Saturday, November 28, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28

by A. Joseph Lynch


President Trump's battle for re-election is headed to two courts - the court of judges and the the court of public opinion. The former hopes to overturn illegal votes at best or nullify state elections at the least while the latter seeks to pressure GOP-led legislatures to intervene on the president's behalf. The key states include Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada. Here is an update on most of them:
  • Pennsylvania: Another battle took place at Gettysburg this week as state legislators, led by the veteran Senator Doug Mastriano, met to investigate potential election fraud. Since then a resolution is being put forth to all state legislators to retake control of appointing presidential electors. Pennsylvania lawmakers also approved a resolution demanding an audit of the vote. Meanwhile two state judges have placed an injunction on state certification of the presidential election results. The second judge ruled that it seems highly likely that the Trump team would win their case. It is being reported that 2.6 million votes were counted in Pennsylvania without getting the mandatory signature verification required by law; that 682,000 votes were counted without Republican observers (also required by law), and than an estimated 630,000 votes were counted that arrived after 8 PM on election night - all votes the Supreme Court is likely to throw out. We are also hearing that a mere .3% of mail in votes were rejected when the national average is 3%. Not a singly mail in vote appears to have been thrown out in Montgomery County (Philadelphia).
  • Michigan: After it was found that some 3/4 of the Detroit precincts had irregularities in the vote, Detroit Republicans at first refused to certify the election results - until the livestream they were on cut out and their families threatened. After that they approved certification but within 24 hours rescinded it based on the threats and the false promises of an audit. Despite their move the state board voted to certify the results. It remains to be seen if courts may rule to certify the results without counting Detroit - which would give Trump the win in Michigan. Meanwhile a new lawsuit from Sidney Powell reveals some cities had voter turn out at 100% or higher. North Muskegon, for example, stood at 781.91% turn out
  • Wisconsin: In the state of Wisconsin a recount is wrapping up as tens of thousands of votes have been flagged for review by Republicans. Under state law absentee ballots can only be submitted by voters who have requested them in writing. It now appears that 40,000 ballots in Madison and 60,000 ballots in Milwaukee lack records of such requests. If these votes are thrown out - which could happen over the weekend - Wisconsin flips to President Trump.
  • Georgia: President Trump will hold his first post-election rally in Georgia and we hope this is his first of many. Allegations of election fraud of election malfeasance in Georgia continue to mount. Sidney Powell's recent lawsuit alleges 20,311 votes from ex-Georgians who had moved out of state and could not legally vote. Still unexplained is the fact that Georgia had six times the number of mail in votes from last election yet had a tenfold drop in their mail in rejection rate (a mere .24% of the mail in votes were rejected). It appears Atlanta did not vet the mail in votes as the law required. 
  • Nevada: One problem we've seen in state after state is the unusually high number of ballots made out to Joe Biden alone. In Nevada, for example, 1,327,394 ballots were cast down ballot while 1,405,376 ballots were cast in the presidential election. That's a difference of 77,982 votes - likely all for Joe Biden. Biden leads Nevada by 33,596 votes. On Thursday a Carson City judge will hold a hearing regarding evidence of election fraud. The evidence will include the testimony of fifteen witnesses along with arguments regarding Agilis - the signature matching machine that was more or less unused on Election Day. 


EX-CARDINAL SUES: Ex-Cardinal Becciu is now suing the magazine that helped launch an investigation into his financial maleficence. Seeking $10 million euros, Becciu claims the magazine damaged his reputation and cost him a chance at becoming Pope. What future Pope, we ask, would sue a magazine for $10 million euros? Becciu claims the money will be donated to charity. We have no doubt he charity will be run by one his relatives. 

USCCB ISSUES FAUX WARNING: The US bishops have come out of hiding to "warn" Biden about his stance on abortion. For a group who remained utterly silent at best, or anti-Trump at worst, does anyone believe they'd really hold Biden's feet to the fire if he wins the election? Recall this is also the same bishops conference that has not once run a national collection in support of the pro-life movement. 

ORTHODOX LEADER DIES: Patriarch Irinej, the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, has died after contracting the coronavirus. Irinej had been patriarch since 2010, when his installment was held in Kosovo as a sign that the Serbian Orthodox Church still believed the breakaway province was part of the Serbian nation. Irinej argued that Kosovo "has never in history belonged to the Albanian state." Yet his greatest criticism was held for the globalist-atheists of western Europe, saying that, "our biggest problem is not our centuries-old neighbors, the Albanians, but ‘developed’ Europe and the West in general."


RINO'S, GLOBALISTS, & NEVER TRUMPERS: Carl Bernstein revealed a list of twenty-one secretly "Never Trumper" senators who may - usually - vote in line with the president but who would not shed tears to see him leave office. Included on the list is Senator Pat Toomey - who recently announced he would not run for re-election, and who has called on Trump to end his contested election efforts. As the courts are on the precipice of handing the president major victories, Toomey hilariously claims Trump has run out of legal options. Meanwhile Chris Christie, who prepared Trump for his disastrous first debate, is calling Trump's election contest a national embarrassment and former Secretary of Defense "Mad Dog" Mattis wants to see the "America First" foreign policy ended. The swamp Trump fights is not merely filled with liberals and radical leftists but also with "conservative" RINOs, globalists, and Never Trumpers. It's impressive Trump got as much done as he did in four years.

NEW SCOTUS ASSIGNMENTS: Supreme Court justices received new circuit assignments this week with key conservative justices overseeing many states Trump has taken to court over election fraud. Barrett is now over Wisconsin while Michigan is under Kavanaugh, Alito over Pennsylvania and Georgia under Thomas. Arizona and Nevada, both within the "Nutty" Ninth Circuit, must pass through Kagan in order to arrive at the Supreme Court.

THE THOMAS COURT: Amy Coney Barrett joined with Clarence Thomas and the three other typically conservative justices to halt New York's draconian restrictions on churches and synagogues. John Roberts - once once again joined the liberals - dissented, revealing the court is very much moving away from being "the Roberts Court" to being "the Thomas Court."

UNCALLED HOUSE RACES: There remain only eight US House races that have not yet been called - and Republicans lead in all eight. The 2020 red wave might not have retaken the House, but it may well leave the Democrats with a meager four seat majority. What's more, census redistricting appears to favor Republican states, which should alone swing the House back to the Republicans in 2022.


ISLAMIC FRENCH CHARTER: President Macron is threatening French Muslim who refuse to accept radical French secular atheism. Under the threat of being labeled "enemies of the republic," French Muslims must reject the idea that their faith has any role in their political views and celebrate the acts of anti-Islamic blasphemy (i.e. the anti-Islamic Muhammad cartoons) as expressions of French "republican values" (if blasphemy and anti-religious bigotry is a value, we'll pass). French Muslims will also face homeschooling restrictions - because homeschooling avoids the atheist indoctrination of French schools. Parents who break the new rules would face six months in prison and harsh fines. Sadly conservatives are rejoicing. They should be appalled.

IRANIAN ASSASSINATION: Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iran's chief nuclear scientist, has been assassinated - gunned down in broad daylight just east of Tehran. This brazen attack is just the most recent example of (highly suspected) Israel's flagrant violations of sovereign national boarders. Just last week Israel struck Shia militias - not ISIS terrorists - in Syria. While we strongly support Israeli's right to exist - even a one state solution - these strikes are not acceptable.

GOING NUCLEAR: The Saudi foreign minister has said once again that the Saudis will pursue nuclear weapons - as well other gulf states - if Iran is allowed to acquire them. Saudi Arabia - a radical Wahabi state - should in no way be allowed to have these weapons. It should go without saying that it would be better for Iran to have nuclear bombs than the Saudis and their supporters among the global Wahabi terror movement. Meanwhile the Saudis - who are taking their oil public with an IPO - look weak as their oil infrastructure was hit for a third time. As a result the Saudis had to push back the IPO. More on this from the Caspian Report.


COVID EUTHANASIA: In Canada and elderly woman was killed by her doctor - not because she had contracted the coronavirus but rather because she feared loneliness in a potential lockdown. The story is sickening and is a sign of toll the harsh lockdowns are taking on our sanity.

COURT SUSPENDED: As Minnesota continues to deal with its crime amid the defund police movement, the state's Judicial Council unanimously to suspend criminal trials until February 1. Societies need just use of authority in order to thrive - unfortunately Minnesotans are dealing with the unjust abuse of authority in the strict state lockdowns while criminals increasingly go free. 

NO PARENTAL CONSENT: In a nation that observes strict laws around healthcare - like HIPAA - should we not be shocked that DC now considers bypassing parental consent laws to administer vaccines on children without their permission? As more and more authority is being ceded to power hungry politicians we are not surprised. 

QUARANINE EFFECTIVENESS: A recent study conducted by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the Naval Medical Research Century tested the effectiveness of lockdowns by imposing a harsh lockdown among volunteer military personnel. The result revealed the harsher lockdowns were actually less effective.

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