Saturday, November 14, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14

by A. Joseph Lynch


MCCARRICK REPORT: At long last Rome's report on McCarrick has been released. The massive tome of a text requires further study, but Rod Dreher offers some excellent preliminary remarks and notes with sadness how things might have changed had Catholic laymen come forward sooner.

MCGIVNEY BEATIFIED: Fr. Michael McGivney, founder of the fraternal order the Knights of Columbus, has been beatified and is now one step away from sainthood. The beatification Mass was held in Hartford, Connecticut and his beatification comes as both the Knights of Columbus and their namesake come under harsh criticism from the Left.

FRANCIS CALLS BIDEN: Despite the ongoing election litigation, Pope Francis joined a plethora of world leaders to prematurely congratulate Joe Biden


ELECTION UPDATE: Dr. Steve Turley provides an excellent election update and Trump's multiple paths to victory. The mainstream media thinks the race is over, but check out the gambling websites - they know it's not over until the Electoral College - or the US House of Representatives - elects the next president.

HI-TECH ELECTION ROBBERY? A lot is being said about the Dominion voting stations and software and whether or not "glitches" (which only favor Biden) are stealing the election from President Trump. One report indicated that for a mere $4 memory chips and seven minutes of privacy with a voter machine could yield a stolen election. In September it was reported that memory chips used to program Philadelphia's voting machines... were stolen.

VOTE-RIGGING AND THE BBC: As the mainstream media refuses to take witness evidence of election fraud seriously, we invite our readers to look at the the 2016 BBC article on election fraud and see if anything looks familiar. Trey Trainor, the Chair of the Federal Election Commission, says he thinks election fraud is taking place. Will the media cover that?

IDENTIFYING VOTER FRAUD: While election fraud is usually described as a partisan machine that swings elections by generating fake or fraudulent ballots, voter fraud is typically described as an individual who knowingly votes illegally. A group of Trump supporting tech gurus are pouring over the data to find illegal voters - and their findings thus far may make a huge difference.

NEVADA SIGNATURE VERIFICATION: Nevada used the coronavirus to abandon all election safeguards this cycle. They opened the door to universal mail in voting, ballot harvesting, and all but dropped signature verification requirements. One man reports that Clark county election officials accepted his signature... on eight different ballot envelopes

AG BARR AND FRAUD: AG Bill Barr has opened the door to election fraud investigations after stonewalling within the DOJ. Here's why this is a game changer.

ESPER OUT: President Trump has fired his Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, and replaced him with Christopher Miller, a former Army Ranger and Director of the National Counterterrorism Center. Much of the civilian leadership at the Pentagon was soon replaced with those seemingly more loyal to the president. Was this done because Trump needs support to quell unrest in a second Trump term? Or does the President need the support as he brings more troops home from overseas? Or both? Time will tell.


HOLDING CONGRATS: Although many world leaders have congratulated Joe Biden - now including China's Xi Jinping - many have not. This includes Bolsonaro of Brazil, Obrador of Mexico, and Vladimir Putin. They know well enough to wait for the litigation to end before extending hands to Biden. Sadly many of Trump's allies have turned on him - Borish Johnson, Netanyahu, Orban of Hungary, Duda of Poland, and the treacherous Saudis. One may wonder if the Biden team committed any Logan Act violations to wrack up so many premature congratulations.

HIDING TROOPS: Jim Jeffrey, the outgoing US envoy to Syria - and fierce Never Trumper - admitted the troop count in Syria is "a lot more than" the number the White House believes. In his treasonous-sounding comments Jeffrey said, "We were always playing shell games to not make clear to our leadership how many troops we had there." Even after four years of Trump's efforts, this is another sign the swamp runs deep.

NOGORNO-KARABAKH PEACE: Russia managed to strike a peace deal between Armenia and Azerbaijan - but not before the Azeris captured the Armenian-held territory's second largest city of Shusha. The peace comes as a major defeat for Armenia as Russia sends 2,000 peacekeeping troops to the region for the next five years. The war, which seems to have been started by Azerbaijan, brings Armenia further into Russia's sphere of influence while Turkey seeks to sway its Turkic cousins in Azerbaijan into Turkey's orbit. More about the conflict from Caspian Report.


CANCEL CULTURE CONTNUES: Last month actor Christ Pratt came under fire by the cancel culture warriors for the sin of not giving Joe Biden a fundraiser. Meanwhile, should Biden win, there is already a call to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to target Trump supporters.

DOWNFALL OF FOX: Since it betrayed Trump on Election Night, FoxNews' ratings (and share price) have been in freefall. Historian Larry Schweikart gives us a short history of FoxNews' leftward turn and why it's day of reckoning has come. Conservative readers of AoA might consider switching to OANN (One America News Network) and Newsmax.

DEFUND THE POLICE: In LA this has meant the LAPD had to dissolve its sexual assault unit. Are these the kinds of cuts BLM called for?

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