Saturday, June 26, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, JUNE 26

by A. Joseph Lynch


COMMUNION WARS: The USCCB debated and then voted to begin drafting a document on Eucharistic coherence - yet amid the news it was leaked that no national policy will be instituted even after "Catholic" politicians like Ted Lieu give up being "personally opposed to" abhorrent practices like abortion then dares the Church to deny him Communion. This comes as the US bishops plan a nationwide Eucharistic renewal. It should be patently obvious that Eucarist renewal requires two things the bishops will not approve: 1) the denial of the Eucharist to pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Catholic in open defiance of Church teaching and the natural law; and 2) the restoration of Communion received kneeling and on the tongue. Faith in the Eucharist will only return when Catholics hear the teaching and see it practiced in a Catholic culture of life.

NAMING NAMES: Church Militant is going to war. While the Fr. Altman Vortex episode was not the organization at its best, the recent Vortex episode from Michael Voris on the St. Gregory of Nazianzus quote warning Catholics of the dangers of bad bishops was spot on. Now, after a long interview with priested embattled with their bishops, Michael Voris released a Vortex episode that began revealing damaging information they have on bishops in the American church. Church Militant is always at its best when it sticks to good history and hard-hitting journalism (like the recent reporting on the disappearance of scandal-plagued Bishop Zanchetta). We hope more of this comes in the comes in the days and weeks ahead. 

MARSHALL ON THE SACRED HEART: June is the month of the Sacred Heart, not "Gay Pride" month. Need more information about the history and pious practices on the Sacred Heart? Taylor Marshall has you covered.


SUPPORTING AUDITS: As Democrats denounce election security and even sue Georgia for its new (rather timid) election law, Americans want more audits. According to a new poll, 55% of Americans favor election audits. CNN may claim Russian democracy is a farce, but it's Putin (who enjoys immense political support from his people) who has flipped the tables on US, pointing out America's increasing turn towards leftist totalitarianism and single-party rule.

JUNETEENTH VS MLK: We at AoA have our doubts surrounding the new federal holiday of Juneteenth. Had this been established years before the rise of BLM and the death of George Floyd, we have other opinions. As it stands, Juneteenth appears to be a recognition of the black power movement that stands in stark opposition to the Christian black civil rights movement of Martin Luther King, Jr. Even the satire site, The Babylon Bee, pointed this out by labeling MLK a "far right extremist" for wanting the races to be treated equally. Indeed, watch as "Juneteenth" gains much more attention than the memory of MLK in the years ahead. On "Juneteenth" of this year - which is supposed to celebrate white soldiers freeing of the last black slaves - we saw people across social media post images of the raised black fist - including from the out-of-touch establishment crony, Mike Pence. In lighter news surrounding the new holiday, IKEA found itself in hot water for serving friend chicken and watermelon to celebrate.

HILLARY'S WUHAN FEARS: Leaked cables provided by Wikileaks revealed that Hillary Clinton warned France that the Wuhan lab might produce a bioweapon. Where is this in the media? More from Jack Posobiec. Meanwhile it was revealed that Google - who seemingly help censor those promoting the lab leak hypothesis - helped fund the Wuhan research for over a decade.

WUHAN LAB LEAK? Watch this excellent video with Bret Weinstein. Weinstein is facing "cancellation" over his interview with the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance concerning the use of Ivermectin to treat the coronavirus.


US MILITARY GONE WOKE: In his appalling testimony General Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is defending the teaching of critical race theory at prestigious military colleges like West Point - despite past military denials that critical race theory was being taught. We've long argued at AoA that the US military has embraced a radical feminist, homosexual, and now racial ideology for its officer class. Advancement up the chain of command will no longer be determined based on competence alone but on the full support of anti-American woke ideology. As the Left takes over more and more institutions, the US military is perhaps the most dangerous institution to lose - and it's falling rapidly (no thanks to men like John McCain, Dick Cheney, and Mitt Romney). 

NO TRUST IN US MEDIA: A recent poll conducted in 46 countries found America in last place in terms of media trust with only 29% of Americans trusting the media. It appears all other nations saw media trust in the media go up during the pandemic, yet Americans - for good reason - didn't follow suit. This comes as media outlets like Reuters and USA Today began partnering with third-party fact checkers to fact check their stories. The fact that major media outlets - who are supposed to be the fact checkers - have to partner up with third-party fact checkers comes as a pseudo-response to the national decline in media trust.

MORE PHONES THAN DADS: With Father's Day in the rearview mirror, Rob Henderson on Twitter reveals troubling new data: more children have smartphones than fathers at home.

PARENTS REJECT CRT AND TRANSGENDERISM: A battle is raging in Loudon county, a bedroom community in northern Virginia for many of Washington DC's elites, over the use of transgender pronouns and the teaching of critical race theory. One teacher was wrongfully terminated by the school after speaking out at a public school board meeting held to get people's opinions and feedback. Patriotic parents responded to the board by singing the national Anthem. This is America. More from Dr. Steve Turley.
END OF FEMALE SPORTS? The Olympics are allowing "Laurel" Hubbard - a biological male - to compete as a woman in Olympic weightlifting. Sexual confusion such as this will not end until women awake to find their sports in total chaos as men win all the prizes. So we hope he wins the gold!

HATING AMERICA: Leftists might love their own idea of "America" but they hate America as it is and its history. They seek not to improve the nation as it is and celebrate its greatness while understanding its failures but rather to destroy it and start over. Two case studies in Leftwing anti-Americanism can be found in singer Macy Gray and American Olympian cycler, "Chelsea" Wolfe (another biological male allowed to play as a woman). Gray, who hasn't been culturally relevant for two decades, wrote in connection to "Juneteenth" that she wants the flag destroyed and replaced while Wolfe wants only to win a medal in order to "burn a US flag on the podium." Why does America even allow someone who speaks like this to play on their national team? 

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