Saturday, January 2, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, JANUARY 2

by A. Joseph Lynch


By this time next week we should have a very good idea how the presidential election will wrap up. When the join session of Congress meets on Wednesday, only one US Representative and one US Senator are required to hold up certification. Should this happen, both houses will hold two hour debates over each contested state. So far it looks like one or two Senators will object while around 140 Representatives will join them. 

Rumors are swirling, however, that McConnell and Pelosi will change the rules to make such a move more difficult. And even if debate moves forward, it seems highly unlikely that both houses will agree to count contested electoral votes for President Trump.

This is why it may all come down to Vice President Pence. Although the joint session will be held in the House, Pence will lead the show as Pelosi takes a seat. Pence makes the initial decision regarding which votes from the contested states to count - Trump votes or Biden votes. But what will he do? Were he to count Trump votes first, it might be very hard for both Houses to overturn his decision - and even if they did, Pence could refuse to certify the election.

It all comes down to Pence. 

Recently Representative Louis Gohmert (Texas) took Pence to federal court in order to force him to defend the president. Trump's own DOJ stepped in to fight off the suit as Pence stood idly by. This week a federal judge tossed the suit by using the same escape hatch the courts have thus far used: no standing

Sadly since November 3 the courts, state governors, and state legislators, have abdicated their authority to act. Will Congress and Mike Pence soon join them in their cowardice? We'll soon find out.


MERRY CHRISTMAS: The Christmas season has begun. If you haven't read it yet, read Dr. Pence's Christmas reflection. And be on the lockout for a Christmas-related video coming out in the next day or so.

MOTHER OF GOD OR CIRCUMCISION? Dr. Taylor Marshall explains the evolution of January 1 in the Roman Rite. And be sure to read Dr. Pence's reflection on the Circumcision of Christ

ABORTED VACCINE? The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has approved the use of vaccines made in part through research on the remains of children who were murderously aborted. The CDF argues that those who receive the vaccine only "remotely" cooperate in evil and that the vaccine cannot be a justification for the evils of abortion. To those on the fence, however, the CDF also stressed that vaccinations must be voluntary, not coerced. 


LIES AND STATISTICS: Daniel Oliver's recent piece in The American Conservative examines the statistical evidence pointing towards election fraud while critiquing liberal hypocrisy on statistics.

MORE VOTES THAN VOTERS: Lawmakers in Pennsylvania say 170,830 more ballots were recorded than voters voting in presidential race. Is anyone surprised?

ALL IN THE FAMILY: As Democrat Stacey Abrams cut a deal with Georgia's RINO Secretary of State to reduce election integrity, her sister - US District Judge Leslie Abrams - has worked from behind the bench to ensure Georgia's election laws remain sidelined. If this continues, AoA predicts the Democrats are only days away from seizing control of the Senate. 

PORK-COVID FUNDING: We were saddened to learn that President Trump signed the pork-laden pandemic relief bill into law. There was enough money spent to ensure Americans received $2000 checks - but this money went to a host of pork barrel spending the left Americans high and dry. Breitbart outlined all the pork funding that could have been cut to make this a reality.


BREXIT TAKES EFFECT: With the coming of the New Year the EU-UK divorce has become final. The UK is now free to chart its own national destiny. We wish them the best and long to see other EU nations win their independence in the months and years to come.

SOLEIMANI ONE YEAR LATER: It's been one year since the US assassinated Iran's great war hero Soleimani. We argued a year ago that this was a terrible mistake. It remains one of President Trump's greatest mistakes as president. Iran is still vowing vengeance as America has brokered an anti-Iranian alliance network between Israel and the Arab states throughout the region. What seems like peace now could turn into a great war in the not too distant future. 

IMMUNITY TO SAUDI PRINCE? As the US pressures minority Shia Iran, it appears close to granting immunity to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman accused of attempting to assassinate a former Saudi official in Canada. The Saudis continue to be the largest state sponsors of Salafist terrorism and they get cushy immunity deals. It's not hard to see why the Iranians are angry.

ISRAELI GOVERNMENT COLLAPSE: After failing to meet a budget deadline, the government of Israel has collapsed again and will hold snap elections in March. Will this be the end of Netanyahu?


NASHVILLE BOMBING: In a sad story, a deeply depressed man in Nashville blew himself up on Christmas. He used an RV and gave warning before the detonation. It wasn't terrorism. The man wanted to die and wanted people to know he died. His is a plight shared by an increasing number of men falling behind in today's society governed by the wealthy feminist and homosexualist elites.

MORE SCOTUS COWARDICE: Hopes that the US Supreme Court would help conservatives fight the culture war were dashed anew as the court refused to stop boys (claiming to be girls) from using girls bathrooms and locker rooms in Oregon schools. Does anyone really see Roe v. Wade being struck down?

CLEOPATRA'S RACE: Outrage recently ensued over the casting of Jewish actress Gal Gadot to play Cleopatra in an upcoming movie. Many claimed she should be played by an Arab actress. Of course, people forget that during the days of Cleopatra the Arabs hadn't yet conquered Egypt. At the time, Greece controlled the region and Cleopatra was a descendant of the Greek Ptolemy family dynasty

WEAR THE MASK - OR ELSE: The team formerly known as the Redskins has stripped its quarterback, Dwayne Haskins, of his captaincy and fined him $40,000. Why? He attended a party without a facemask. We at AoA are not opposed to facemasks - but we recognize that people should not be punished and shamed to this degree if they fail to wear one. Have such penalties befallen Democrat political leaders who have done far worse? But if you want to see the ultimate mask fanatic, watch how this woman uses her mask when walking her dog.

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