Saturday, June 19, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, JUNE 19

by A. Joseph Lynch


Joe Biden is an unmitigated disaster. In his major trip to meet with the G7 and first public meeting with Vladimir Putin, Biden's dementia could not be hidden from the world at large. The friendly US press corps could not cover for him abroad, there was no tight schedule to allow Biden's staff to hide his deteriorating mental state, and no teleprompters to read from during live televised meetings with foreign leaders. 

Biden began his "European vacation" by saying how excited "Jill and I and Joe" were to visit American troops in Europe. Not long after he spoke of America's "sacred obligation" to defend Europe. Apparently in his advanced mental decline he still thinks the Soviet Union exists, the Berlin Wall still stands, and Europe faces an existential threat from the east. At the summit, Biden stumbled into a tent of people and had to be rescued by his wife amid the laughter of onlookers. He cut off Boris Johnson to introduce a world leader... who Johnson had just introduced. And in what could have become an international crisis, Biden confused Syria and Libya three times within the context of war. 

His dementia was so patently obvious that Canadian leader, Justin Trudeau, was overheard saying that he fully expected Kamala Harris in the Oval Office by the end of 2022. The thought of a Kamala-Pelosi administration is the one, stark reason to pray ardently for Biden's health. 

Seriously, kneel down and pray.

Biden was hailed by French leader Immanuel Macron, who was glad that Biden - unlike Trump - was "part of the club" (though polls show respect for the US in France and Germany have not increased). No, Biden is exactly the kind of American leader that the Europeans love: a blathering, senile, globalist pushover who will put the good of globalists elites over what's best for ordinary American citizens. Indeed, Macron showed the world what he meant when he publicly berated Biden in front of the cameras. Biden sat and took it, clearly unable to defend himself or America's reputation.

French President Macron berates the globalist "club member" Biden, the kind of pushover American leader Europeans love.

In his meeting with Putin, it was clear who was in charge. Putin addressed reporters by name and spoke confidently with quick-witted answers. Biden was a word salad mess, who couldn't get through the meeting without flash cards. Meanwhile the Russian military staged a massive wargame that sent F-22 fighters scrambling from Hawaii (of course this could also be a response to the NATO wargames in the Black Sea region). 

When asked if he trusted Putin, Biden nodded in agreement.

As Biden returns to the US, his agenda is in tatters, the crisis at the border continues, inflation soars, and his poll numbers are falling. Nevertheless, we hope and pray he can make it through to 2024.


CARDINAL PELL & VATICAN SCANDALS: The scandals Cardinal Pell suspected have been coming to the light - but what other scandals might soon arise?

CARDINAL MARX REMAINS: In an appearance of show theater, Cardinal Marx of Cologne, Germany submitted his resignation to Pope Francis - only to have that resignation rejected. Marx, one of the leading liberals in the hierarchy, will remain at his post. But could it be that more devastating scandals in Germany might soon arise? If so, it could be that Francis is not allowing him to sneak away before the storm arrives. Only time will tell.

AMERICAN PROTESTANT LEADERS: The Southern Baptists have elected a new head - a moderate named Ed Litton - who defeated the two leading candidates in the denomination's election. Litton won by a slim margin, but his election signals a middle path between two wings within the Southern Baptists. Meanwhile liberal mainline Lutherans in the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America - the largest Lutheran denomination in the US) have elected their first transgendered bishop. "Megan" Rohrer represents the continued Leftward march being made by America's mainline Protestant denominations. 


BIDEN AGENDA COLLAPSE: Democrats in Washington are worrying and filled with anxiety as Biden's far-Left agenda grinds to halt. The man who is saving the nation is no Republican, but rather a Democrat from West Virginia named Joe Manchin - a man who Pat Buchanan believes acts as a profile in courage.

WUHAN LAB LEAK THEORY: Through the election season the media and big tech shut down any discussion of a Chinese lab leak coronavirus origin. It seemed likely at the time as it does now. The only difference is that they needed Trump gone so they kept the obvious under wraps until the President was removed. Even still the most in the media are trying to downplay the lab leak hypothesis - which is why Left-wing news comedian, Jon Stewart's forceful promotion of the lab leak theory on Colbert's late night show was so amazing and well worth the watch. Ric Grenell came forward to say intelligence presented the lab leak theory to Trump in April 2020 - and we're told it was Biden who initially quashed the investigation into the lab leak theory (before changing his mind). As the lab leak theory looks less and less like a theory, the real competing theories pertain to why it was never more prominent until now. There are likely three reasons: 1) to further the outright removal President Trump; 2) fear and hatred of President Trump among America's scientists; and, 3) fear of top scientists and doctors (like Dr. Fauci) being connected to "gain of function" - or biological weaponization - research in China.

TRUMP VINDICATED FROM FAKE NEWS: A government watchdog has verified what we already knew: President Trump did not use the police to disperse a crowd of riotous protestors so he could stand defiant with the Bible in front of the burned out church the rioters had attacked. Of course, thinking back to those dark days last summer, we are all the more disheartened that the DOJ could level thousands of charges against the handful of protesters in the Capitol riot yet could hardly muster a single charge against the thousands of people threatening the White House and the duly elected President. Where were the charges of sedition back then?


THE FALL OF NETANYAHU: Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, has fallen from power. In a stunning deal brokered between a fledgling nationalist party and political centrists, the nationalist Naftali Bennett will act as prime minister until September 2023 and then will stand aside to allow Yair Lapid, a centrist party leader, to take over. Though he describes himself as farther to the right than Netanyahu, Bennet appears to be so only in terms of foreign policy while seeming to be more center-left in terms of domestic policy. In other words, expect more unnecessary conflict with Iran and more leftward move in terms of Israel's culture and religion. This is not an improvement. More on Bennet.


RUSSIAN GAS TO GERMANY: Pat Buchanan explains why the Germans are happy to accept Russian gas - and why Russia is not the scary monster we're constantly told it is. 

NEW HUNGARY BAN: Hungary has banned the promotion of homosexuality in schools and shows or movies children may see. Hungarian leader Orban continues to foster a Catholic culture in the small yet fierce Catholic nation. Despite their ethnic and religious differences, a common Christianity culture makes for deep inroads between men like Orban and Putin.


BLACK MAN TARGETS WHITES: A story few have heard but would have been all the rage had the headline been reversed. Justin Tyran Roberts, a 39 year old black man, specifically targeted innocent white people for shooting in a racially motivated crime wave. At Yale a speaking black psychiatrist talked of fantasizing about killing white people. In Missouri, a black woman fired into a car carrying a family of six. Another woman in California went into full critical race theory mode by assaulting a 67 year old for not checking her white privilege. Contrary to critical race theory dogma, a black person can be just as racist as anyone else. Meanwhile in Georgia, Atlanta police have done nothing to fight even drive by shootings because the mayor has banned police pursuits. America's cities are crumbling and we have critical race theory to blame for it. 

WHITENESS IS A CONDITION? A research article in a peer-reviewed medical journal argued that "whiteness" is a "malignant, parasitic-like condition." Change "whiteness" with any other ethnicity or skin color and you know cries of "racism" would sound day and night. "Reverse racism" is still racism. Whenever you hear someone attempt to defend critical race theory as teachings about racism, remind them that the "teaching" of CRT is itself racist.

WOKENESS IN THE MILITARY: While the enlisted men in the US military are largely conservative, the top officers have been educated and indoctrinated to be as woke as woke can be. It's no surprise that the military is now moving to include transgenders (and even pay for their "transitions") while now allowing women to wear pony tails. What many rank and file soldiers have feared may soon come to pass: a US military no longer concerned with national defense but rather with being America's woke guinea pig. 

ENCOURAGED TO SNITCH: In a situation eerily similar to those that took place in the Soviet Union, Massachusetts youth are being encouraged to anonymously snitch on their teachers and peers for "microaggressions" like saying something is "crazy" or referring to the "China" virus. What's worse, how long before students or faculty begin falsely accusing others they simply don't like? That happened in the Soviet Union too.

NOT THE RIGHT MINORITY: The NFL has gone so far off the BLM deep end, that claims are arising of racial profiling against non-black minorities. The case of Eugene Chung not being the "right minority" for a coaching job.

"APPETITE FOR WAR AND KILLING": The head of Google's diversity division claimed that Jews have an "insatiable appetite for war and killing." The anti-Semitic comments were revealed as Israel faced a new conflict with Palestinians (who were blindly lobbing bombs into Israel). The comments come as a sad reminder that while conservatives are called racist it is actually those on the Left who often make the most racist comments. For the leftist, any words are justified when spoken against the "enemy".  

ALL-MALE DRAFT REMAINS... FOR NOW: The US Supreme Court will not take up a case from a men's rights group allied with the ACLU regarding the male-only draft. Justices Sotomayor, Breyer, and... Brett Kavanaugh appeared willing to force women into the draft. Though the courts have rejected adding women to the draft, it appears as though liberal and neocon "feminists" are ready to force our daughters to war rather than admit that men and women are different and that they have different responsibilities and duties.

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