Saturday, November 21, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21

by A. Joseph Lynch


TRUMP ELECTION PRESSER: Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell led a press conference on Thursday, giving an update on their teams legal plans moving forward. Billed as akin to an opening statement in a court proceeding, the team laid out their general claims. While Giuliani stuck to more traditional election fraud arguments, Powell has led the charge on claims regarding electronic voting machines and nefarious foreign intervention - which she says will be proven in the next two weeks. Here are nine key points from the press conference. 

DEBATING FRAUD: Lawyer Robert Barnes gives a very measured yet solid defense of Trump's legal defense in this discussion-style debate hosted by the liberal M. Tracey.

WHY TRUMP WON: Our own Religion, Sex, and Politics channel explores the arguments for fraud and briefly examinees Trump's path to victory. 

HERE IS THE EVIDENCE: A crowdsourced website - Here is the Evidence - is aggregating publicly available items of voter/election fraud evidence that would be admissible in court. The treasure-trove of information comes as a well-sourced, monumental effort well worth looking at for information on fraud allegations. 

MAIL IN VOTE STEAL - IN 1864: The 2020 election isn't the first to be affected by mail in voting. Back in 1864 mail in ballots were part of a plot to defeat Lincoln.

THE RED WAVE: With three Senate seats still in the air (one in Michigan and two in Georgia), Republicans have already kept 50 seats - and with promises from Manchin (D-WV) that he will not support court-packing, Republicans can be fairly sure such shenanigans in a possible Biden administration will not happen. Meanwhile in the House, Republicans won all 27 House races listed as 'toss-ups' — and then some. The polls were so far off base that it makes you wonder if there might have been election fraud in the presidential race after all. If the election is in the end determined by a House delegation vote, the American people would have spoken insofar as they just gave Republicans control of 31 state delegations of the total 50.  

TROOP REDUCTIONS: President Trump and the acting Secretary of Defense, Chris Miller, have announced new troop reductions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Around 2,500 troops will remain in both countries. Miller, a War on Terror vet, declared his intention to see the wars end in his first address to the military. "We are not a people of perpetual war," Miller said. "All wars must end." For some reason the "peace voters" were all for Biden - the man who is considering the deployment of more troops overseas. Of course, the establishment wings of both parties support more wars - it's outsiders like President Trump who think otherwise.


EU BUDGET BLOCK: Poland and Hungary, with strong support from Slovenia, are vetoing the EU budget - which requires unanimous member approval. The budget includes "rule of law" language aimed at conservative nations - like Poland and Hungary - which could be used to deny them EU funds. This is but the latest crisis facing the EU. Coronavirus lockdowns alone led German economists to project a 5% contraction in the German economy. Europe may be headed to an economic downturn worse than 2008.

RARE EARTH PRODUCTION: There are almost twenty rare earth metals/minerals that are of strategic importance for a nation's economy and military. China has many in abundance and was able to undercut the world's prices to such a degree in the 90s that many countries stopped mining/producing them. According to this article on the subject: "Between 2015 and 2018, the US imported about 80 per cent of its rare earths from China, but in the first half of this year its purchases fell by more than 35 per cent year on year..." In its conflict with China the Pentagon is investing in rare earth processing facilities in order to alleviate US dependence on China. According to geopolitical analyst Peter Zeihan: "There's nothing rare about [rare earth elements] - they are produced as a byproduct of many mining projects. The challenge is processing and separation. But if you build those facilities first, you can spin up production from nothing in just a few months.

US IN TAIWAN? Conflicting reports say that the US military is returning to Taiwan for the first time since 1979. Such a needless action would certainly draw a strong response from the Chinese and we hope the reports turn out to be inaccurate.


IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE: Abigail Shrier's book, Irreversible Damage, criticizes the rise of transgenderism in teenage girls. The book was recently pulled from Target - but in a surprise culture war win the book has been restored for purchase. See Shrier discuss the book with Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan podcast.

MORE CANCEL CULTURE: If President Trump loses the election expect the Left to continue the assault on the president and his supporters. Representative Bill Pascrell of New Jersey is already calling for prosecutions while folks on Twitter, like David Atkins, are calling for "reeducation" programs for the 75+ million Americans who voted for the president. 

DECLINE OF MINNEAPOLIS: The murder rate in Minneapolis has skyrocketed since the death of George Floyd - a 50% increase over 2019 - as dozens of police officers leave the force. Despite the loud cries of BLM, the violent crimes and robberies are hitting Minneapolis blacks the hardest. Sadly it is all but certain that things will get much worse in Minneapolis before they get better.

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