Saturday, January 23, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, JANUARY 23

by A. Joseph Lynch 


The week's edition looks squarely at Biden's power grab in Washington D.C. and his first days in power. We'll return to our usual format next week.

On Wednesday, January 20, amid a sea of half-filled chairs and insulated by 25,000 American soldiers (who were slapped in the face and treated as traitors through additional FBI vetting), the frail-looking and mumbling Joe Biden seized power in Washington. Far from projecting strength, Biden's entrance projected nothing but weakness. Nancy Pelosi had hoped for machine gun nests to lock down the capital from any unarmed pro-Trump protesters seeking to have their voices heard. It makes one recall the impeachment threats lobbed at President Trump if he called in the national guard following the DC riots, fires, and near assault on the White House last summer (and that wasn't an insurrection?). The same people who decried President Trump holding a Bible in front of a burned out church across the street from the White House now pat themselves on the back as the capital looks like a military fortress. They know they are a detestable swamp, using the military to silence even legitimate peaceful protest. 

Even Biden knew this as he ended his speech by saying, "may God protect our troops." Later in the day, Biden appeared to parrot something from his earpiece as he approached two Marines in a doorway. He mumbled out, "Salute the Marines," clearly repeating what he was told rather than actually saluting the soldiers as he should have. Of course, once their role was over, 5,000 American soldiers were booted from the US Capitol, crammed into a parking garage, and forced to share one electric socket and two toilets. Cramped and huddled like cattle, hundreds of soldiers are now in quarantine having been exposed to the coronavirus. It was an absolute disgrace and a mockery of the US military. 

But Biden wasn't done humiliating America and her armed forces. 

As part of his first day in power, Biden signed a series of executive orders. One order closed the Keystone oil pipeline and sent thousands of Americans into unemployment. As Biden launches his plan to end fracking and oil drilling while rejoining the disastrous Paris Climate Accord, America will need energy resources from somewhere... which is why in less than twenty-four hours he used American military forces to invade a foreign country - Syria - and begin installing troops around Syria's oil sites. One of President Trump's final acts was to remove troops from Somalia. Democrats and Republicans prevented the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. We fully expect a new war to be launched in the next 6-12 months. As Biden plans to allow the transgendered into the military, the poor living in third world countries will be expected to marvel at American diversity as a black, transgendered lesbian drops bombs on their children.  

Biden also ordered the end of President Trump's 1776 Commission, thus ensuring America's youth will be indoctrinated to believe the United States is fundamentally evil and racist. 

As Biden begins his rule, he's used the military to shut down political speech, cut American jobs, bound America to job-killing climate deals, disrespected the troops, invaded a sovereign nation, endorsed gender confusion, and promoted contempt for American history and America's heritage. It's no wonder so many troops turned their backs on his motorcade as he toured the empty streets of his newly seized capital. 

Meanwhile President Trump gave a moving farewell address and flew to Florida where he was given a hero's welcome. Thousands poured into the streets to welcome the president. He leaves office with an approval rating of 51% while Biden's approval is underwater at 48% - a first in American history. It remains to be seen what President Trump plans for the future. The bogus and unconstitutional Senate trial is set to begin in February and it's unlikely the president will fully reveal his plans until the trial has ended. The threat of launching a third party - the Patriot Party - may be enough to convince Senate Republicans to acquit. Nevertheless, the president may launch a media empire or run again as a Republican or Patriot Party candidate. 

For now President Trump appears to be America's Braveheart. He rallied the nation's "peasants" to fight back against the swamp but was ultimately betrayed by the nobility in his own party. Will he return or power, or will an American Robert the Bruce arise to overthrow the GOP establishment and win back the nation once and for all? Time will tell.

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