Saturday, November 7, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7

by A. Joseph Lynch


Despite our best hopes for a clean fight on Election Day, America now finds itself in a contested election amid a wide variety of election fraud claims. Election Night began with an apparent repeat of 2016 with President Trump outperforming himself, particularly in Florida, Ohio, and Texas. Even the New York Times believed North Carolina seemed a lock, along with Georgia. Trump also held massive leads in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. It seemed a landslide was at hand. Then Arizona, trending Trump, halted the counting of votes and FoxNews declared the state for Joe Biden. All of a sudden, Wisconsin alone would not be enough from the rust belt for a Trump win without Arizona. Then vote counting was halted in Georgia and the New York Times dramatically switched its projects to a Biden win. As America went to bed, Trump's rust belt lead was holding and the betting odds website now swung betting odds to President Trump.

Yet it seemed like something else was going on.

In the middle of the night a dump of Joe Biden votes were dropped in Michigan and Wisconsin. We've heard Republican polls watchers had been sent home for the night, told that counting would resume in the morning. But the counting continued and by morning the states were being declared in Biden's column. We soon learning Republican poll watchers were being barred from entry in Pennsylvania as Biden votes flooded the system there as well. By Friday Pennsylvania too had slipped away. Georgia likewise tipped Biden, but outstanding military votes all but assure Trump will carry the state. As of writing this column Arizona hangs in the balance but it seems possible Trump will win the state. Meanwhile North Carolina locked down its count and will not announce the final numbers until next Thursday. In Nevada, upwards of 6000 voters are being accused of voting illegally, and there are widespread reports of dead voters turning in mail in votes. The election has become a chaotic mess.

If Arizona, North Carolina, and Georgia end up in Trump's column, the president will still need a minimum of ten electoral votes for a 269-269 tie in the Electoral College. This means reversing his vote deficit in either Wisconsin, Michigan, or Pennsylvania. All tall order, but one that could happen through statewide vote audits, especially in Wisconsin. Meanwhile the Supreme Court is preparing to review a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling that might just invalidate this year's mail in voting statewide, effectively handing the president a win. President Trump can also pressure the GOP-held legislatures in Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to buck the final election results and send Trump-friendly electors to the Electoral College. It remains to be seen what will transpire in the days ahead, but we are sure for a rollercoaster finish to this election season. We pray the president can muster the forces necessary to secure victory and that justice will be served. Or as Archbishop Fulton Sheen said, "Evil will have its hour, but God will have His day."


SYSTEM GLITCHES: A county in Michigan detected a software glitch that resulted in nearly 6,000 votes wrongly given to Biden. It turns out that 47 other counties use the same software and that thousands of votes might have been misallocated. What's more, it's being reported that most of the disputed swing states also use the software (called Dominion). Meanwhile lawyer Sydney Powell is alleging that two CIA programs - Hammer and Scorecard - were used to alter election results. All this requires further investigation.

RED WAVE: Joe Biden might have profited from many ballots which were, aside from a check by his name, left completely blank (which is a telltale sign of election fraud), but down ballot the Democrats were decimated. It appears as though Republicans will hold the Senate and gain seats in the House. More from Red Eagle Politics. At the state level Poltico is declaring Republican victories are giving the party "a decade of power" at the local level post-census. 

THE POLLS WERE WRONG: The polls were off by such historic highs that one might wonder if they were intentionally wrong. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

ENTER SCOTUS: In keeping with Pennsylvania law, Justice Alito has ordered all ballots that were received after 8 PM on Election Day be segregated and counted separately from the ballots received before 8 PM on Election Day as the Supreme Court prepares to intervene. Please read the article from Alexander Macris to better understand the legal situation surrounding Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court, and why Trump will win in litigation.

THE DEAD VOTE: Dying in 2011 has not kept world boxing champion Joe Frazier from voting in Pennsylvania this year. Multiple cases of dead voters are being found in Nevada, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Rich Baris of the People's Pundit has been breaking down the numbers on this and other cases of possible election fraud in videos on November 6, and November 5.

HAD NO CHOICE: According to The Atlantic, a federal court in North Carolina "had no choice" but to hold new elections after a small amount of fraud was found in a federal election. If tens of thousands of Biden ballots are tossed this election, will Democrats beg for a new vote? 

GOP LEGISLATURES: Republicans control both houses in the legislatures of North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and it is the state legislatures that validate election results. If necessary, President Trump's evidence of voter/election fraud could lead these legislatures to overturn election results or call for new elections. 

DEMOCRAT MACHINES: Although Biden performed below Obama and Clinton across the nation - he had the worst performance in Texas of an Democrat in US history - for some reason he performed better with blacks than Obama in Milwaukie, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. It's clear to any honest American that this doesn't pass the sniff test. These cities are Democrat controlled machines who used the virus-induced mail in voting system to corrupt the voting process. They've had a history of this. Just last May a south Philadelphia judge took bribes to stuff ballot boxes for Democrats. What we're seeing now might take the cake on historic fraud.

MAIL IN SWING BY STATE: Everyone anticipated Biden winning the mail in vote, but by how much was an open question. According the chart below, Pennsylvania and Michigan saw their absentee ballots swinging to Biden by far higher margins (57.7 points, 37.9 points) than states like Minnesota or Georgia, which went to Biden over Trump by just under 5 points. Very odd.

FIVE STANDARD DEVIATIONS: According to one chart, voter turn out in Wisconsin was five standard deviations above the historic norms. Highly unlikely.

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