Saturday, June 5, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, JUNE 5

by A. Joseph Lynch


WOMEN'S ORDINATION AND EXCOMMUNICATION: Despite the label of "liberal" pope, Francis has condemned the blessing of homosexual couples and has now revised canon law to not only automatically excommunicate any woman attempting to be ordained to the diaconate, presbyterate, or episcopate, but any clerics involved as well. Remission of the excommunication, furthermore, is reserved to Rome and cannot be sacramentally forgiven by a priest or local bishop. It may very well be that the move comes in order to stop the German bishops from "ordaining" deaconesses - as the Pope's condemnation of gay blessings is being disregarded among the rebellious German clergy.

CARDINAL MARX OUT? It is being reported that the rabidly liberal German prelate, Cardinal Marx, submitted his resignation to Pope Francis on May 21. Although he claims it is done in solidarity with those who have been abused at the hands of clerics, Taylor Marshall wonders if Marx isn't jumping ship ahead of a major scandal soon to break in Germany.

CALLING FOR A COUP? General Flynn, the disgraced former National Security Advisor to President Trump, seemingly called for a Myanmar-style military coup to take place here in the United States. His words came during a conference that boasted strong ties to the QAnon conspiracy. The "Q" source is likely a Democrat operative within the deep state feeding false information to Trump supporters - which makes one wonder why anyone on the right is still promoting it. Taken together, Michael Flynn might have been pardoned, but he belongs no where near a future Trump second term.

MORE MINNESOTA RIOTS: Rioters loot and burn once more in Minneapolis after police kill a man who had reportedly fired a weapon. Once more we see that no matter how justified, many supporters of BLM and Antifa will only keep the violence going. Has Biden done anything to restore race relations in this country?   

"BRAIN DEAD" NATO: Under pressure from the populist right, Macron has justifiably launched a criticism of "brain dead" NATO. The French president questions funding the organization as it created to fight the Soviet Union - an "evil empire" that hasn't existed for thirty years. Regardless who wins the French presidency, we hope this is one step closer to the breakup of NATO. 

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