to his type of "nationalism", he enthusiastically endorses GREEN NATIONALISM. He calls himself an eco-facist. He says he is "a European" considering New Zealand and Australia as "leaves from the European tree." Thus he is not an "immigrant" to New Zealand because a white Aussie in New Zealand is as much at home as "a Bavarian in Austria".  His laxity about borders reminds one of the interchangeable conservative/libertarians from Canada, Britain and US on Australian owned Fox News. This is NOT territorial nationalism.

His manifesto is not the ramblings of a lunatic - not at all. There is here the stone cold logic of a godless leftist, turned libertarian, turned Darwinian advocate of natural selection. He agrees with godless ecologists that the planet cannot carry all these people and it is better to kill the dark skin people than let the whites be REPLACED.

Religious men must not only condemn this killing but purify our language so we know we are not adding to the hatred of Muslims. It is NOT Islam we are fighting. There is a form of Islam which favors killing Shiites and non-Muslims. The worshiping Muslims who were killed in New Zealand were not advocating such an interpretation. The innocent suffer because our debate is so unclear. Catholic sites like Crisis and Catholic Thing are depressingly univocal in their promotion of William Kilpatrick while the David Horowitz/Robert Spencer Jihad Watch shares his same approach that the nature of Islam is to the West what Carthage was to Rome.

Muslims at worship are not our enemies. We saw the Shiite mosques blown up in Iraq to foment religious war. We saw the Christians lined up on the shores of the Mediterranean to be beheaded for professing Christ. The worshippers in New Zealand were slain for worshipping God and having too many babies. They chose life and were punished with death. Can any man with a soul not see these people are part of that large believing cohort of humanity who still seek to do God's will? Like the white supremacist who killed black Christians in South Carolina in 2015, this killer went after people in a group activity usually done with arms cast aside.

The left has to stop equating the protective bonds of nationalism with hateful separation of racism. This guy has no affinity for New Zealand or his birthplace, Australia, as a political body-as a nation. He is more like the murky "Western civilization" defenders who have no real religion nor real nation to focus their protective duties.

Nations are multi-racial territorial communities that give us shared communal identities embracing our different religious and ethnic ties. Most nations are rooted in a particular ethnic group outgrowing tribalism but the territorial and covenantal nature of the final national community is a higher spiritual bond among men. The nations are the political form of Scripture and the historical form of present international order.

Conservatives are adding to the confusion about which Muslims we are at war with. From George Bush in Iraq to Donald Trump fomenting hatred against Persian and Muslim Iran, the Republicans and foreign policy think tanks have had this wrong from the beginning. In following the foreign policy goals of two old allies-Israel and Saudi Arabia - we have been blinded to the real Islamic source of murder and jihad in Mecca and Medina. The only President who started to walk us away from the Saudi smokescreen was President Obama. What Nixon did to China, Obama did to Iran and "hardliners" wail now as they did then. The murderers of Jamal Khashoggi and the masterminds of 9/11 all live in the same sick Salafist-royalist death pact. When will we wake up? Like Charles Manson before him the New Zealand killer wants to foment the wrong war with the wrong enemy. The incredibly low level of political historical discussion of war and peace, of allies and enemies is
killing the innocent. Include our fellow worshipers from New Zealand in the shared martyrdom of the Ethiopian and Egyptian Christians who died 4 years ago in two separate executions.

This 28 year old identifies as a white European though he lives in New Zealand and was born in Australia.(3/17 Addendum from Pankaj Mishra, the brilliant Indian essayist who wrote From the Ruins of Empire: The Intellectuals who remade Asia : The Australian roots of the besieged white man)  He is an "eco-racist" (his term) and relates everything in the end to birth rates of white people vs. non whites. He has utter contempt for "milquetoast civic nationalists." When asked if he is a Christian, he is as confused, equivocal, and cowardly as Jordan Peterson. Like Eric Harris, the Columbine killer, our latest murderer is imbued in the language and dictates of natural selection.  Darwinian racism is atheist and non-territorial. Christian nationalism is theocentric and territorial. That is why nationalists establish defensible borders. Within those borders we have the protective authority to allow the great monotheistic religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism to worship the one God who is Father of us all. We must not look away from the reasoning of this killer "because he just wants fame." We would have had a much better response to the Salafist Sunnis if we had read Osama bin Laden more carefully after 9/11. Does anyone think bin Laden acted for 15 minutes of fame? There are a lot of people in the media world who just want fame. This guy is swimming in a lot deeper water than female grads from Harvard. Like ISIS executioners and white racist killers before him, this man is acting for a social body larger than himself. He wants to be a warrior for a group. In this confused atheistic environment he is told we are in a Darwinian race war, so sign up for your team. Like Osama bin Laden, he sees killing the enemy as protecting his group.  Bin laden thought he was carrying out the will of God. This "average white man" thought he was obeying the simple dictates of a climate catastrophe necessitating drastic measures of protection for his extended tribe. This is evolutionary sociobiology responding to climate change in the name of Armed Science. We should get to know his habitat. This man is very green but he isn't Alexandria Cortez. He is very white but he is not Donald Trump. Unless we start talking about religion and race and men and nations with much more clarity, his spawn will strike again.
(Addendum 3/17: Oswald Mosley is the man he says most mirrors his views. A British aristocrat 1896-1980. Founder of British Union of Fascists. Served in WWI. Imprisoned 1940-43 in WWII. After war tried to start Union movement arguing for a unified singular EUROPEAN NATION. This is all consistent with his document arguing for a single western, white, European identity. If he is a nationalist he is a green nationalist and even more than Angela Merkel, he is a European. France's macron said Europe needs an army--this guy is his first eager recruit. Many white theorists think WWI and WWII were  disastrous intra-racial war of white man killing white man. These bloodbaths broke up the kinship of the "white race" with the territorial and cultural divisions of land and language. They say the religion wars were "disasters for the race" as well.   They do not see whites as supremacists as much as they see themselves as besieged and disappearing.)

BOLSONARO AND TRUMP MEETING COULD BE TRANSFORMATIVETrump is no isolationist and nationalist leaders (all of whom are labeled authoritarians by the secular media) are eager to talk with him about international relations. (International means between nations. A nationalist is not a globalist but he is an internationalist because he relates to nations and their leaders in the way he wants to be treated.) The alternative to the atheistic anarchy of sexually confused individuals supporting finance-dominated globalism is an international order composed of many nations living fraternally under one God.

100 DAYS OF MEXICAN PRESIDENT OBRADOR: Good relations with US, bridge rich-poor gap, are major objectives. His popularity is overwhelming. The homicides are rising. He cannot sit still too long on that. A profile of Obrador whose party is "National Regeneration Movement (MORENA - refers to Our Lady of Guadalupe and dark skinned Mexicans)." He is a leftist with the support of a strong evangelical Christian movement as well. Christian Nationalism has room for all.

FROM WASH POST ISHAAN THAROOR"In September 1956, revolutionary authorities in Algiers — then a city controlled by the French — declared a general strike. The action was met with vicious brutality by French forces but proved to be a galvanizing moment, stirring popular solidarity and cementing the North African nation’s anti-colonial uprising in the global imagination. A half-decade later, after hideous bloodshed, Algeria won its independence.

On Monday, Algeria entered the second day of a general strike that was aimed at the regime installed by former revolutionaries. A vast cross-section of the country’s society — from public-sector unions to urban shopkeepers to hundreds of lawyers and judges — had joined the strike, calling on ailing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to back down from a bid to run for a fifth term in office. But this time, rather than face bloody repression, the protesters secured a landmark victory. Bouteflika, 82, who had returned the previous day from two weeks of medical treatment in Switzerland, postponed elections scheduled for April 18 and said he would not seek a fifth term in office. His prime minister resigned. The announcement provoked scenes of celebration in Algiers.

Algerians colloquially refer to the regime’s ruling political and military elites, and the cabal of wealthy oligarchs beholden to them, as “le pouvoir,” or the powers-that-be. The regime has remained largely intact since the heady days of independence from France. Its greatest test was an Islamist-led insurrection in the 1990s that was eventually quashed in a bloody civil war that saw perhaps as many as 200,000 Algerians killed. But a generation later, the regime’s inability to provide jobs for its youth — some two-thirds of the country’s population is under 30 — and its perceived cronyism and mismanagement lit a fire under a vast spectrum of Algerians who want meaningful reform.\

“This generation has lived through neither the war of independence nor the civil war — just the freedom of social media,” wrote Algerian journalist and novelist Kamel Daoud. “Today this freedom has sprung from screens into the street. The internet has been the great giver of freedom of speech in Algeria and the regime has realized it too late. It tried to slow it down during the first days of the protests, but it was useless. Algerians — hyper-connected — found out that they could have not only a Facebook page but a country.”

There has been a strong nationalist dimension to the demonstrations: the national flag has been everywhere; veterans of the war of independence ... have been marching alongside their fellow citizens.”

ERIC HOBSBAWM - COMMUNIST HISTORIAN: His Nations and Nationalism book was very influential in establishing an Anglo-speaking historical tradition with a deep animus to the nation as a real historical actor in history. Like a good Marxist (and shill for the CP), Hobsbawm made the notion of "imagined communities" (Benedict Anderson's horrible oft quoted work on nations) and "invented tradition" a regular bit of received knowledge on the left. Marxist ideology treats the loyalties of religion and nations as "cultural superstructures" invented by the ruling class to create solidarity with the working class that obfuscate the real divergence of class interests. His apologies for Stalin and his high reputation among academics are hard to swallow but not difficult to reconcile. A new and chilling biography. A serious contrast with the ideologically stunted Hobsbawm is a lesser read but profound historical work on The Construction of Nationhood by Adrian Hastings (our review).


THE SOCIO-SEXUAL HIERARCHYA 17-minute video on 5 types of males and male groups. Very worthwhile.

SACRED ORDER SOCIAL ORDER - THE WORKS OF PHILLIP RIEFReview by Carl Trueman. Two Reviews from AOA: The Jew of Order and Charisma.

MUSLIMS IN BRITAIN STAND AGAINST HOMOSEXUAL INDOCTRINATIONChristians should follow their lead and fight the militant atheism about God and the ideological confusion about sex being taught as western liberalism, democracy, and individual rights.

UNIVERSITY OF DALLAS NEW PRESIDENTThomas Hibbs - a great choice; serious Catholic and historian.

WHAT RUSSIAN LITERATURE CAN TEACH US ABOUT OUR OWN TIMES: Professor Morson on the dangers of the intelligentsia and their fanaticism.

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